Every 10 g of the food contains 16 mg of the mineral. It is a vey good natural cleansing agent. Jaggery is also blood purifier, so people with blood or skin disorders can replace refined sugar use with jaggery. As a preventive measure, GUR can prevent asthma and allergic conditions. Additionally, those who experience mood swings or frustration before their periods should also eat the same in small amounts since it helps to release endorphins that relax one’s body. When you eat jaggery chunks or jaggery powder, you will have clean blood flowing through your veins and a healthy body. Jaggery is rich in magnesium. Jaggery also contains elements like Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron in good quantity. Jaggery is a cardio tonic, according to ayurvedic science, so it is used in heart weakness. 10. It enhances the digestion process, increases the haemoglobin in the blood and also develops the appetite. Jaggery is a good source of iron, so it helps in anemia. Maintains good intestinal health. Jaggery Is A Good Blood Purifier. It is also a good health benefits of Jaggery. Jaggery is a natural remedy to ease pain occurring from menstrual cramps. How is jaggery good for health? Consuming jaggery in winters can help you stay healthy. Well, go ahead and read these amazing jaggery health benefits. Jaggery contains good amounts of magnesium in it, which is excellent for keeping your intestinal health on track. Therefore, eating it on a daily basis can lead to good intestinal health. Jaggery Benefits. You will get approximately 15 mg of magnesium if you consume 10 grams of jaggery on a regular basis, which can help your body to meet … According to Ayurveda Samhita, jaggery is known for numerous health benefits. So, if one consumes even 10 grams of it, he or she would’ve fulfilled 4% daily requirement of this mineral in our lives.

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