Below is how a Minor Scale is built. Michael Pilhofer, MM, holds a Master's in Music Education with a Jazz Emphasis from the Eastman School of Music, and a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Performance from the University of Miami. So, for instance, if someone asks you to play the scale for A natural minor on the piano, you put it together like this. Each of the eight notes in a minor scale has a name: In the harmonic and melodic minor scales, the 7th degree is called the leading tone. Your email address will not be published. Play the notes in the number order shown. Measuring the Distance between Pitches with Intervals, Understanding Simple and Compound Time Signatures. (It is the only one of the three minor scales with a step and a half between scale degrees 6-7.) Holly Day's work has appeared in Guitar One Magazine, Music Alive!, culturefront Magazine, and Brutarian Magazine. It has the same W W H W W W H (whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half) pattern. steps. The key difference between major and minor scaes is that notes on a major scale sound bright and cheerful, while notes on a minor scale sound solemn and sad. The distance between the 3rd and 4th notes and the 7th and 8th notes are half steps. whole-half-whole-whole-half-whole-whole You flat the 3rd note, the 6th note, and 7th note of the major scale and the wh wwh ww minor scale pattern is made. However, keep in mind that they return to the natural minor when going down the scale. 3.What does a flat do to a note? And, of course, for the descending notes on both the piano and guitar you revert to A natural minor. To play the scale for A harmonic minor on the piano, you put the scale together as shown below. The Minor Scale can be thought of as whole step - half step - whole step - whole step - half step - whole step - whole step. W W H W W W H. The first and last note of either the major or minor scale is called the. The harmonic minor scale has half steps between scale degrees 2-3, 5-6, and 7-8. When writing music in the melodic minor scale, composers write out the song using the natural minor pattern, and then they add the accidentals that modify any ascending 6th and 7th notes afterward. The scales in Western music are referred to as. The first note (and last) in the scale determines the scale name. Each note is a certain distance apart from the next, and they form a pattern that repeats. Notice how the two half steps are always separated by either two or three whole steps; this system of intervals is the diatonic pattern. The ascending minor scale pattern is. To play an A melodic minor scale ascending on the guitar, you play it like this. Minor Pentatonic Scale Connections How to connect the common first pattern of the minor pentatonic scale to parts of the neighboring scale patterns for a wider range of notes to use in the scale. Minor scales are an important part of music theory. The Natural Minor Scale. Natural minor scales follow the interval pattern of WHWWHWW, which translates into Whole step Half step Whole step Whole step Half step Whole step Whole step. The first minor scale we’ll look at is the natural minor scale. music. Scales in which the 6th and 7th degrees are flat in natural minor require naturals to raise those two degrees. (It is the only one of the three minor scales with a whole step between 7-8.) In the melodic minor scale, the 6th and 7th notes of the natural minor scale are each raised by one half step when going up the scale. The distance between the first two notes in a Major scale is a whole step. Side note: Melodic and harmonic minor scales are nothing to do with melodic and harmonic intervals. What makes a scale major or minor depends on which notes these half steps affect. Those are the two naturally occuring half steps in a major scale.In a major scale, there are two naturally occuring half steps. Notice how the piano scale changes when you add a half step to both the 6th and 7th degrees. 10 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 200 Dollars, 8 Most Important Guitar Chords for Beginners, The 5 Pentatonic Scale Shapes You Must Know, Top 6 Best Guitar Amps for Practice and Small Gigs, How to Play The Major Scale Guitar Guide for Beginners and Intermediate, What is a Scale Formula and How to Use it For Guitar, Building Chords and Progressions of The Major Scale, Top 10 Best Electric Guitars s under 300 Dollars, 10 Ways to Play Beautiful Open Chord Shapes.

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