The Little Chief can be used to smoke-flavor meats like ribs, brisket, chicken, etc., but after a short time in the smoker, need to be cooked as usual. You'll find a link to the Little Chief User Manual on my Grill and Smoker Manuals Page. Today, we offer a full line of electric smokers, gas smokers, wood chips & chunks, BBQ pellets, wood grilling planks, jerky & sausage supplies, brines & … But when you're making electric smoker chicken breast, a little bit of fat can go a long way toward keeping your chicken breast moist and tasty. Although you can’t thoroughly cook these meals in the Little Chief electric smoker, you can incorporate the Little Chief into their cooking process. For me it was frustrating, and because I'm on a serious student budget I couldn't justify buying another smoker. The problem with the Little Chief is that, if you're lucky, your temperatures inside will get to maybe 165 degrees. The combination of a smoky and crispy layer on the chicken with a savory and crispy flavor brings a heavenly taste to every bite. This is sort of useless if you want to smoke anything serious, like a whole chicken (from what I read, the internal temperature should be 220) . This recipe is made with chicken meat and is loved by people of all ages. I had the little chief many years ago and I wouldn't trust a chicken or large cuts of meat in them. This will take 3 heaping pans of wood chips, approximately one pan per hour. The Chief smokers are great cold smokers too. going to be processed in the "Little Chief" smoker, these same quantities can easily be "brined" in a glass, crockery or plastic container that will allow the brine solution to completely cover the food. Big Chief, Little Chief or Mini Chief Electric Smoker) and smoke using Apple Wood Chips for three hours. There are two easy ways to add some fat to your electric smoker chicken breast: bard and inject. Chicken breast is popular as a lean source of protein. To be safe you must get the meat up to a safe internal temperature within 4 hours. Even slabs of bacon! This adds a whole new layer of flavor to any of your Saturday afternoon grilling sessions. The drumsticks will be dark brown and the skin will That just isn't going to happen in a smoker that only gets to 165. You can warm smoke with it too but at the ~165 temp is a little higher than I personally like for bacon it but does work. I have a vertical propane smoker and a Masterbuilt 40" electric. Get a pellet tube or tray and don't plug it in, and viola! You stay in the rules if you are using cure. Reviewers were even able to make juicy chicken and hamburgers using the Little Chief. We have been making everything Smokehouse since 1968 when we introduced the first Electric Smoker with the Little Chief. After smoking for three hours, just let the electric heat element continue to process (dehydrate) the drumsticks for another 3-4 hours. Big Chief Simple Smoked Chicken.

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