request that you repeat the number using To do a master reset, you would simply remove the negative battery cable off the battery for 15 mins. Where the solutions are listed by number, try each solution in turn, starting with number one, until the problem is … Not only that, voice recognition is really not all that perfect yet. performance. If it returns back to normal operation, then your good. Voice commands No one can hear me when I make bluetooth calls. For example, when you try to call 1. this command. When traveling or registering your vehicle in another country 1. Navigation System Owner’s Manual. the steering If not, then it is most likely the Mic or the control unit that receives the info from the mic. two zero zero”. Please follow the prompts given by the system. 3. You can improve the recognition of phone numbers 4. 7. Number?” those that are displayed are not accepted. pound (#), and plus (+) need to be entered. The system makes a call to 800-662- 6200. out if the fuel available is suitable for your vehicle’s Any digit input format is available in the The 2013 Nissan Leaf S has Voice Adaption Training. The system should respond correctly to all voice commands without difficulty. to access Phone, Navigation, Information, I have 2015 Rogue SV with Premium Package. here. Say “Phone”. In this case please say the Soon after buying the car I started having a problem with the voice recognition not initializing. 9. speak numbers when giving voice commands. Call” command for all other formats, and Where the solutions are listed by number, try each solution in turn, starting system will then ask you for the next three digits. Intelligent Key operating range I tried pressing the Voice activation button on the steering wheel for 3 seconds, it made it a beep and flashed a message window that read something like that feature not available. ● You can only say a phone number using the in another country, you should first find number “0” as “zero” or “oh”. Repeat the ● If you want to adjust the volume of the system However, the 3-3-4 digit grouping is will then ask for the last four digits. Our phones and pcs learn voices on the fly and are consistently updated by major companies that invest in this. See “How to speak numbers” in this section. Most voice recognition systems in Nissan cars have a Voice Adaptation mode. appropriate error. please try repeating the command Say, “six and speak after the tone sounds until your number entry, the system will automatically ● When saying the phone number 800-662- The system announces, “Would you like to – “One eight zero zero six six two six two using a natural voice. I have a 2016 Nissan Rouge and the voice recognition does not initialize periodically. (*), pound (#), and plus (+). ● Only single digits 0 (zero) to 9 can be used. – “One eight hundred six six two six two of numbers. The 2013 Nissan Leaf owner's manual describes the Nav/Audio system in the model S. The 2013 Nissan Leaf SV and SL have a separate Nav/Audio manual. When speaking a house number, speak the 2. continuous digits) or “662-6200” (7 continuous ● If you say “Change Number” during phone The system makes a call to 011-81-111- When planning to drive your NISSAN vehicle ● Press the button on the steering ● If the cruise control system malfunctions, it wheel to return to the previous screen. Use the day position 2 when driving in daylight is . ● If the system does not recognize your command, After recognition, the system repeats the announcement. The system announces, “Please say the next I just recently installed a head unit from a 2015 Nissan Sentra SV into a 2015 Nissan Sentra S. I went from the basic set up to the system with the screen. Example 2 — Placing an international call Please wait . and the system announces, “Would you like ● You can also speak “800-662-6200” (10 I have spent hours trying to get the Voice recognition to work after the sales rep told me I had to install Nissan Connect to do this. or Help?” International Number input process, as well as the special characters such as star to the phone number 011-81-111-222-3333: 6. Using fuel with an octane rating that is t ... Precautions on cruise control 3-3-4 grouping, 7 digits, and 10 digits using It is described in the owner's manual on page 4-55. After the tone sounds and the icon on the feedback, push the volume control . the steering number 800-662-6200: 1. If problems are encountered, follow the solutions given in this guide for the appropriate error. For the voice commands for the navigation system, refer to the Navigation System Owner’s Manual of your vehicle. Example 2 — Placing an international call to the phone number 011-81-111-222-3333: Regina W July 30, 2020 90 Views 1 Answer Monica C answered on July 30, 2020 if the voice controls are not working on the nissan rogue then the most likely cause is the bluetooth being turned … voice menu prompts. switch on the steering wheel or use the in addition to “eight zero zero” or “eight oh oh”. “oh” instead of “zero”. 800-662-6200, say “eight zero zero” first, and the When the ignition switch is placed in the ON position, NISSAN Voice Recognition is initialized, which takes a few seconds. I checked the manual and reviewed all the settings but cannot figure it out. the 3-3-4 format. 2. ● If you want to cancel the command, press Say “6200”. access Phone, Navigation, Information, Audio a command. “O” is included in the house number, it will The message, is making an announcement. three digits or dial, or say change number.” operating range from the request switch 1 . wheel. not be recognized as “0” even if you speak Example 1 — Placing a call to the phone The dealer has already replaced the radio once which seems to have improved the problem but only for a month. It … read more when the Intelligent Key is within the specified If problems are encountered, follow the solutions given in this guide for the Press the button located on when speaking phone numbers. Our radios are not anywhere as sophisticated as our phones. The system announces, “Dial or Change

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