A metaparadigm seeks to explain global concepts that are of interest to a specific discipline and the relationships that exist among these concepts (Chaffee & McNeil, 2007). The nursing component of the metaparadigm considers everything you learned in school, in the field, and everywhere in between. A. N. Abstract The central concepts and themes of t he discipline of nursing are identified and formalized as nursing’s metaparadigm.Examples illustrate the direction provided by the metaparadigm for theory development. This sense of relativity is important; what may be healthy for an 18-year-old boy is unlikely to be healthy for an 80-year-old man. The explanations are broad more hypothetical. The final component of metaparadigm of nursing is ‘Nursing.’ This term actually comprises of many skills such as medical knowledge, technical skills, and nursing care. Submission Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Everything a nurse does for their patient could be included. Visualizing patients as more than “just patients” may help nurses find more satisfaction in their jobs and avoid burnout. A lack of empathy for patients will likely have a detrimental effect on the their health and recovery. The care structure considers the person’s spiritual and social needs as well as health care needs. This allows a nurse to visualize a patient as more than just a sum of their medical history. The health component of the four metaparadigms refers to the extent of wellness and health care access that a patient has. The metaparadigm of nursing would, hence, include and explain all the concepts and theories related to the field of nursing. Aspiring RNs should carefully study the metaparadigm of nursing in order to serve their patients the best they can. A patient’s emotional needs can be met by allowing them to voice what they’re going through and how they’re feeling. The theory is that these factors influence the patient’s state of well-being. It is important for nurses to realize their role in a patient’s environment as well. The health-illness continuum as a whole, however, depicts the changes in health and wellbeing throughout that patient’s lifetime. While applying these skills, nurses must be sure to show compassion for their patients. Helping Art Of Clinical Nursing. Nursing refers to all of the special skills that an individual must acquire to become a nurse including medical knowledge, technical skills, and any hands-on nursing care. How does the nursing metaparadigm impact the implementation of culturally proficient nursing care? The metaparadigm theories of nursing and ANA examines the same four basic components: person, environment, health, and nursing practice. QUESTION. Hard skills and knowledge do not necessarily reign supreme when observing or practicing nursing; the ability to show empathy and compassion is just as much a part of the nursing component as is performing a procedure or reading a chart. Above all, nursing professionals are also required to be compassionate towards their patients, as their care and empathy may help them to recover fast. A metaparadigm for nursing involve the set of concepts that define the discipline of nursing for a professional. Metaparadigm of Nursing After viewing the video Health as Expanding Consciousness by Newman (2009) and reading the resource Metaparadigm Concepts in Nursing by Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health (2018), I developed an infographic to illustrate what images I would include to reflect my views of nursing related to the four aspects of the Metaparadigm of Nursing. Nursing Metaparadigm and Nursing Theory When planning and providing care for a patient, nurses can benefit from understanding and utilizing various nursing theories. Registered Nurses, Nursing Scholarships and Grants for RN Program, Forensic Nurse – Eligibility, Courses, Procedure, Certified Nurse Midwife – Eligibility, Certification Requirements, LVN – Requirements, Salary, Job Description, Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist – Requirements, Types, Procedure, Cosigner on Student Loan- Requirements and Responsibilities, Public Health Nurse or Community Nurse: Education Requirements, Legal Nurse Consultant – Requirements, Procedure, Salary, Family Nurse Practitioner – FNP Job Description, Associate Degree in Nursing – Requirements, Coursework, Career Outlook and Top Colleges, City College of San Fransisco – CNA Program, Sims Position: Definition, Benefits, and Explanation, Supine Position: Definition, Explanation, Pros, and Cons, Prone Position: Definition, Benefits, and Process Explained, What is Apical Pulse: Definition and Process of Measurement, What is Fowler’s Position and Their Types (Semi Fowler’s Position), What is Supine Position: Facts, Risks, and Benefits, How To Become A Registered Nurse: Step by Step Guide, Registered Nurse: RN Guide about Nursing Schools and Programs.

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