You can also use it as a sweetener. Pomegranate juice is stronger than most other fruit juices with antioxidant levels. Many people do not like the taste of molasses because it is too sweet. However, once you learn about the health benefits of molasses, you may want to consider and take one to two teaspoons of this thick and sticky sweetener. 10 Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses. However, some studies involving mice have shown that taking molasses can benefit the male reproductive system. Diabetes Friendly. As opposed to refined sugar, molasses has the power to naturally relieve PMS symptoms , stabilize blood sugar levels, improve bone health, treat symptoms of ADHD and boost skin health. Blackstrap molasses has a relatively low glycemic index of 55 meaning that it can help keep blood sugar in check when compared to … Blood has numerous components that it needs to be considered healthy. Back in the day, if you had tummy troubles, molasses was used as a remedy. Blackstrap molasses isn’t your average sweetener. Molasses has many health benefits when it comes to increasing testosterone levels in men. You can add it in desserts and consume it. Do use it regularly and see the benefits. Boosts Blood Health. Molasses May Improve Male Sexual Health. Due to its high vitamin and mineral content, blackstrap molasses has been recognized to provide the following healing properties to the end user: Helps prevent or relieve iron deficiency – a significant source of iron, blackstrap molasses can help those who are anemic (including pregnant women). Long used in baking and as an alternative sweetener, molasses has been shown to provide numerous health benefits. Molasses is a thick, dark syrup extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets after they have been processed to make table sugar. If you aren’t already adding blackstrap molasses to your baked goods, now’s the time! Let us know your feedback on black strap molasses. Your regular beverages such as tea and coffee can also be used for blackstrap molasses consumption. The health benefits from a daily dose of molasses. Blackstrap Molasses Benefits 1. As the nutritional benefits of blackstrap molasses becomes better known, more and more molasses products are being sold in the supermarket. 11 Health Benefits of Pomegranate Molasses The use of Antioxidants. Health benefits of blackstrap molasses. Shutterstock. In the 1930s if you suffered from an iron deficiency, your grandma probably would have given you a daily teaspoon of molasses to … Not only is it rich in nutrients, it has numerous health benefits. Blackstrap molasses contains many minerals that benefit sexual health in general. There are also three times as many antioxidants as red and green tea.

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