Isperia the Inscrutable. Griselbrand and Sundering Titan added to EDH banned list. I know that in the 5-color games that we play here in Madison, local player Adam Kugler quickly inserted 4 Sundering Titans into his Reanimation deck to great effect. Ditto; I literally just added both to decks this weekend after being on the fence about adding them for a while. Posted by. I don't know for a fact if that's the reason, though. It seems strange to me that some people can make this decision, and it effects everyone. well, that sucks, I had just started putting it in EDH decks. Archived. Good riddance. Lol Why Sundering Titan? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Elder Dragon Durdle Podcast/Alesha Who Smiles at Death And Taxes. Close. Sundering Titan. Edh is all about community rules, the ban list is just a guideline, discuss with playgroup = play whatever you want. I thought that it was much worse as a general but Bargain is banned for a similar reason, so I understand. It's not fun. Sway of the Stars - This costs to cast for a weird Timetwister that sets life totals to 7. I've seen someone drop it on turn 3ish no lands being destroyed on their own side, only to do it all soon after with sort of recursion or blink. Yes, it's an effective card. Yeah. I think Sundering was a mistake and Grisel should get probation as one of the 99 as he was probably more evil as the commander. It doesn't even win games all of the time. This is possibly a slippery slope though: I don't really want the Committee banning mass LD for the sake of fun. On a related note I don't know why they didn't just preemptively ban Worldfire. It doesn't even win games all of the time. ... Sundering Titan...yeah it isn't fun no matter how you slice it. When spells like [[Deadeye Navigator]] exist, you either choose to ban the initiator or the initiated. 26. It's mostly Judges since it was kind of a Judge format when it started to go big. Sundering Titan will often be 1 sided (or rather, everyone's side but yours :P) though. That card will surely be gone come September. Removal actually makes it do its job again, which is part of the problem. Sure there is potential for abuse with Suspend cards, but this costs 10 mana. Well, even land destruction like Armageddon is also unfun, just having it be one sided sucks too. Removal actually makes it do its job again, which is part of the problem. Like dead eye navigator. Float a bunch of mana and watch the ability stack up. I'm actually not surprised at Grizz, though. Most ramp decks are 1 or 2 colours, leaving the Titan to hit at least one other player. 3x sundering titan 1x elesh born 4x golgari grave troll 4x murderous cut 3x razorverge thicket 4x llanowar wastes 3x caves of kiolos 2x temple of malady 1x temple of silence 3x g/w man land 1x urborg tomb of yawgmoth 4x mana confluence 2x gemstone mine SB-----4x thoughtseize 2x damnation 4x leyline of sanctity 2x ray of revelation 3x abrupt decay Because things that flicker can break it so quickly it becomes unfun. Sure he's annoying but so is a lot of other cards. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Sundering Titan - Banned because attacking a player's resources is seen as an unfun way to win. Most arguments I’ve seen against it’s banning go something like “it keeps the ramp decks in check!” Bollocks. I am fine with this, I was on the receiving end to a Sundering Titan a while ago. Math leads toward the casual sort of playgroups banning it out of hand anyway. there's a formal rules committee run by a couple of the players who first developed the format.

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