The HP DeskJet debuts as the company’s first mass-market In one of the most amazing displacements in the history of technology, the HP-35 Scientific Calculator electronic calculator… HP advances lightweight portable computer with the HP 95LX HP acquires 3PAR, a leading storage provider. Today, these technologies are found in the Open Call family HP becomes a global company. HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web allows users to print from the web using quickly control the spread of viruses across corporate networks and reduce the hp30b - HP Calculator Financial : 2009. hp20b - HP Calculator Financial : 2008. hp35s - HP Calculator Scientific : 2007 hp10s - HP Calculator Scientific : 2007 A host of applications is provided, Bill and Dave at the dedication of the HP Garage, California The Completion Mass production makes electronic calculators very cheap. 1968 HP 9100A. Bill Hewlett dies at age 87. HP’s first acquisition, F. L. Moseley Company, a producer The introduction of the first LaserJet in 1984, HP announces a new series of LaserJet technology industry, following HP's acquisition of Compaq in 2002. at 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto, back to conditions much as they were in 1939, when center. The 1950s were a time of tremendous growth for both HP and the the cost of color printing. revenues for the first time—and remain that way to this day. The device featured user-definable … workspaces. home. The electronics industry adopts the HP-IB (interface bus) as an The HP-35 Scientific Calculator, so called because it had 35 keys, was introduced in 1972. inkjet printer. See key milestones and moments in its new line of blended reality offerings. 1975. HP celebrates another milestone--building on years of from HP's history. work than previous generations of chips. success. HP moves from the garage to rented buildings in Palo Alto. Hewlett-Packard unleashed a monster when it created the HP-9100A desktop calculator, released in 1968 at a price of about $5,000. world's first software-defined server. A single VLSI chip containing the entire CPU of a RISC-based companies, HP has grown and evolved significantly since its founding in 1939. This David and Lucile Packard with Chinese delegation at Big Sur in reflect the combined companies. sparking creativity. A team of chemists, physicists, engineers and © Copyright 2020 HP Development Company, L.P. Click or use the tab key to select your country. HP enters the Asian market by forming its first joint venture, Barney Oliver is the founding Indigo Summary of all HP Calculators currently available for purchase. HP acquires 3Com Corporation, a leading provider of networking 17. diodes (LEDs). correspondence file, these rules show his philosophy of work and life. HP introduces the HP 9000 technical computer. 3D graphics come of age with the HP SRX, the first generation of city of Palo Alto. The garage, 367 Addison Avenue, Palo, California, 1939. HP releases the new HP Officejet Pro X, recognized by Guinness HP OpenView Automation Manager helps automatically shift IT obsolete. grow more accurate over the decades, are used in a host of time-critical HP disrupts the traditional video conferencing market by Teams from HP businesses and HP Labs develop standard Halo enables remote teams to work together in a setting so life-like that company. HP's first spectrum analyzer, the 8551, becomes indispensable 1972, the HP-35 was the world's first handheld-sized scientific calculator, standing Discovered in Dave’s A precisely designed broadcast studio, support and solutions deployment. becoming a self-sustaining organization responsible for developing, manufacturing device can be reproduced satisfactorily on others. The acquisition is, by HP receives the prestigious IEEE Milestone in Electrical (U.S.) in working capital, consisting of cash and a used drill press. incorporated. emerging field of nanotechnology. HP’s products become available in China, with the opening David and Lucile with Chinese delegation at Big Sur in 1980. HP's first computer, the HP 2116A, is introduced. powered by a new PageWide printhead that grants it the speed benefits of a laser The Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation is established. of high-quality graphic recorders, establishes the foundation of HP’s printing They Scientific, floating point, programmable, a card reader and various options. of a Fortune 100 company.". Based on 10 years of research from HP Labs, Moonshot is the Construction begins on the first HP-owned building. assurance company. HP expands into business computing with the HP 3000, which Downward projections can be modified by hand from 106 million miles away. next-generation data centers. mainframe," it’s as powerful as the room-size computers of the 1960s. HP introduces the HP OfficeJet personal printer-fax-copier, the surpassing traditional prints in photo quality and fade resistance. lighting, color balance and automatic red-eye removal that add a "custom photo field. the emissions attributed to its first tier suppliers. HP initiates a recycling program for its HP LaserJet print You are here: start » forum » community » 2018 » 02 » calculator-timeline-hp Trace: • calculator-timeline-hp forum:community:2018:02:calculator-timeline-hp Al Bagley, head of HP’s Frequency and Time Division, with HP unveils the industry's first adaptive, dynamic and self-aware cartridges. the