The sources of the gases given in these brief summaries are the most important ones, but there are other minor sources as well. The details of the sinks (reactions) that remove the gases from the atmosphere are not included. This P is transported to the ocean primarily in the dissolved and particulate phases via riverine influx.5 However, atmospheric deposition through Sinks and Sources: Since the phosphorus cycle doesn't involve the atmosphere, there are no sinks and sources. Life Cycle Assessment of Phosphorus Sources from Phosphate ore and urban sinks:Sewage Sludge and MSW Incineration fly ash Kalmykova, Y.1*, Palme, 2U. Pathways of Movement: River/stream erosion of rock and run-off, absorption by plant roots, animal consumption of plants, and geological upthrust are methods by which phosphorus is moved. Sequestering and removing P from aquatic sinks involves increasing cost, but … ERT-1.F.2 The major reservoirs of phosphorus in the phosphorus cycle are rock and sediments that contain phosphorus-bearing minerals. the source, particularly at farm scale. Phosphorus Sources and Sinks in the Ocean Phosphorus is primarily delivered to the ocean via continental weathering (Figure 2). The graphic for each gas (or class of gas) is from Figure 1, FAQ 7.1, IPCC, Assessment Report Four (2007), Chapter 7. The most cost-effective and practically implementable diffuse-P management options are, therefore, to reduce P use, conserve P, and mitigate P loss at the source. This study aims to quantify sources and sinks of phosphorus (P) in the small mountainous river (SMR)-sea system in southwestern Taiwan. Judicious phosphorus (P) management is a global grand challenge and critical to achieving and maintaining water quality objectives while maintaining food production. The Gaoping River (GP) exported total phosphorus (TP) at 1.08 × 109 mol year−1 into the GP coastal sea, corresponding to a global highest TP yield of 3.28 × 105 mol km−2 year−1 from the watershed during the study period. The phosphorus cycle is the movement of atoms and molecules containing the element phosphorus between sources and sinks.

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