Our Spindrift/DK card set is 5 cards that includes all the current shades of these two yarns arranged by colour. Simply Shetland yarns… Traditionally used for Fair Isle sweaters, tams, vests and shawls. Perfect for "Wedding Ring" type shawls, this 100% natural wool product knits up 25 stitches/30 rows equaling 4 inches (10 cm) using 3.25 mm (US Size 3) needles. This meant buying wool, and sending it to the mainland of Scotland to be spun. Meg Swansen shares her wealth of knitting knowledge in a blog, with video technique demonstrations. They are used in traditional Shetland Fair Isle designs, and are well-suited to all sorts of stranded colorwork, thanks to the wide … At Schoolhouse Press, we care about your privacy. Please contact us for help with this if required. Product Description: 2-Ply Jumper Weight yarns from Jamieson & Smith are 100% Shetland wool, and are traditionally used in the knitting of Fair Isle garments. Price: $6.95 per ball. Material: 100% Shetland Wool, Jumperweight Weight: 25 gram ball Yardage: 115 yds. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If there is something you can’t find or would like more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone, email or via our social media. This is a Aran weight Shetland Wool Yarn in 46 beautiful shades. Note that we include every colour and not just a subset of shades like other kits and includes full balls of each colour and not mini-skeins or samples! Jamieson's Spindrift 2-ply yarn is an excellent substitute for the discontinued Scottish Campion yarn that Jamieson's produced for the Alice Starmore pattern books. Jamieson's yarn is available in individually or in yarn packs for any of the designs in the Jamieson's growing collection of pattern books. Through this time, the dream of creating a garment from nothing but the pure Shetland wool clip lived on in the family. Please contact us for help in determining yarn quantities and substituting colours. This 100% natural wool product knits up 25 stitches/30 rows equaling 4 inches (10 cm) using 3.25 mm (US Size 3) needles. We have also created "electronic shade cards"with these colours for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.Try out our free Yarn Shop App! You'll find it a perfect choice for colorwork projects! Perfect for Fair Isle or stranded knitting, Shetland Spindrift is spun in the company's own mill … This is a 2-ply Jumper weight Shetland Wool Yarn in 225 beautiful shades. Note:Jamieson's Aran weight yarn used to be called Soft Shetland and was packaged in 56.7 gram (2 ounce) skeins. We do not share names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses with anyone, nor do we sell them. Note:Jamieson's DK yarn used to be packaged in 2 ounce (56.7 gram) skeins which held 170 yards (155.4 metres). This modern facility framed by breathtaking ocean views is owned and operated by the Jamieson family where they produce the world's finest 100% Shetland Wool yarn. See all 38 shades on our Ultra Lace Colour Chart. Gauge: 6-10 sts to 1 inch over stocking-stitch; 3-5 stitches to 1 inch for lace. That shop sold, and still sells gansies, happs, scarves, gloves and all the other garments which Shetland women have produced with their hands and on their machines over the years. Address. Recognizing the need for knitters to actually see and feel the colours we have put together a number of options: Shade Cards With over 100 colors to choose from and some real bold tones, we're big fans of knitting a traditional Fair Isle that's paintbox bright. For more information and for a colour substitution chart Click Here. Heather Aran in a new set of colours replaced this in late 2005 and can be used for all Soft Shetland designs. A jumper weight wool traditionally used for color work in garments and accessories, Spindrift is made of 100% Shetland wool from the Shetland Isles and comes in 200+ color lines. The Tea Cozy. These patterns feature Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift. We include approximately 12 inches of Spindrift yarn for each colour which is removable to allow colours to be put side by side while choosing colours. Telephone. We current stock (see below) all colours of the 2-ply Spindrift, Double Knitting, Heather Aran (previously called Soft Shetland) and Lace Ultra colours. Purchases of 10 skeins of Jamiesons's Spindrift, Double Knitting and Ultra Lace Weight yarn lines in any combination ship free within contiguous U.S. (no expedited/priority shipping please). Medrith's Corner - From the archives of The Wool Room. 8212 Greenwood Avenue North. Product Description: 2-Ply Jumper Weight yarns from Jamieson & Smith are 100% Shetland wool, and are traditionally used in the knitting of Fair Isle garments. Purchases of 10 skeins of Jamieson's Double Knitting and/or Jamiesons's Spindrift yarn in any combination ships free within contiguous U.S. (UPS ground, UPS Surepost or USPS parcel post only This beautiful 100% Shetland wool is grown and spun in the Shetland Islands. We currently have a number of different shade card sets to allow the designer to mix and match colours. His son, Andrew, continued this tradition, but change always comes, and he had to start looking for yarn for his knitters, as hand-spinning steadily declined. We also have a separate Shetland Heather card with a 6 inch sample of each of the colours (Click on the pictures to the right to enlarge). The business was started in the 1890's by Robert Jamieson, who brought knitwear spun and knitted by crofters, from their own wool. Each includes a mixture of about 20 age-old, traditional Shetland knitting side-by-side with highly contemporary knitting projects. It is a versatile, beautifully … JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. With their unique ability to manage the complete journey from fleece to knitting yarn in one location, Peter Jamieson and his family are able to produce yarn with a range of colours and level of quality unmatched in the market today! Yarn is packaged in 25 gram balls with approx 82 yards (75 metres) of yarn in each. NEW! There are currently 225 colours in the Spindrift kit (pictured right) and 174 in the DK kit. The company also operates a retail store selling yarn and knitwear in Lerwick, the capital and largest city in the Islands. Bertie, the grandson of the founder, developed the business a degree further, setting up a retail shop in Lerwick, Shetland's capital and only town, and going on 40 miles from Sandness. We have also provided a substitution chart for Jamieson & Smith Jumper Weight yarn. This marvelous 100% natural wool product grown and spun in the Shetland Islands knits up 16-22 stitches/20-24 rows equaling 4 inches (10 cm) using 4.0 to 5.0 mm (US Size 6-8) needles. Click here to see the full view! Frustratingly, when the Shetland wool reached the spinners, technology and experience was such that it was blended with coarser clips from bigger sheep, to make spinning easier. Built in 1981, this mill combines all the stages of yarn production under one roof. A pretty good yarn was the result, but one which was never quite good enough, and many of the unique qualities of pure Shetland wool were missing. This is a Double Knitting (DK) weight Shetland Wool Yarn in 174 beautiful shades. The ability to quickly see how colours work together and to substitute others to determine the effect is key to the beautiful Fair-Isle designs produced in this wool. It comes in a wide palette of beautiful colors. The dream started to come true over a hundred years later, in 1980, with a small, experimental spinning mill where they set out to spin pure Shetland wool, unblended with any other. The Jamieson's palette is the richest colour collection of wool yarn available today. Traditionally used for Fair Isle sweaters, tams, vests and shawls. Jamieson's Shetland Wool is renowned by knitters world-wide for its unique texture. Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Jumper weight yarns are 100% Shetland wool. Yarn is packaged in 25 gram balls with approx 425 yards (390 metres) of yarn in each. WA 98103. www.fibergallery.com. We have a collection of Jamieson's Pattern books in stock. We have also provided a substitution chart for Jamieson & Smith Jumper Weight yarn. For those knitters who wish to be able to swatch with colour combinations, we have put together Yarn Designer Kits that include a complete set of full balls of Spindrift or DK yarn, one for each of the current colours. Approx. This is a Cobweb Lace weight 1-ply yarn is a single ply blended from 50% Shetland Wool and 50% Geelong Lambswool that comes in 3 beautiful shades.

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