SCA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. June 16, 2017. Avoid using HDR when photographing moving subjects such as animals or in windy conditions because any movement may be blurred once the different exposures are combined. If you do decide to edit your photos, Snapseed is a great app (check out our Snapseed tutorial). Seven tips for shooting nature photos with your smartphone camera. Shooting from a very low angle to get these colorful leaves in the foreground have helped create a sense of depth, making the tiny human figure in the distance seem a very long way away. Keep in mind that your eyes see very differently to what your camera sees. Since the camera is taking several shots one after the other, you’ll need to keep your iPhone very still when using HDR. This can be especially common in low light situations where your camera has to use a slower shutter speed to achieve the correct exposure. Just remember that a little goes along way when it comes to making a good Instagram photo. You might end up taking a good enough shot that you want to print it out; you won't be able to do this if you only have a low-resolution version of the photo.Step 3, Turn off picture frames. By shooting directly up at this branch, and then exposing for the sky, I’ve created a lovely silhouette while the light highlights the ice clinging to the branches. Try using negative space to emphasize your subject. The right kind of light is what makes your photos more captivating. The most interesting subjects are often found on the ground. By shooting from a low angle I’ve managed to isolate my subject as well as showing it from a perspective that you wouldn’t normally see. This is especially useful in high contrast scenes, such as when you have a bright sky and a dark foreground. When photographing something found in nature, such as feather or a fallen leaf, you may find it easier to take the object home and photograph it in a situation where you have more control over the lighting. Seven tips for shooting nature photos with your smartphone camera. This can add mystery and intrigue to your image, and the ripples in the water create a beautiful painterly effect. A photo taken from the top of a mountain which requires a huge amount of time and effort to get to is a view that most people won’t get to see for themselves. Make The Most Of Your Natural Surroundings. Make every day Nature Photography Day! Think About Light. You can unsubscribe at any time. During the golden hours the light is warmer and softer, making it easier to take great photos. The sky makes a great background for birds flying overhead or for photographing straight up at tall plants or trees. The frame could just be along the top of the image, or it can be around several sides as shown in the image above. Editing apps offer more features, settings and filters to take your photos to the next level. But trees without leaves make great subjects, especially if you capture their bare branches silhouetted against the sky. By Stan Horaczek. And of course, frost and snow makes all of nature appear beautifully delicate. Less is more when it comes to image editing. If you have children, go out exploring with them. I have a state park nearby with a walking trail that is a constant inspiration for many of my photos. Our members protect and restore national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks and community green spaces in all 50 states. Never settle for a good photo. Above and below are two photos of the same view taken at different times of the year. Join our community of supporters who care deeply about preserving America's parks, public lands, and urban green spaces. When I came across this branch covered in cobwebs I thought it would make an interesting photo if I positioned the sun in the cup of the twigs. For example, you usually look at flowers from above, but by shooting this flower from below I’ve managed to show detail that you wouldn’t see from standing height. Here in the Heartland, we have an abundance of beautiful natural scenes from Missouri’s Ozarks to the plains of western Kansas. Be observant. Capture Conservation Photo Contest entry by, Determine when the golden hours are each day. Hence , some compositions may photograph better in bright sunlight or night time, so do not rigidly limit yourself to any certain day of time. One of the problems with nature photography, especially when photographing small objects near to the ground is that the backgrounds are often cluttered and dark. Snapseed can be used on iPhone, iPad & Android. Save one or two of the best and just delete the rest. This gives the viewer something to focus on in the foreground before their eye moves to the scene in the distance. In VSCO, try minor adjustments to contrast, brightness, and sharpness before applying filters. It’s amazing how different the landscape and nature can appear at different times of the year. Smartphones can take some pretty good photos, if you know what you're doing. Many times I will photograph the same location, tree or twig in different seasons, and the photos are always different each time. Headquarters: 4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 900, Arlington, VA 22203. Space. When photographing nature, you have to be patient. Either press hard and release the icon (if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch) or swipe upward.You can also launch the camera via Control Center or ask Siri to launch it for you.. Use the “Tune Image” tool to make subtle adjustments using the six different options: brightness, ambience, contrast, saturation, shadows and warmth. You may need to get very low, and by this I mean lying on the ground – but it’ll be worth it for the great shot that you’ll end up with! Your goal should be to create the impression that you haven’t adjusted anything at all…. In this photo, the grey heron isolated by the large expanse of water creates an interesting composition with the emphasis on the bird. Whether you’re photographing beautiful landscapes, trees, water, animals, plants or flowers, nature photography can be incredibly rewarding. You can try switching on the HDR photo setting in the native camera app or use a dedicated HDR app such Pro HDR X. Europa’s icy … Try looking up too. 2. Just give it a good wipe with a clean cloth.Step 2, Set your phone to its highest picture quality and resolution. Smartphone cameras get better each year, and we've put together a series of photography tips on how to use your phone to take professional photos that your business can use for marketing and more. Latest.

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