Now for the martin vs. guild. The Martin D-28 has strongly made an impact to the music industry then and now. GIROMIGLIA. What Kind of Material HPL Exactly Is Used by Martin Guitar; The ten most expensive guitars in the world — Martin guitar accounts for half of it; The Origin, Development and Difference of Guitar ; NEWS. There is no guarantee that a higher grade wood, will sound any better, the same, or even as good, as lower grade wood used in the build. 218. 218. Before and after I bought my DV-52 i took trips to the Guitar Center and two other large guitar dealers in Evansville, IN. D28 vs D42 vs D45. remkovdz. HD28 Player wrote: FWIW - regarding "higher grade wood"....Martin does not tap test wood for tone. I've tried out these three models and came to a conclusion: D42 costs double than D28 and actually sounds double (not to mention the playability, D42 is like butter..) D45 costs double than D42 but does not sound twice as good. 28. Martin CEO-8 Guitar Introduction; Martin Acoustic Guitar … The "grades" of wood are based on cosmetic appearance only. Martin D18 VS D28 Guitar Reviews. Post Sep 26, 2013 #1 2013-09-26T08:03. Defining what an acoustic guitar should be, one could say that the D-28 is the “OG” of dreadnought guitars. HD28V vs D42: technical differences. remkovdz. HD28 or if you have the money for the D-41, put that money for the bling toward an adi top or a limited edition rosewood martin with an lp neck. I think Sweetewater and Elderly both offer an HD28 … I also played various Martin models all the way up to the $4,000.00 level. Post Jan 27, 2003 #1 2003-01-27T14:44. PRODUCTS. I've been playing the HD28V and D42 side by side a few times now (I will probably end up buying one of them) and I know the construction is 99% the same (EIR, Sitka Spruce, forward shifted scalloped bracing). Martin D45 and Martin D42 guitar Configurations: ... Martin HD28 Review. As one of Martin’s pioneer dreadnought guitars, the iconic Martin D-28 has been making a name for itself for over 80 years. 28. Registered Member. Registered Member. I played a new tacoma made D-55 at one place. GIROMIGLIA.

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