Also, the list is missing Vigilante 8 and Destruction Derby 64 (and…errrm…Carmageddon 64, I guess). Excitebike 64 is the follow-up to the NES classic that was released almost 16 years prior. Playing as a typical “street racing” title in the vain of the Ridge Racer series, the game gives you eight cars to race with on six tracks. Shop for Beetle Adventure Racing! The controls handle well, and there is a leveling up system with the weapons you use. The sense of speed is tremendous, on par with F-Zero and in the opinion of some, exceeds it. The best versions of the series’ most beloved levels can be found in Mario Kart 64—particularly Rainbow Road. TOTALLY disagree with what you said about S.C.A.R.S Soundtrack The game is one of the system’s better-looking games, and the controls are solid. There’s definitely more of an arcade feel in the three dedicated stunt arenas, where it’s pretty easy to pull of the plethora of tricks at your disposal. Everything is authentic and true to form, but the game gives you a bigger sense of speed and the more aggressive, “arcadey” type drivers can take advantage without a ton of repercussions. San Francisco Rush 2049 is an arcade title made by the arcade giant Midway which was ported to the N64. Nowhere near as good. It just doesn’t handle as easily as it should, especially for an arcade title. is your best bet on the N64. you forgot Aero gauge but i hate that game one of the worst games on N64 imo its inferior to f-zero x ,extreme g series ,pod racer ,hydro thunder and wipeout needs to stay forgotten LOL ! Shop for Wave Race 64 on eBay Five modes are present: Championship, Warm Up, Time Trials, Stunt Mode and two-player versus. Along the way you earn sponsorships and the chance to move to better teams, with the ultimate goal of getting to the Hall of Fame. Instead, Rockstar would publish two games for the system, Earthworm Jim 3D and Monster Truck Madness 64. Man, the N64 was the shit back then! Shop for Star Wars Episode I: Racer on eBay The action is frantic, and although you probably won’t get a ton of play time out of the single player campaign, you will get your money’s worth if you have some friends for up to 8-way multiplayer. Discover the games that gave each machine its personality. Both games deliver a good sense of speed and have good controls. Explore the best games that usually go unnoticed. We collected the best Nintendo 64 Games such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Super Smash Bros. The N64 version was released eight years later, and retained much of the same speed and over the top action that made the series popular in the 8-bit era. One you get used to the controls, you’ll feel like a pro. Shop for Micro Machines 64 Turbo on eBay The Most Addictive Video Games of All Time, The 100+ Best Video Games of All Time, Ranked by Fans, The Best Games For Kids on Xbox Game Pass. Choro Q has been a popular franchise in Japan for years, and it made it’s debut in North America by way of THQ and Locomotive Games as Penny Racers in 1999. The game is heavy on customization, with the ability to design your vehicle, changing tires, the engine, suspension, weapons and more. Pick from over 40 Hot Wheels vehicles and race on eight tracks, all of which have the typical Hot Wheels flavor attached to them, with bright colors and a cartoony look. Who likes futuristic boat racing? Secondly, the speed makes the game pretty tough to control, at least when you first start playing. The graphics are really well done, with bright colors and fun, moving backgrounds. Ending this list of the best N64 racing games is the Star Wars Racer. Your email address will not be published. He is listed in the game, with the not so subtle name of “Driver Williams”, in reference to the Williams team that Villeneuve raced for. In the single player, your goal is to win as much money as possible so you can buy better bikes but the multiplayer is great as well. The game is loads of fun, especially with friends, but you will be done with it relatively quickly. All three games are great, but the jewel of the trifecta is the final game, San Francisco Rush 2049. As I’m sure you’ve figured out, Hot Wheels Turbo Racing is not a simulation title. Shop for Extreme-G series on That SNES title was definitely a pioneer in futuristic, edge of your seat racing, and the N64 title is basically the original on steroids. Each of the nine playable courses have dynamic wave and tide settings, that change during the race, which changes the way you and your racer handle the track. on this list. As with most racing sims, it can take a while to get used to the controls. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, AU $45.00 New. There’s a lot to like about Road Rash 64, but it’s not perfect. As with the original Excitebike, you can create your own tracks in the Track Editor to supplement the original 20. Mario Kart 64 is the second game in the series and the first game to feature a full 3D gameplay. There is a fine sense of speed, jumps, stunts and crashes, but there are better arcade style racers available on the system. Shop for Top Gear Rally Series on A definite must-have for any owner of the Nintendo 64. I have not heard of some of these ! The game also looks great, and the framerate never sees any noticeable hits with one or two players, despite the speed at which the game plays. Framerate issues do knock the title down a bit, but if you’re looking for an authentic take on Formula One, this is one of the best options on the N64. Here's a look at 10 of the very best racing video games to hit the N64! There are so many shortcuts and ways to play the game, that you can play each track dozens of times and see something new every time. Shop for Excitebike 64 on There’s a storyline at play here, inasmuch as Mario Kart has a storyline, but they do lead to four circuits with six tracks in each. It’s one of the best looking games available on the console. The controls are very tight, even from the minute you boot up the game. When your pod takes too much damage, it can overheat and blow up. They have a certain feel to them that I can’t explain. Shop for Monaco Grand Prix on Hydro Thunder was a massively successful hit in the arcades in the late 90’s, leading to a Sega Dreamcast port in late 1999. The gameplay is superb, with tight, simple controls, which handle your movement, boosts, jumps and stunts. Mario Kart 64 was one of the best multiplayer games available on the N64, and still holds up as a lot of fun today. I prefer the authenticity of F-1 World Grand Prix, but Monaco Grand Prix is a solid alternative. Arcade action is what the game is all about. That’s highly frustrating, but if you can get over that, LEGO Racers can provide some fun when you’re a little tired of Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing. The cars look great, and the drivers are all pretty interactive, right down to the audio they produce. Prefer a straight racing mode? Shop for Mickey’s Speedway USA on The Nintendo 64 had plenty of quality racing games in its extensive library. 263885 downs / Rating 67%. It was set in California and featured some whimsical levels such as driving inside a computer board (a la TRON) for the Silicon Valley portion. There are four courses to choose from in Battle Mode, but gather three friends and head to the Block Fort, and you can spend hours beating each other up. It all runs smoothly, and while we take it for granted these days with online racers, this was a big deal back then. As mentioned earlier, the game handles well and the presentation is passable. Originally released as a “rental only” title in 2000 by Midway, Stunt Racer 64 is a pretty solid, underrated game. The series is set in a futuristic environment, with blazing speed and lots of weapons. Ridge Racer has always been about how easy it is to pick up and play, and this version is no exception. They are all optional of course, but they do add a layer of replayability, as you try and find the best way to master each course. As a society, we have an undying need to compare things. Even though some of the tracks are short, this amount of content is really quite staggering. 1999 Vivid Image Ubisoft Saikyou Habu Shougi: 1996 SETA SETA San Francisco Rush - Extreme Racing: 1997 Atari Games Midway San Francisco Rush 2049: 2000 Atari Games Midway Scooby-Doo! lol, I agree… Snowboard Kids and 1080′ Snowboarding should definitely be on your list… It’s not automobile racing, but your title is Best N64 Racers. It looked kind of bland, but was released in 97 so it was kind of early in the N64’s life cycle. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The split-screen multiplayer is fun as well, but doesn’t add anything different to the experience. In the first three months of the N64’s existence, Nintendo published certified classics like Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, and perhaps the best racing game on the console, Wave Race 64.

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