While the Internet of Things (IoT) may have yet to pay off when it comes to creating smart cities, it does hold tremendous potential in terms of creating smarter, more connected schools. On the obvious end, it’s helping save money in terms of energy and lighting usage. Do we even need to learn to read anymore? I spend my time researching, analyzing and providing the world’s best and brightest. And that’s always a good thing. Speaking at a forum, as part of the media briefing of the Learning and Teaching Expo 2020, he added that the industry should work closely with the education sector and understand their most pressing needs amidst the accelerated technology demand. By 2020, that contribution will rise to 19%. However, digital transformations trends in education are making it less and less important where you live. So, how have digital transformation trends in education changed as we move toward the coming decade? This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. One of many includes a holographic teacher who can lead discussions on specialize… Concern cross-platform initiatives being held back as existing systems are not fully compatible, China's new H-20 stealth bomber could hit Pearl Harbor: analysts, A plea for help as China loses jobs to Vietnam, China quietly fuels India and Pakistan's next conflict, Maradona: the fragile god of the Global South, China makes imperialism obsolete in Latin America, Lobster scam exposes underbelly rot in Indonesia, Trump’s non-concession pushes Biden to the 'right' path, Small virus outbreak in Hong Kong hospital, US missile sale to Philippines fires up China, China’s new wave: the queue for Covid vaccination, Vote puts Anwar’s takeover bluff to bed in Malaysia, Covid wave puts Japan and South Korea in cold sweat, The unmaking of a constitutional coup in Pakistan, Indian economy reels as stock market hits new high, Sharif, not PDM, will win or lose the power game in Pakistan, India to make 100 million doses of Russian vaccine, Pig intestines fly in Taiwan parliament protest, Germany has a million cases, doubts over vaccine, China’s new H-20 stealth bomber could hit Pearl Harbor: analysts, Mattis leads charge to end Trump’s ‘America First’ folly, India’s BrahMos missile test sends message to China, China to retaliate over US Admiral’s Taiwan visit, US unprepared for a two-front great power war: report, Japan says farewell to its ‘Phantastic Phantoms’, Triumphs and travails of US Navy’s $12bn supercarrier, New York-listed Eggshell has a great fall, China leads region after robust industrial profits, Alibaba, Tencent halt talks to buy iQIYI stake, Japan's ruling party to propose big spending on green projects, Foxconn to make iPads, MacBooks in Vietnam, Why PBoC is ignoring defaults by China's failing local SOEs, Evergrande averts a real estate crisis by raising $1.8 billion, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. I have a friend in the private school sector who develops such customized learning experiences for her students that they are able to determine how they’d personally like to express their learning from each lesson—book report, song, art work, or even interpretive dance. Using real-time communication tools, they can share homework assignments with parents so they can stay on top of less communicative children. That should really be at the core of our change and digital transformation efforts in education. New digital transformation trends in technology are going to make it easier for students of different learning types to learn in the way most appropriate to them, be it through interactive games, modeling tools, video production, etc. Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry. Read: Hong Kong biotech could thrive in Covid crisis. For instance, the child with dyslexia mentioned above may live in a rural area that provides little support for learning differences.

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