Kodak. We would not have marvelous inventions like phones or the internet. Try and lead a healthy well-balanced life with lots of exercise and water and healthy nutrition. We would lack the ability to build our civilizations … Here are 50 examples of large corporations that failed to innovate. 7. 1. Ultimately, while creativity will enhance your life; it is also important to life. Creativity is the art of hearing a song that has never been written or seeing a work of art on empty canvas. Lack of sleep not only forms barriers to creativity but to most other things too! Lack of faith in the possible payoffs of a creative process can easily stymie or eliminate what might have been the next big idea. Its essence is in its freshness and the ability to make dreams come to life. Focus on showing how you applied creativity to a task, project, problem, or issue at your current or previous job. Kodak, a technology company that dominated the photographic film market during most of the 20th century. The company blew its chance to lead the digital photography revolution as they were in denial for too long. Strategy: Going beyond the known, stock answers and allowing some time to discover more than one answer takes effort. Students' excitement to start school ignites the classroom. Creative blocks can happen between people as well as between the ears. This leads to our next point, which is one that can't be emphasized enough: an example of your creativity should be relevant to the work you do (or the work you hope to do in the job you're interviewing for! ). Imagine this: A normal classroom with cheerful faces. You’re more likely to generate ideas if you are well rested and feel great about yourself. Communication breakdown. The teacher asks the students to draw a tree. Some are the biggest companies in the world. Indeed, what some people call conformity in business is less related to the lack of abstract creativity than to the lack of responsible action, whether it be the implementation of new or old ideas. A lack of diversity in teams and organizations at all levels can also limit creativity. Without creativity we as a race would not be where we are today.

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