RiceTec is marketing another proprietary rice called Jasmati, which has nothing to do with Jasmine or Basmati except for the name on the packaging. … Virtually all of Thailand's fruits, many of the dozens of rice varieties and most of the vegetables grown and appreciated today are farmers' selections. To our knowledge, RiceTec and other U.S. companies marketing "their own versions" of the Thai Jasmine rice have not patented the germplasm, but are exercising their own claims to the name. Now, Kelnac-the patented product-has annual sales of 800 million baht ($20 million) for the sole benefit of Japan. They may look and smell differently White rice can have a short, medium, or … 9.8. It is a. famous export product in the international trade. About 100 years ago, Thai farmers developed the ancestors of this rice. and was under the supervision of Mr. Opas Polsilp, who was the Head of Khok Samrong Rice Experiment Station. These are resource-poor farmers, whose monthly income does not exceed the poverty line of $200 per capita. Its scent is similar to that of pandan leaves. One of their breeders, Jim Strikey, responded that he considers Jasmine rice to be a term for "any aromatic, sticky rice" and Basmati a term for "any aromatic, long-grain, non-sticky rice." Dimensions: : 18.5 x 8 x 2 inches. Thai scientists were also researching it for its anti-HIV compounds. If they find the gene for Jasmine's aroma, they can claim a monopoly on it just for identifying it! This is total ignorance of Asian rice culture. Once again, Thais are being pushed out of a market for a medicine derived from the country's indigenous biodiversity. We are the original breeders," Mr. Kayotha says. Jasmine rice comes in a variety of colors. Then, Dr. Krui Boonyasingha (Director of the Rice Breeding Office back then) had them planted at Khok Samrong Rice Experiment Station (which later changed to Lopburi Rice Station) for pure line selection and variety evaluation. Farmers' rights must be recognized first. This type of rice is readily available in most stores, and like many other kinds of rice should be used within six months of purchase for … Popular tropical aromatics like Thai Jasmine rice doesn't do well in Louisiana's climate, forcing farmers to improvise. The origin of Jasmine rice is in the eastern part of the country. Breeders should not have seed monopolies. jasmine rice from the fields in Bang Kla District. With the demand for this good rice skyrocketing, the hopes of Thai farmers are turning into worries. The sweet-smelling jasmine flowery aroma that is released when cooked is the reason behind its name. The RiceTec patent on Basmati (a variety of rice native to and grown in a particular region of India and Pakistan) has become a serious concern in Thailand. Thai farmers are worried that after patenting Basmati rice, U.S. companies are next targeting Jasmine, a rice variety native to Thailand and on which millions of livelihoods depend. The pure line selection was conducted by Mr. Mangkorn Joomthong, an agricultural subject matter specialist. Why “Khao Dawk Mali 105”? Strikey went on to say that Thailand should not bat an eye about this because, according to him, Thai farmers got rice from Madagascar in the first place. About 100 years ago, Thai farmers developed the ancestors of this rice. It is part of our culture. THB 1 per unit of foreign currency) source : Fiber -rich foods help prevent beriberi anemia. "No one could claim ownership or monopoly rights in relation to Jasmine rice. To maintain the fragrance, the rice should be kept in cool places at around 15c. 640 Soi Sathupradit 58 Yak 22 (Soi Prasarnchai), Bangpongpang Yannawa, Bangkok 10120. "We are absolutely opposed to patents on life. The fragrance of jasmine rice is generated from a volatile matter called 2-acetyl-1-pyroline, which can disappear in the air. Thai jasmine rice was originated in Thailand. If the EU (European Union) and WTO proposals are pushed through, it will soon be possible to patent Jasmine abroad. says Bamrung Kayotha, leader of Forum of the Poor (FOP), a huge mass movement of over 100 networks of people's organizations, farmers, laborers and other basic sectors throughout the country. "We want the Chuan administration to work with other developing countries to have biodiversity removed from the WTO trade regime," says Day-cha Siripatra, an adviser to FOP. Jasmine rice is originated from Thailand. That is the real issue. Dynasty Jasmine Rice – Editor’s Pick. Brown jasmine rice contains fiber and is a source of some vitamins and minerals. In the words of Mr. Siripatra, "Patenting or monopolizing is possessive greed for only commercial interests. Jasmine rice is a rice varietal which is grown primarily in Thailand, although other nations cultivate the long grained, aromatic rice as well. The Secrets Unveiled! In 1954, Mr. Sunthorn Seehanern, a rice officer in Chechoengsao Province, gathered 199 ears of.

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