Create a free G2A PAY account. After you purchase your game code, it is delivered to you instantly in the form of a digital key, and you can redeem it on a proper platform. is the website for the corporation that runs the site. My first scam story starts with the game called Grand theft auto V. I was excited that I could get it for such a steal price from that … Discussion. It is a Hong Kong-based company started by a group of gamers. your credit card). 0 C. calletravian Reputable. Well, you may need to 51% shares of the website to get the 100% right answer, but one thing for sure is, if you have G2A Shield, you can’t get a fraud deal on G2A. If you don’t know it already, G2A is an online marketplace like eBay where you can sell and buy PC games, their keys, Xbox & PSN activation codes, software codes, and gaming hardware. Oct 19, 2014 #10 willgamer : I am thinking of buying from g2a and I want to know if it is legit. Remember that if you have funds in your account and you are not willing to spend them on any products or sales, you can … Oct 19, 2014 1 0 4,510 0. But if you are looking for only a one-time purchase on G2A … Our online payment service lets you pay however you prefer, from local payment methods to digital e wallets. This thing raises a question in mind that if G2A is safe and legit, then why the keys are so cheap? Bear in mind only, that if a game is available for pre … Is G2A Legit? It's a quick, easy way to pay securely in any currency with all your transactions tracked in a single interface. Why g2a is a scam and you should never use it. I have been using G2A as a sheep and due to successful purchases in the past, Didn't plan on having this happening to me. Keep reading! A game developer cannot dictate where you can buy its products, and there is nothing illegal about buying a game key for less than the retail price. The page will get you through a payment process, which is operated by G2A PAY, a dedicated system for payments that is fully secure – more on that below. If these are the queries you have, this the article for you. There are more than 200 payment methods to choose from. If you are using G2A regularly, then it is recommended to get G2A shield. Can I buy game keys from G2A? If you do not have any funds in your G2A PAY account, it will automatically be suspended and no commission will be deducted. Is G2A Legit? Please note that the commission applies only to balances on G2A PAY, it is NOT connected by any means to external payment methods (e.g. While a gray market website may sometimes circumvent a game developer’s approved distribution channels, buying a game key from a reseller on G2A is not illegal unless the reseller obtained the key fraudulently. Greetings reddit users. At G2A PAY we push our efforts to the limit to meet high expectations for both small businesses and big corporations. How it works. Yes, G2A is legit. It is freely available to anyone who wants to sell anything. Transactions are handled through secure payment platforms, including PayPal. In addition to the Marketplace, G2A also has a line of products and services that include G2A Direct (a partnership program for video game developers), G2A PAY, an online payment platform, and G2A Plus, a subscription-based loyalty program for the most engaged users. Is it Safe? Shop online whenever you see the … … So G2A may sell legitimate keys, just keep in mind they may be stolen and consequences may be dealt, like the issue with Sniper Elite 3 hat happened near the beginning of July . Contact information and addresses are readily available on the website, which is something that illegitimate companies rarely do. Is G2A Shield worth it? It is officially my first post on reddit that I try to get it to be big.

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