Photographs by Julia Margaret Cameron are in the collections of several of the best art museumsin Europe and America. Of course she had help: the camera was heavy and there were plenty of chemicals to deal with, and presumably it was servants who did most of the lugging about. If you have information to share please complete the form below. That is to say, that when focussing and coming to something which, to my eye, was very beautiful, I stopped there instead of screwing on the lens to the more definite focus which all other photographers insist upon.” She was not the first or last artist to have found her voice through what many would regard as an error. For 11 years Cameron exploded with creativity. Get up.” Which is how I like to think of her – all energy, dash and indomitable talent. Cameron is best known for her portraits of great Victorians such as Darwin, Herschel, Watts and Tennyson and illustrations to the latter's Idylls of the King. How do you know this? Switchboard: +44 (0) 20 7306 0055, We are currently closed until spring 2023, while essential building works take place, Tennyson and his Circle book in our Shops, Pre-Raphaelite Sisters exhibition catalogue in our Shops, Later Victorian Portraits catalogue entry, Julia Prinsep Stephen (née Jackson, formerly Mrs Duckworth), Julia Margaret Cameron in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Photographic holdings - print and negative collections, Julia Margaret Cameron: 'Poets, prophets, painters and lovely maidens'. Posing for Mrs Cameron almost certainly beat blacking the grates. It is interesting to see what she chose. Search over 215,000 works, 150,000 of which are illustrated from the 16th Century to the present day. She raised five children of her own, five children of relatives and an Irish girl called Mary Ryan whom she had found begging on Putney Heath – and who would come in useful as a model for medieval damsels, later. Her memoir perhaps exaggerates the swiftness of her transformation from ingenue to artist. The photographs she made – working at first by trial, error and bossiness – were, she absolutely insisted, Art with a capital A. Do you have specialist knowledge or a particular interest about any aspect of the portrait or sitter or artist that you can share with us? She seems to have sat very still. They “were liable to find themselves bidden in a way that brooked no denial into her studio, where, a few moments later, they would find themselves posing as Geraint, or Enid, Launcelot, or Guinevere...”. He would come in useful as a model for Merlin, later. Prices start at £6 for unframed prints, £25 for framed prints. Her unfinished autobiography Annals of my Glasshouse was written in 1874 and published in 1889. by George Frederic Wattsoil on canvas, 1850-1852NPG 5046, Julia Margaret Cameron with her two children, Henry Herschel Hay and Charlie Hay, by Unknown photographeralbumen print, 1857-1858NPG P148, by Unknown photographeralbumen print, circa 1868NPG P880, by Henry Herschel Hay Cameron (later The Cameron Studio)albumen print, circa 1873NPG P696, published by T. Fisher Unwin, after George Frederic Wattsphotogravure, published 1893 (1850-1852)NPG Ax199213, possibly by Charles Somers Cocks, 3rd Earl Somersalbumen print, 1858-1859NPG x18000, by Robert Faulkneralbumen carte-de-visite, early 1860sNPG x128762, by Henry Herschel Hay Cameron (later The Cameron Studio), printed by William Louis Henry Skeenalbumen cabinet card, circa 1873NPG x128761. Please could you let us know your source of information. Don’t blink your eyes. She would be “dressed in dark clothes, stained with chemicals from her photography, (and smelling of them too), with a plump eager face and a voice husky, and a little harsh, yet in some way compelling and even charming”. “When I have had such men before my camera my whole soul has endeavoured to do its duty towards them in recording faithfully the greatness of the inner as well as the features of the outer man. Woolf enjoys Cameron’s frightening vitality (she wrote poems and prose, too, until photography came along) but laughs at her style: “It is easy to see why Sir Henry Taylor looked forward to reading her novel with dread.” She makes her sound like a supporting character in Orlando, and supplies an almost magical-realist death scene in which Cameron succumbs in her bedroom in Ceylon (where the family moved in the 1870s). The governor general of India once remarked that he divided humankind into “men, women and Pattles”. Charles, you’re sitting on my lens. They are so unconscious of the abyss of ridicule which they skirt, so determined, so conscientious, so bravely provincial.”, Fry was writing in a volume published by the Hogarth Press in 1926, to which Virginia Woolf contributed a spirited essay about Cameron. She was born 200 years ago in Calcutta, one of a gaggle of sisters by the name of Pattle, known for their charm, wit and beauty (though Julia was the plain one). Her mother, Adeline Pattle was the daughter of French Royalists. In it, Tennyson sits for his likeness. If you require information from us, please use our Archive enquiry service. Please Like other favourites! She was lucky: a rare Victorian woman whose talent was not entirely suffocated by domestic duties. Cameron was given her first camera 1863 and had her first exhibition at Colnaghi's in 1865. ulia Margaret Cameron was 48 when she was given a camera by her daughter and son-in-law in 1863. Although she would become one of Victorian Britain’s most famous photographers, Julia Margaret Cameron started taking pictures relatively late in life. The National Portrait Gallery will NOT use your information to contact you or store for any other purpose than to investigate or display your contribution. Presented with a camera as a gift from her daughter, at the age of 48, she embraced photography with a passion bordering on obsession. A Study after the Manner of Francia, 1865, by Julia Margaret Cameron. Aunt Julia was not to be trifled with. Please ensure your comments are relevant and appropriate. You can buy a print of most illustrated portraits. He was 20 years her senior and the possessor of a long white beard and snowy hair that tumbled down his back.

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