Discord Server | Some cards are just fun in this deck. Mairsil is probably going to be the only creature we play all game almost out of necessity and consistency. As above, we likely need to dig into a game-winning combo following this one. It looks interesting and i was wondering if it could be competitive? With our mad course determined and a mad deck built, Mairsil’s Charge Counters Combo clocks in at approximately $60.00 according to TCG Mid pricing. Mairsil, the Pretender? Either of these scenarios makes Quicksilver Elemental a must-have, especially for our combo focus. Mairsil, the Pretender art by Izzy. Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. In Magic lore, the Dominarian wizard Mairsil drove mad a powerful mage named Ith. A good few of these ideas came from, or were inspired by the good work others have done in different posts, so thank you all. Privacy statement | Banefire gets you style points. Enough charge counters on Mairsil, and we can be chunking an opponent for ten or more damage per turn. From a raw list of charge counters and related interactions, I pared down to a handful of potential game-ending combos. In other words, any counter on any creature can be moved onto any other creature at will. I'm pretty happy with my mana base at this point. Probably the strongest combo in the deck. Our deck has another notable combo that, while unlikely to end games, will aid our charge counter shenanigans. That lets us play these odd and hard to assemble combos and get to a point where we can go off with relative security and safety. Another straightforward one. Flicker with Deadeye Navigator for UU to untap him. Kindly pen them below! Mairsil is probably going to be the only creature we play all game almost out of necessity and consistency. Second: infinite turns with Magistrate’s Scepter. Exile Sage of Hours and Anthroplasm with Mairsil. Along the way, we will be protecting ourselves and our combo with some prison and pillow-fort type effects. Activate Quicksilver Elemental, tap to float RRRRUU, so on and so forth. Every week or so I make one or two changes. Mairsil naturally protects himself by keeping all his combo safe in exile. Net U and repeat. If we cage Quicksilver Elemental, an untap effect like Horseshoe Crab, and a mana generator like Pyramid of the Pantheon, we can generate infinite blue mana followed by infinite mana of any color. There are some cards that are shittier versions of better cards that I don't want to dish out the money for since I've not had a huge problem with the mana base for like 20 games aside from typical mana screw/flood. Pretty simple. It also fetches Umbral Mantle, one of the most powerful effects to untap Mairsil (by equipping it to him, not by caging it). Mairsil, the Pretender. I knew within seconds that I had to, had to, theorycraft this budget deck for my next Low Market. A TappedOut decklist can be found here. With Gilded Lotus you end up with infinite mana of any color. This also is not a final list. I tore through card databases trying to find a direction, and eventually, I found one. With Basalt Monolith, you get infinite colorless. This annoying message will go away once you do. We are also able to play very powerful effects pretty cheaply and without drawbacks like that of Infernal Denizen and Chainer, Dementia Master. Many of our combo pieces are creatures, and we have multiple flavors of ramp, card advantage, and Mairsil-rebuying (e.g. This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC Do you have an opinion on the matter? Close. 2. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), the jury is still out on exactly how the interaction works. Let me know in the comments, via Twitter, or through an email. For next time, I’m hotly debating between writing for another Commander 2017 legend and writing about a budget version of a traditionally-expensive deck: superfriends, which is another topic I will gladly request your input on. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. With as many artifacts as our deck contains, these search effects are useful even without being expressly built for (though I did add a few spicy options after I decided to include the Mages). We can play fun political threats and let opponents know they are ok to do what they're doing, but if they come your way, they're losing a lot of lands with Demonic Hordes, Quicksilver Elemental, and Torchling. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. DMCA requests | Presenting: Mairsil’s Charge Counters Combo! This thread is archived. Exile Torchling, Gilded Lotus, and Quicksilver Elemental with Mairsil and have one spare blue mana. Then EOT, Mairsil, the Pretender will come back into play. Mairsil is also a deep, deep toolbox. Archived. I’m not usually an advocate of infinite-turn combos, as they tend to conclude games in a way that frustrates other players, but this one is sufficiently roundabout that I’m comfortable putting it in. Most red costs in this deck are one or two colored mana symbols in creature's activated abilities exiled on Mairsil. share. Have you taken this deck in strange direction? has anyone posted a deck list for [[Mairsil, the Pretender]] ? With untap effects and a few more abilities to put charge counters on Mairsil (Otherworld Atlas, Lux Cannon, and so forth), we can keep our extra turns going until we dig into a card that actually kills our opponents (infinite snake tokens from Orochi Hatchery, for example). Attention! Use Endling to giving Undying to Mairsil, the Pretender. (When I refer to a “caged” card in this article, I mean a card we exiled from our hand or graveyard with Mairsil’s enter-the-battlefield ability, thereby giving it a cage counter and adding its abilities to our commander’s.). It tends to make opponents give us a wide berth, especially when they've got two other targets. Exile Quicksilver Elemental, Gilded Lotus or Basalt Monolith, and Pili-Pala with Mairsil. Terms of Use | For your consideration, the first combo: Chimeric Mass and our Spikeshot friends, Spikeshot Elder and Spikeshot Goblin. Some mana and a caged Scepter ensures one charge counter per turn.

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