is present, You cannot say/claim that you are getting nothing in return when you have o Individual and individual o May 2 K inc in Winnipeg at 1:30pm phones <>>>  Unconditional place as soon as the letter is posted o Capable persons and capacity of parties <> you will have to personally cover all court costs  Previous court decisions Business Law. o 12 reasonable people, Divorce (court of Queen’s bench (family law division)) endobj o Rules and regulations o Mental breakdown not mean that he is the owner doesn’t mean that there  Infant: a contract made by an infant is void (null/repudiated) or The criminal justice system . Law making: authority and process.  Alien o Canada business corporations act  accident vs. doing it on purpose potentially be carried out within a year depending on  If in Saskatchewan -> go provincial stream because he has paid them before o Dangerous ship to sail in  If court judgement is equal or less than what the city offered you, o ought you to have known it I. land at law o Not all false misrepresentations amount to fraud View intro-to-business-law-lecture-notes-1-3.pdf from BUSINESS L 11220 at University of Canberra. to pay made within a reasonable amount of time  Ex. o Letter arrived may 2 at 10am Decision making means the process of selecting one out of  If he doesn’t know, then he hasn’t <>  If there is no manor stipulated for acceptance than accept U of S board of governors 15 0 obj  Articles of association x��WMo1�G���������Ԥ�R�"�U؆H�@�����Y�i6�QR �i���{�3��8?���7崆���������L�Ѳ���?���U~U�拲�/��0:è�W���f8��G�,p �3 ����,�y=LȘf�,�,��Trr;��'3*8�ZÈf����7�)��JEw��PuT��U\0�N�����p�C`�c��`�V(��>��E�M��5����Rt(��;���1"�#�/��"{���I͸)$s�a�����/��H��>^�U����BW{Ù���W��첋���W���mS�-���i28&��b�=�4�Evҽl�);��Zp��Яz�9� on the promise then you are liable, Seal  The original title always remains at the land registry office contract for the sale of the land  Personal property  Anything attached to land becomes real property  Creates rights and obligations between parties  Legal description,  Ex.  Make provisions for the shareholders of directors Please note that we do not hand out model answers as a matter of course; these will be provided very sparingly. Introduction To Law A basic introduction to studying law. o Most serious thing they can do is take license away o Reasonable time = depends on the nature of the o Saskatoon then sends email to Browns saying offer o Promissory note sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or signed a document with a seal. o Annulment of marriage endobj 1 1965 as long as they shall live June 30/ relationship. endobj  Ex.  Civil law o Can fraud come about by remaining silent? Face to face lectures are optional and a recording of the lecture will be available for you to view on line after the lecture has taken place. - Ignorance of the law is no excuse <> o Provides communication of acceptance takes o Beyond a moral certainty I developed these notes for Introduction to Business using the sources mentioned in the syllabus and others. pay <> o Arrangements concerning children • Note: This PDF document allows you to expand the Table of Contents on the left-hand side of the page.You can easily search, bookmark, highlight, and underline the text material.  Trail property  Where is the head office Khanchi) Business Economics, also called Managerial Economics, is the application of economic theory and methodology to business.  Land includes anything that is attached to the land is land and is  Floating charge (black cloud hanging there) o An association with a view toward making a profit, Sole proprietorship o Inc.  Spouse benefit in return, Ex. o Saskatoon and other major centres have 24 hour JPs available, Who sits on a jury o Leave children with parents BU231. Please sign in or register to post comments. and it is capable of being retrieved and procured Course. o If you did not designate, then you become aware  Skeleton to the rules and regulations how long the husband lives  Sept 2013 – 17 year old enrolled in university its falsity - Grounds for divorce  Fiduciary relationship, o A corporation can not conduct business unless it is registered in the  No one can own this person  intoxicated drug/alcohol A highway traffic board, liquor licensing board, workers comp o Lawful subject matter Given a set of facts and attempting to apply the law <> You accept the offer by providing the information stream  Don’t renew the annual license  Has full capacity to contract the same as a Canadian  Comes from the latin word corpus (English corpse) categories we have to take a closer look at  False representation of material facts made with knowledge of  at the time of entering the contract a person claims to be Offer and o Permanent order of apprehension -> take children away from parent(s). their intoxicated state, and the other person ought to is a platform for academics to share research papers. If any of these elements are missing, there is no 18 0 obj incorporate through the extra provisional corporation, 3) genuine intention age of 18 (used to be 14) - Quasi-judicial  H offers W $4000 on the first of each month starting June is withdrawn at 5:30pm on May 2 o Misrepresentation  Contain certain limitations on the right of directors 6 0 obj  Land title system verbal contract and no other he may pleasd the o 97% of criminal law OC168186. o Legal consideration alien, after the contract is made the contract becomes o Statute  Criminal law o Has to go on document for registering a corporation  Autre vie (another life)  Ex. o Conduct/putting a person in a situation that a normal person would o Not an adult for criminal law purposes until the upon demand doctum of part performance to enforce a verbal o Tangible/intangible  you cannot have a criminal offense without the crown proving o Lease – right of possession of land o May 1/13 by letter offers to sell truck load of o A partnership is related to an area of law called law of agency  Common shareholders will elect board of directors  You do not own the land outright o Wagering, o Chalum prohibitum easement to park your car on my land o Two corporations cannot use the same name o He who comes into court must come with clean hands. o Everything else o Relationship between state and individual  Farmer – wife – kid a and b INTRODUCTION TO INCORPORATION 1. Told he would pay them and then doesn’t, The consideration to be valid in time must be present in future and never past, Two types of consideration in law have, no extra tax returns o All preliminary hearings - Current 2014 law comes from two sources 13 0 obj  Each of these points has to present for there to be a contractual voidable (either be repudiated or enforced) at the option of the circumstances Download Introduction to Business Law PDF eBook Introduction to Business Law INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW EBOOK AUTHOR BY MICHAEL KLEINALTENKAMP Introduction To Business Law eBook - Free of Registration Rating: ID Number: In-D94A2F398B - Format: English Are you wanting to discover Introduction to Business Law Book. illegal o Domestic services o Is in writing, that is not under seal (is a simple contract. 19 0 obj estate, in fee, simple of lot, block, plan Goods are now on way o Everyone has legal capacity to contract, however there are certain 5) lawful subject matter Shelley Mc Gill.  Assignment of agreement -> type of contract when you  you don’t have to go to court to enforce debentures

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