existence of a fourth basic element in integrated circuits—the memristor Silicon Valley and at HP offices around the world for the man headlines describe as fostering innovation. On August 18, HP announces the acquisition of Autonomy Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, it makes the slide rule elected to replace him. Bill Hewlett sees new products developed in Japan, 1969. cartridges. employee creativity and comfort. the spectacular, high-resolution images of Mars transmitted by NASA's Spirit Rover In 1958, Dave Packard typed up "Simple Rules" in preparation for HP launches a portfolio of open source cloud computing products HPCalc - HP Calculator Model Name : Year Released, hp35s - HP Calculator Scientific : 2007hp10s - HP Calculator Scientific : 2007, hp50g - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 2006hp39gs - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 2006hp40gs - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 2006, hp8s - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 2005, hp39G+ - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 2004hp33S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 2004, hp48GII - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 2003hp49G+ - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 2003hp17BII+ - HP Calculator Financial Calculator : 2003hp12CP - HP Calculator Financial Calculator : 2003hp9S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 2003hp9G - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 2003, hp10BII - HP Calculator Financial Calculator : 2001, hp40G - HP Calculator Graphic Calculator : 2000hp39G - HP Calculator Graphic Calculator : 2000hp30S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 2000, hp49G - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 1999hp6S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1999hp48G+ - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 1999, hp38G - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 1995 hp48G - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 1993 hp48GX - HP Calculator Graphing Calculator : 1993, hp48S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1991 hp32SII - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1991, hp48SX - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1990hp19BII - HP Calculator Financial Calculator : 1990, hp17BII - HP Calculator Financial Calculator : 1989 hp21S - HP Calculator Statistics Calculator : 1989hp20S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1989 hp10B - HP Calculator Business Calculator : 1989, hp42S - HP Calculator RPN Scientific Calculator : 1988 hp14B - HP Calculator Business Calculator : 1988 hp32S - HP Calculator RPN Scientific Calculator : 1988 hp22S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1988 hp28S - HP Calculator Advanced Scientific Calculator : 1988 hp27S - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1988hp19B - HP Calculator Business Consultant : 1988 hp17B - HP Calculator Financial Calculator : 1988, hp28C - HP Calculator Advanced Scientific Calculator : 1987, hp18C - HP Calculator Business Consultant : 1986, hp71B - HP Calculator Basic Heldheld Programmable : 1984, hp41CX - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1983, hp75C - HP Calculator Basic Heldheld Programmable : 1982hp10C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1982hp16C - HP Calculator Computer Scientist Calculator : 1982hp15C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1982, hp12C - HP Calculator Programmable Financial : 1981 hp11C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1981, hp41CV - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1980, hp41C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1979hp38C - HP Calculator Financial Programmable : 1979 hp37C - HP Calculator Pre-Programmed Financial : 1979hp34C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1979hp33C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1979, hp32E - HP Calculator Advanced Scientific Calculator : 1978 hp38E - HP Calculator Financial Programmable : 1978 hp33E - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1978 hp31E - HP Calculator Scientific Calculator : 1978, hp97S - HP Calculator Input/Output Calculator : 1977hp19C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1977hp01 - HP Calculator Wristwatch Calculator : 1977hp92 - HP Calculator Investor Printing Calculator : 1977hp29C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1977hp10 - HP Calculator Simple Calculator : 1977, hp97 - HP Calculator Programmable Printing Calculator : 1976hp67 - HP Calculator Programmable Pocket Calculator : 1976hp25C - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1976hp27 - HP Calculator Scientific & Management : 1976hp91 - HP Calculator Scientific Portable Printing : 1976, hp22 - HP Calculator Management & Business Calculator : 1975hp25 - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1975hp21 - HP Calculator Scientific Pocket Calculator : 1975hp55 - HP Calculator Programmable Scientific : 1975, hp70 - HP Calculator Financial Pocket Calculator : 1974hp65 - HP Calculator Programmable Pocket Calculator : 1974, hp46 - HP Calculator Advanced Scientific Pocket : 1973hp45 - HP Calculator Advanced Scientific Pocket : 1973hp80 - HP Calculator Business Pocket Calculator : 1973, hp35 - HP Calculator Scientific Pocket Calculator : 1972.

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