These "vintage" and old Italian words have fallen out of fashion, but we think it's about time they made a comeback. We won the race yesterday! Abbiamo vinto la gara ieri! Italian — a language full of beautiful words like mozzafiato, allora, and spaghetti. But the shopping experience can be more interesting and fun if you learn some vocabulary and … Portuguese words for beautiful are similar to Italian and Spanish. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus, Example sentences from Collins dictionaries, Get the latest news and gain access to exclusive updates and offers, Unlock Italian with the Paul Noble method. It can also be used as a term of endearment to flatter someone. Questo libro è fantastico! The Italian for very beautiful is molto bella. Some of the Renaissance buildings are gorgeous. It is a good substitute for gorgeous as well. Italian culture is so influenced by the magnificent food served there, it’s not surprising that the idea of having a buffet-like, finger-food meal with drinks has become a thing. Just like favoloso, fantastico and fantastica (fantastic) can refer to a fantasy world or describe something magnificent. The cosmetics industry uses gorgeous models to sell its products. These Italian words are often used to describe something or someone whose look or attitude is too eye-catching or showy. What is your favourite Italian word? – Fantastic! The Paul Noble Method: no books, no rote memorization, no chance of failure. Last 10 years Context sentences for "gorgeous" in Italian These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Note: I’ve also included extra words at the end of the article that may seem like a valid translation but actually have a different meaning. Just like English, this word is linked to the word favola (fable, fairy tale) meaning something fantastic or legendary, in addition to describing something extraordinary or spectacular. You may come across it in newspaper or magazine headlines, or in the title of a movie: Magnifico is also a title given to the rector of a university. It can also be used as a term of endearment to flatter someone. – Fantastico! La luce di quel tramonto era incredibile. This book is fantastic! Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. Start with the Complete Italian Beginner's course, then follow up with Next Steps Italian. You’re great! Il posto era bellissimo. Bellissima! Translation for 'Hello, gorgeous.' There isn’t a direct translation for gorgeous in Italian, but there are lots of words that express more or less the same thing, and most of them have an English equivalent. Find more Italian words at! Italian Translation. Ha avuto un dolore incredibile per tutta la notte. It contains the most important and most frequently used Italian words. Bellissimo works in the same way. Sprezzatura More of a concept than a word, it was created in the 16th century by … Siamo andati a fare una gita in montagna lo scorso weekend. Favoloso (m) and favolosa (f) mean fabulous. The weather was gorgeous yesterday: sunny all day, blue sky and not a single cloud in sight! is not responsible for their content. The place was gorgeous. La fotografia era stupenda. All rights reserved. I fuochi erano semplicemente incredibili ieri sera! bella donna. Learning Italian: How to apologize and attract someone's attention. Where can you buy these gorgeous clothes? Here are a few suggestions you can say in Italian! Painted musicians capered behind gorgeous banners. How to say beautiful woman in Italian. Some of these Renaissance buildings are absolutely gorgeous. Bellissimo ‘Bellissimo’ means ‘very beautiful,’ or ‘extremely beautiful.’ It’s a very emphatic way of expression your appreciations towards something or someone and it … September 21, 2019 By Mathieu Gasquet Go to Comments. She is gorgeous in it! Apericena is the combination of two words you probably already know: aperitivo (appetizer) and cena (dinner). Splendido means splendid and just like bellissimo, it can be used to describe the beauty of something or someone, while also functioning as a term of endearment. The clothes often look gorgeous and they do a brilliant job. English It's quite beautiful because somehow, this is a gorgeous moment for design. Hai visto l’ultimo film con Cate Blanchett? Siete dei grandi! What do … Note that incredibile can also be used to emphasise something negative. Of course you can use the adjective to describe a location or an object. The film I saw yesterday really blew me away. Last 300 years. If you look for translations of gorgeous online, you may come across the words below: Personally I don’t think they represent an accurate translation because in English, gorgeous always has a positive connotation. You can also say belíssimo for “stunning”… almost the same as Italian. All you have to do is to go to the subscription form and enter your email address. He says she is gorgeous and he wants them to do silly things together. We went for a trip in the mountains this past weekend. Lei è favolosa! Stupendo means stupendous, wonderful, marvelous and can be used as a replacement for gorgeous. Incredibile is probably not the first translation that comes to mind for gorgeous, but it can work in situations where the physical beauty of something or the weather is being described. As you might have already guessed, incredibile means incredible, indicating something extraordinary that is hard to believe or amazing. Learn languages June 17, 2015. She is not too pleased to find out it is a gorgeous blonde nun behind this fervour. You’ll find all the most popular ones in this article! Start learning Italian with these words! Is there a language more beautiful? Below is a list of 15 beautiful Italian words that we definitely need in English. You can also use it to express happiness, or to congratulate someone upon hearing their good news. He was in an incredible amount of pain the entire night. Some things are just better said in Italian! Whether you are shopping alta moda (high couture) or not, staff in most Italian stores can probably find a way to please you without you having to say a word. The fireworks were simply incredible yesterday. Share yours in the comments section! Copyright © 2019-2020 Mathieu Gasquet / Heather Broster, Italian Word of the Day: Scansafatiche (lazybones), Italian Word of the Day: Ringraziamento (thanks / thanksgiving), Italian Word of the Day: Infradito (flip-flops). I’ve read it three times. We love languages and we’d love to help you learn Italian! Italian words for gorgeous include magnifico, sfarzoso, fastoso and vistoso. Last 100 years Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. Apericena (Appetizer Dinner). Italian words and phrases for everyday use! You have a gorgeous smile in this photograph. in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations. Find out more about us. If you want to go a step further than bellissima, you can say: sei bella da impazzire which means you’re drop dead gorgeous. Last 50 years 16 gorgeous Italian words. We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. It fills the house with gorgeous smells leaving you free to do other things. Like in Spanish, bonito and bonita means “beautiful” or “pretty” for masculine and feminine nouns respectively. Gorgeous is a popular adjective used to describe someone who is beautiful or something that is attractive or pleasant. These "vintage" and old Italian words have fallen out of fashion, but we think it's about time they made a comeback. His best man was gorgeous and flirted with me loads. There isn’t a direct translation for gorgeous in Italian, but there are lots of words that express more or less the same thing, and most of them have an English equivalent. Most of us know when we have to say sorry, but when we’re not speaking our own language, it’s important to know how to do it. All Years Thank you! The cinematography was gorgeous. Do you want to receive an Italian word a day directly into your mailbox? This is the Italian Core 100 List. Marry the two and the result is apericena (appetizer dinner)!. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. By Alex Hammond . Your personal data won’t be recorded until the form has been submitted successfully. My friend got dumped recently and he gave her a confidence boost by saying how gorgeous she is on her wall. Find more Italian words at! View usage for: Expand your Italian vocabulary with these must know words and phrases. Say she looks gorgeous and you want her advice and support to look stunning and healthy like her. Find more words! Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers. September 20, 2019 November 8, 2020 Graziana Filomeno advanced-eng In this article we are going to talk about the 10 finest most melodious and most sensual Italian words that will help you in seducing and impressing your interlocutor… stay with us! So, the most common word for beautiful in Italian is ‘bello’, but of course, it’s not the only one. It could also be a title for an important individual: Today, magnifico can be attributed to a person who has accomplished great feats or heroic endeavours.

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