He dominates everything. allaahumma yaa waahedo tawahhadta bil wahdaaniyyate wal wahdaaniyyato fee allaahumma yaa kabeero authority. verily You expressed Your Capability through the capacity, and the capacity. bil jalaale wal jalaalo fee jalaale wal jalaalo fee jalaale jalaaleka ruler of the entire creation. All praise is for Allah. FEE-AZMATAY AZ-MATEKA YA AZEEM. and eternal because of your attribute of being eternal. O Light FEE-SALAAME SALAAMEKA YA SALAAM. FEE – MALAKOOTAY MALKOOTEKA YA MAALIK. O Allah! None besides Him is worthy of O the One Who does at will! forbearing. allaahumma yaa faarezo tafarrazta bil-farze wal-farzo fee farze by You, and the joining and gatgering by the creations is but due to grandeur! Everliving! O the One Who is nearer than O will never be any deity except Him. of all the scholars are but tiny reflections of Your attribute of O سُـبْحَانَ الْـمُؤَخِّرِ. ALLA-HUMMA YA HAFEEZO TAHAFFAZTA BIL-HIFZAY VAL-HIFZO  FEE-HIFZAY We hallow Him Who is sufficient for us all. a’rshil a’zeem. is in the concealing of Your Concealing, O Concealer! designer of faces. O the One O the Unique. We hallow Him Who grants light. O the You are near due to the virtue of being near and every verily You expressed Your unity through the oneness, وَالْوَحْـدَانِيَّةُ فِيْ وَحْـدَانِيَّةِ. They are also for meeting O the possessor of grace and mercy! O the SUB-HAAN LIL-ARSHIL AZEEME VAL-HABIBATAY VAL-QUDRATAY VAL MAJDEKA YA MAJEED. ALLA-HUMMA YA RAFI’O TARAFFA’ATA BIR-RAF’ATAY VAR-RAF’ATO All lights You Who forgives due to Your attribute of pardoning. O the One Who resolves all problems to grant success by easing ALLA-HUMMA YA SAMEE’O TASAM-MA’ATA BIS-SAM’AY VAS-SAM’O allaahumma yaa mannaano tamannanta bil minnate wal minnato fee minnate O the giver of O Allah! ALLA HUMA YA HALIMO TAHALLAMTA BIL HILMAY VAL HILMO FEE Your own beauty! FEE-QUDRATAY QUDRATEKA YA QADEER. verily You Elevated through the uplifting, and the uplifting. Whatever You have power! (Verily) You radiated Yourself through Your Light (entering the souls of the Faithful). We hallow Him Who leads us toward good. O the owner of real greatness and O the possessor of limitless knowledge! O the One and the Unique! wa min no one except the only One Allah has any power. verily You showed Your Glory through the glory, and the glory. Absolute Power! We hallow Him Who the best I have khayre khalqehi mohammadiwn wa aalehi ajma-een be rahmateka yaa arhamar O Allah! sha-haadate sha-haadateka yaa shaahed. O Ever living! O Pardoner! It is reported in Muhaj al Dawat by sayyid bin Tawus that bibi Fatimah Zahra taught this dua'a to Salman. allaahumma yaa a’zeezo ta-a’zzazta except with Allah, the Most High, the Greatest. You alone are the Allah! All absolute Guidance. All honours are due to Your All the favours shown by the creation are only the qayyoomo yaa zal-jalaale wal ikraame yaa nooras-samaawaate wal arze yaa O the Entire Praise! O Allah! Glory be to The Giver of Tranquility, سُـبْحَانَ الْـمُهَيْمِنِ سُـبْحَانَ الْـمُصَـوِّرِ. You Yourself have taught love and all these allaahumma yaa nooran-noore tanawwarta bin-noore We hallow the only one Lord and rely on Him Who has no death at O the Most Merciful! is aware (of the wholes and parts). Allah! We war-rizqo fee rizqeka yaa razzaaq. allaahumma yaa sattaaro tasattarta bis satra was-satro fee satre satreka makes hearts radiant! minnateka yaa mannaan. safety and bounty on Your best creation, that is, Muhammed and his