6. You can click the tool icon next to the individual menu item and assign a new hotkey via the opened dialog. Save pictures and images just by clicking on them. Ctrl + Shift + B. Change keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) in Firefox. Double-click on the browser.altClickSave line to change the value from false to true. To save the screenshot without editing, just swipe the preview image at the bottom-left corner in any direction to dismiss it. in the Search space. Decide where you want to save the images to. You can do this by typing “Firefox” into your Start menu, right-clicking on the icon, and clicking “Open File Location.” In the new File Explorer window, right-click Firefox and click “Create Shortcut.” A prompt will appear, saying, “Windows can’t create a shortcut … Close the about:config tab. This will ask you to specify a folder where it will save all the media and image files. With long screenshot. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a shortcut for saving image in a web browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Opera? Save or edit the screenshot. • When the save operation is complete, Firefox will be automatically closed. Click the "I'll be careful, I promise" prompt. Ctrl + Shift + D. Save all open tabs as favorites in a new folder. Another advantage of this is you will be also able to see any image which is hidden on that page. Firefox (latest) Logitech g710+ Keyboard with Logitech Gaming software; Right now, I have to: Hover over an image; right-click; Click "Save Image As.." Click "Save" on the explorer save window (and potentially go to desktop) I instead want to be able to: Hover over an image; Press the G4 button on my g710+ keyboard • When Firefox starts, Save Page WE will be automatically initiated using the current Button Action. Now that you've captured your screenshot, you can either dismiss it to save it or edit it if needed. Great image saver! Firefox. Create a shortcut to Firefox on your desktop. On the “Page Info” window, select the media tab at the top and click “Select All.” Show or hide the favorites bar. Browser Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome, Firefox, And Edge. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Select one image and press CTRL + A ( Select All ) Then Click on the Save As button. From there, select “ViewPage Info” from the menu. Type. You can check your folder now and see all the images. We have a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts which will drastically improve your browsing experience. I'm talking about saving multiple (but not all) pictures on a web page without having to Control-Click and select "Save Image As" for every picture. A copy will be saved to the Screenshots folder of the Photos app. Save the current page. The buttons group always sit in the bottom of image, but some HTML element like navbar always sits on top of frame, so in result it’s always in the middle of screenshot. So I need something like shortcut key to Save when I scroll to … There are two ways for that. As you can see, Menu Wizard gives you full control over the menus in Firefox. In the Firefox address space, type: about:config. That’s all. Now when you Alt-click on a valid download link it will open the Save As explorer screen. Well, wonder no more. Auto Save Auto Rename Download All Images Filters (filter by url keywords, image size) Floating Image Save button, toolbar Generate unique filenames+++++ On/Off switch Saves Images with Click, Alt-Click, Double Click, Drag, MouseOver, or Toolbar button Easy to use! CTRL + T ... Save the web page to your computer. For example: right mouse click > save image, clicking on new tab icons, etc. browser.altClickSave. If you want to download all the images on a web page at once while using Firefox, start by right-clicking anywhere on the page. Now let's change keyboard shortcuts.

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