When I proposed the idea, he said cheekily, ‘Mr Kothari, I’ve been seeing the queue outside your restaurant every day and I’ve been waiting for you to make that proposal for the last 10 years!’ So, after acquiring that space, we increased our capacity by 70 seats in January 2016. But I always maintain that opening a restaurant is the least difficult part… anyone with a bagful of money can open a restaurant but the real work starts after. I believe investment in your own people goes a long way. Then finally, when he was around 70, he told me, ‘Now, I beg of you, let me go’. The most satisfying thing I tell you today is that there are more Bengalis coming out. Peter Cat Recording Co. is a Delhi-based indie band that was founded in 2009. Well, even then people would say, why can’t we have a Roast Chicken or Fish Fry? Of course he wouldn’t sit, he would get up, take a round, get tired and sit down again. The pub was originally opened in Laurel Canyon by British musician Kim Gardner in 1982. Many decades ago, I remember that the clientele of the restaurant used to be non-Bengalis, like the Punjabis. I believe there are traditionalists who would welcome these old restaurants. I personally like roomali rotis and chaanp, so the speciality of the initial menu was mutton chaanp, chicken chaanp and roomali roti. But god is so kind I tell you, that even after those 70 seats, we are full. In the ’70s, a restaurant meant Park Street, so I started looking around and the place that I finally took used to belong to the Calcutta Customs. But I like rice and people in Calcutta like rice too, so I said, why not have a dish that can combine rice with kebabs? My father had seen this in Europe, where you go for a meal and musicians come around playing for you at the table. He was quite a perfectionist and insisted on running the restaurant in an absolutely proper way. And how can you blame him; everyone can do with a little extra money. Now, of course, there is no dress code at all. Chicken Marakesh, Beckty Meunier, Pistachio Ice Cream, Fish Meuniere, Chicken Irani Kebab, Prawn Butter Masala, Family Favorite, Courteous Waiters, Retro Ambience, Classic Ambience, Sophisticated Ambience, Dress Code, ₹1,000 for two people (approx.) And that’s how he left. In 2014, the location was closed due to local development. Yes, the restaurant boom has had a great effect but I must add that it’s been a wonderful effect. Watch full episodes of your favorite HISTORY series, and dive into thousands of historical articles and videos. Mocambo was started by my father Shivji V. Kothari in the summer of 1956. I said, ‘No problem, don’t stand, I’ll get you a chair’. STAFF OF LIFE This lazy cat was in no mood to move - and she simply sprawled out on the floor of a restaurant. So I brought him back on a higher salary and he worked seven-eight years more. I said, ‘Fine, you can retire but come back’. When Mocambo opened, it had live music, a six-piece band fronted by Anton Menezes, and with a male and female crooner. Siddharth makes up for me. I enjoy my poached egg or fried egg and we threw that in too. Mocambo or Peter Cat? So if you look after your guys, there’s a better chance that he will look after you in turn and he will have a happier look around him. We had a very nice confectioner under chef Prandhe and for lunch we would have Anton Menezes tinker with the piano, and there was a very famous violinist, Stanley Gomes, who was par excellence. THE CHANGING FACE OF PARK STREET  And often, a white one at that. Then he said, ‘But I feel very bad, you know, others are working and I’m just sitting there like a big shot’. The space next door was a spirits store for many years, even before Mocambo began. 2008-2020 © Zomato™ Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved. THE MAKING OF MOCAMBO  I started Peter Cat in 1975. Don’t forget, 1956 was way before discotheques started, even in Europe. The Cat & Fiddle is British Pub and restaurant located in Hollywood, California.. A lot of people ask me why don’t I open in other cities or other places in Calcutta, like Ballygunge, which has got a lot of potential, or Sector V? !, 18A, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata. But again I believe the same thumb rule applies from my own experience of dealing with people, that primarily if you give the man respect and you look after him financially, it will pay off. Entry was exclusive, you could not enter without a DJ, and by DJ I mean not the gentleman at the console but a dinner jacket! I don't know how it got this much rating for this poor dish... apologies from their side is sorry only. All rights reserved. Please contact the restaurant before visiting. Prandhe was instrumental in shaping and creating, initially, what Mocambo is today. And that’s how the Chelo Kebab came about. I started Peter Cat in 1975. We order 4 original chelo kebab and 1 mutton chelo. Dinner jackets gave way to suits. Then, as it happens, you have to move with the times. !I'm definitely coming back again for this!!! But what happened is that, a group of six people would come in, five people would want Indian food but the sixth would want a soup. Then he said, ‘I’m tired, let me go, I can’t stand’. I don’t go out very often. I said, ‘You are worth a million to me. And that is what I tell everyone who asks me about the impact of the new-age restaurants, that more restaurants opening up encourage people to come out more. Not the standard wooden floor but a floor made of tempered glass, under which there was a two-foot pit where they put a whole lot of lights. Poaching is inevitable but see, you can’t stop somebody from going away. They may come out once in two months but when they come, they have a ball. Initially, I wanted to open a pure Indian food restaurant. And I say, ‘I never said no waiting, I said 70 seats more!’. When customers found out, their first reaction was, ‘Oh thank god, now I can go because I won’t have to wait’. Everything down to the colour scheme is the same. He was Italian so that is why, if you notice, there are many European and Italian dishes on the menu, like the Chicken Sicilian or the Cannelloni. But of course, I tell my staff that don’t forget competition is increasing, you’ve got to work harder and make sure your food is par excellence, your service is okay, your behaviour with customers is okay because now you’ve got more seats available than customers. Peter Cat Kolkata; Peter Cat, Park Street Area; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Peter Cat Restaurant on Zomato It is an icon with title location-fill This place needs no introduction.Tried the signature dish of this place - Chelo kababIt was amazing in taste!! In One word pathetic. Reviews. Well, this was way before technology came around but what my father wanted, and what he got Messerschmidt to create, was a glass dance floor. I had to get a second tandoor, then a third and a fourth to take the load. I haven’t changed the decor at all since 1956. ‘Then what good am I?’ he asked. There was an open kitchen at the far end of the ground floor with a display window. What I’m a firm believer of is how you treat them and how you pay them will reflect on you. The Europeans have always been the best restaurateurs and confectioners, so my father got this guy, Antonio Prandhe, who became the first chef-cum-manager of Mocambo. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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