Some models, however, feature larger speakers and high power built-in. I currently have two kenwood 10s. So it’s generally your preference. You mean the ST-2500.2? Use the ring terminal to fasten to a battery clamp bolt or stud. Sound quality does not only depend on the car stereo, but other audio accessories like car subwoofers and amplifiers also play an important role. This will allow you to judge the quality of the sound. The “Full” setting means all sounds are allowed to the speakers. You can find 25 ft lengths or smaller for a good price. Not only have I worked for years as a professional installer, but also as a degreed engineer I've designed & built audio electronics as a hobby. Pos. I normally use butt connectors (crimp connectors) for connecting wire securely. Connect the larger speaker wire you bought to the speaker terminals of the amp. Generally speaking, you should still be able to add a subwoofer by tapping off of a pair of factory speaker leads in most cases. Look for a good combination of price, power rating, and features. Make sure a large fuse is in the fuse holder. A car powered subwoofer is one that is an all-in-one bass system made up of a special enclosure, matching subwoofer, and has an amplifier already built-in. Install the power fuse and turn on the ignition and your stereo. You may find it easier to remove the back seat and find a gap that will allow you to easily run the wire to the back. You now need to take the stereo head unit out. This leaves 2 channels to power front speakers and 2 you can use later for more speakers or bridge for driving a subwoofer. Subwoofers are heavy and have a lot of vibration when in use. However, keep in mind the speakers should not set in the hidden place, and enough no of speakers should install in the car. This is pretty self explanatory, but for those who don't know: Put the speaker in the box, making sure the flimsy thin gasket thing is on it.If the box has its own connectors on the outside, make sure they are wired to the speaker inside.Screw the speaker into the box, using the holes on the outside rim of the speaker. Luckily, not only are after-market speakers a relatively cost-effective way to boost your car's audio capabilities, but also are generally easy to install (though the sheer number of speakers available means that some will be more difficult to work with than others). BTW two power wires are connected to fuse block and single wire runs to the battery Thanks you so much for such great lesson how to instal amp. Then with a small screwdriver or screwdriver bit that fits adjust the gain until bass performance is at the level you enjoy. I’ve written a very helpful guide with several of the best amp wiring kits here. I usually find it best to first try to find a space where I can push my hand or fingers into the side gap of the rear seat (as the base of the top half of the rear seat) and find out if there’s a space available. I really appreciated the original post, I hope this helps anyone else thinking of installing an amp and/or sub-woofer. You want to be running your subwoofers on its RMS rating rather than the peak rating.For best sound, keep the impedance (Ohms) the same too.Lets take the Kenwood KFC-W3011 for example. If the ground, remote, and power wires are as expected, then it could be that the mono amp is bad. on Introduction, what's with your profile pic? I have had my sub for a few years and recently I had a few things in my boot, as i went round a corner something fell and it pulled (ripped) one of my cables off my speaker (picture below). Here’s a general diagram to help you visualize the installation:  (Click to enlarge or click here to get the .pdf you can view or print). They may very well keep you from getting your amplifier wiring installed, and I’d hate for that to happen. It supplies +12V when the stereo is turned on. If the amp’s power ratings are right then just wiring it in stereo (2 channel) mode as fine, as you’re limited to 500W RMS per voice coil anyway. Share it with us! If all goes well, you’ll have awesome sound really soon. I just shove my wire between the battery clip and the post on the battery. Be sure to check reviews before buying. I’ve covered this topic and show some great examples here. For option #2 you can buy a nice speaker box carpet or a dark fabric from Joann or some other fabric/crafts store and cover the board using an adhesive spray and/or a stapler, then mount it using brackets or car stereo straps. For best results, make a small loop on the end where you want to attach your wire and wrap it well with electrical tape to smooth over sharp edges that may snag. Ported speaker boxes generally have slightly less “tight” sound but can often play louder and deeper vs. a sealed box for the same amount of power. Without a doubt, buying the right amplifier, speaker enclosure, and subwoofer is critical for good bass sound. A powered subwoofer is an all-in-one solution for subwoofer bass. I won't explain bridging but its easy and you can Google it.Connect the other end of the speaker wire to the + and - on the speaker box. and if so how? Installing powerful subwoofers into an older vehicle puts a big strain upon the metal panels of the car, and the welds holding the panels together. If using speaker level inputs from a factory system connect them now. You can then find the edge of the carpet which is usually easy to pull back and tuck wire into. The other amplifier powers a set of component speakers in the front of the car (with the signal first passing through the speakers’ passive crossovers) and a pair of coaxial speakers in the rear of the car. Another question, I have a 15' rockford sub and an amp to go with it, i want to install it into my sentra, but i have found out the stock stereo doesnt come with RCA jacks so whats is the best way to go about this? I recommend you buy a good quality 4-channel amp with 50W x 4 or 75W x 4 (at 4 ohms) that is bridgeable to 150W or more. With the power turned off and power wire fuse removed, connect the power wire, ground wire, and remote wire to the matching terminals. more speakers in the future and expand your stereo system, think about buying a 4-channel stereo. It’s best to make sure they’re securely fastened. Bridged amp: Wire each subwoofer in series for 4 ohms, then wire both subs in parallel for a total of 2 ohms (series-parallel). The kits tell you how many watts they can handle. They’re often a lower voltage or are a data signal bus and can’t be used for this purpose. This can be a tricky step. One important tip: for factory-installed “premium” audio systems like Bose, JBL, and Harmon Kardon it can be difficult as those systems are far more complex. The good pratice is to pick a speaker rated for 170% of the amplifier power. If it is a stock stereo on a car without a power antenna and no blue wire, then run the 16 - 18 gauge wire to the fuse box, and connect it to a fuse that turns on when the accessories are on. I’d consider the following tools essential: Ideally, you’ll have access to these as well, although I realize sometimes they can cost more than they should: Some of these can be bought at stores like Wal-Mart or Harbor Freight for a discount price. PLEASE HELP! You could also easily blow a fuse by using the little ones the fuse box has. The good pratice is to pick a speaker rated for 170% of the amplifier power. If you know in detail how to install a car subwoofer, you won’t need to depend on anyone to meet up with your demands. Try to get the basics you need first before starting. Rms stands for square root of the average of square. Car powered subwoofers tend to be more oriented to solving the problem of limited space in a vehicle and may be more limited in their speaker size, amplifier power rating, and the bass volume they can produce. It will pretty much guarantee you’ll get good sound. NVX True Spec 4 Gauge 100% Copper Single Amp Wiring Kit with Speaker Cable, No RCA [XAPK4]. My question is is there any rewiring in my vehicle that's necessary or can I just switch them out without error. front or back? 5. There’s less time and frustration if you get the right parts and tools the first time so you don’t have to after you’ve already started. I split the rcas from the rear input on the 4ch amp to a bridged 2ch amp for a 10″ sub. The problem with having sound adjustments on both the stereo and the amplifier is that settings can be all over the place and one can affect how the other produces sound to your subwoofer. It’s best to start with a subwoofer combo in which 1 or 2 subwoofers are correctly matched to the box. It is suggested that you should not leave the 8-ohm speakers ON for a very long time because this can damage the speakers. Martin, Your mono, 1-channel amp has two sets of speaker output terminals, wired together inside the amp, for convenience, and if you hook a speaker to each terminal it would result in the two speakers being wired in parallel, cutting the total impedance in half.

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