Safflower, Carthamus tinctorius, is a highly branched, herbaceous, thistle-like annual plant.It is commercially cultivated for vegetable oil extracted from the seeds and was used by the early Spanish colonies along the Rio Grande as a substitute for saffron. Store them in a airtight container in cool and dry place. Harvest the safflower petals … A member of the Daisy or Composite Family, it also goes by the common names DYER’S SAFFRON and FALSE SAFFRON because it is used to make a yellow dye similar to the rare and costly true Saffron dye derived from a member of Crocus genus. This Sun herb has plenty of Mars in it as well, since it is armed with many spines and the flowers contain iron. Harvest safflower seeds when the plants begin to turn brown. SAFFLOWER is a source of cooking oil and is additionally a famous dye-plant. The other herb, safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), is an annual that is not related to saffron. It’s widely known that many herbal teas offer a variety of health benefits.Safflower tea is one of the less well known varieties of herbal tea.Studies indicate that this humble tea, taken from the petals of the safflower plant, can work against a number of ailments, including raised cholesterol, fevers and even symptoms of arthritis and poor circulation. Cut the seed heads and shake them in a bag or jar or open them using hand. Safflower produces shaggy orange-yellow flowers used primarily to produce dyes for fabric and cosmetics. Plants are 30 to 150 cm (12 to 59 in) tall with globular flower heads having yellow, orange, or red flowers. Safflower petals are edible and are used to add color to food. Safflower Petals Carthamus tinctoria . Traditional Chinese Medicine connects the red color of the dried petals with blood, which suits Mars well; this herb is used to activate blood, such as in poor circulation and delayed menstruation (do not use while pregnant).

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