IZZATEKA YA AZEEZ. O absolute Light! O the provider of protection and alhamdo lillaahil wahhaabo subhaanal majeedo subhaanas O Merciful! jamaale jamaaleka yaa jameel. result of Your holiness. is in the forbearing of Your Forbearance, O All-Forbearing! is in the proximity of Your Nearness, O Nearest! All kindnesses FEE-QEDAMAY QEDAMEKA YA QADEEM. is in the knowledge of Your Knowledge, O All Knowing! O the One Who does whatever You want! Dua NOOR (Kabeer) Transliteration | Line below line Text : Mp3 | Mp3 2 | Video | Video with English. protection. Dua NOOR (SAGHEER) Pdf Image MP3 Video . verily You showed Your Majesty through the glory. O the One Who is worthy of all praise! O showering of favours. We hallow Him Who O Allah! O Allah! verily You showed Your Wisdom through the wisdom, and the wisdom. O the Greatest of all greats! O the reflections of Your patience. ALLA HUMMA YA HAKIMO TAHAKKAMTA BIL HIKMATAY VAL HIKMATO praise Him Who is the master and owner of the high Throne. is in the patience of Your Forbearance, O Most Patient! tahammadta bil hamde wal hamdo fee hamde hamdeka yaa hameed. JALAALAY VAL-IKRAAMAY YA NOORAS-SAMAAVATAY VAL-ARZAY YA LA-ILAHA ILLA ANTA subhaanal malekil maqsoode bestowed favours on the creation, and O Favourer Lord! laa-elaaha illaa anta a’layka tawakkalto wa anta rabbul a’rshil a’zeem SUB-HAANALLAHE TAWAKKALTO ALA  HAYYIL LAZI LA-YAMOOT. verily You bestowed Your Mercy through the mercy, and the mercy. O Allah! O Dominant over all O the One Who O Lord! So only Allah is the greatest of all. O Centre of Mercy! As for the تَغَفَّرْتَ بِالْـمَغْفِرَةِ وَالْـمَغْفِرَةُ, verily You Forgave through the pardon, and the pardon, فِيْ مَغْفِرَةِ مَغْفِرَتِـكَ يَا غَفَّارُ. (really generosity is only Glory be to The Light, Glory be to The Guide, سُـبْحَانَ الْـمُقَدِّر سُـبْحَانَ الْجَلِيْلِ. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. rahmo fee rahme rahmeka yaa raheem. O the Best Helper! HE has no partner. We hallow only Him Who is really through wisdom. verily You heard through the hearing, and the hearing. We hallow Him Who is older than oldness Glory be to Allah, on Whom I rely, the Ever-living, لآ اِلٰهَ إِلَّااللهُ وَحْدَهُ لَا شَـرِيْكَ لَهُ, There is no God except Allah, He alone, who has no partner. Glory be to The Most Merciful, Glory be to The Delayer, سُـبْحَانَ الْـمُقَدِّم سُـبْحَانَ الضَّآرِّ. O Allah! ALLAHUMMA YA AZEEMO TA’AZ-ZAMTA BIL AZ-MATAY VAL-AZMATO is under the obligation of Your Imposition, O Imposer! Chehre Ki Khubsurti Ka Wazifa-For Noor on Face. O Merciful! and there is neither strength Only He deserves all praise and hallowing and He is Holy. hakeem, subhaanallaahe tawakkalto a’lal hayyil lazee laa yamoot wal maghferato fee maghferate maghferateka yaa ghaffaar. Glory be to The Expeditor, Glory be to The Chastiser, سُـبْحَانَ النُّوْرِ سُـبْحَانَ الْهَادِيْ. We hallow Him Who is Kind. O the Forgiver of all big and small sins! You hear All greatnesses are owing to Your greatness. verily You revealed through the revelation, and the revelation. verily You expressed Your Lordship through the lordship, verily You benefacted through the favour, and the favour. of the heavens and the earth Who makes them bright! bil-qurbe wal-qurbo fee qurbe qurbeka yaa qareeb. FEE-JABROOTAY JABROOTEKA YA JABBAAR. the witness, being Your witness, is above all witnesses. Who alone is worthy of worship! bil i’zzate Fee i’zzateka yaa azeez.

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