Japanese plums trees come in a variety of species, such as Satsuma, Santa Rosa, Burbank, Mariposa, and Red Ace. That said, you don't have to prune them. Image: Tim Sandall/RHS . Most Japanese … This means opening up the centre of the tree to let in the light. To produce healthy fruit, plum trees will benefit from a yearly pruning. When pruning plums it is important to train the tree into a vase shape. European plum trees require much lesser pruning when compared to the Japanese one which have an aggressive growth rate. Plums: pruning. This tree can be grown in hardiness zones 4 to 9 in a full sun environment. Plum trees do not require as precise pruning as apples and pears, but still benefit from initial training and the thinning of old wood to ensure they produce as much fruit as possible. Back. The Vase Training Method presented here produces a vase-shaped tree consisting of 3 or 4 scaffolds (main branches) of equal lengths and no central leader (vertical growing top central branch). Plum & Prune Trees; Plums grow in a rainbow of jewel colors, having been grown and hybridized by orchardists for millennia from a variety of parent species. Japanese yew trees (Taxus cuspidata) are long-lived evergreens often selected for specimen shrubs or hedges in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 to 7.Trimming a Japanese yew helps keep it an appropriate size or shape. These plums are much softer, juicier, and larger than their European counterparts, though the European plum trees can survive much colder conditions. We carry two main groups of plums: Japanese and European. Most Japanese varieties require a pollinizer. Margaret Sirl demonstrates how to prune Japanese Plum trees. Within the Japanese Plum group there are Blood Plums and Golden Plums. Purple-leaf plum trees are easy to grow spring flowering trees, valuable for their purplish pink flowers that contrast with the dark bark of the branches. If you prune before blossoming, you'll lose some buds, but since purple leaf plums flower so prolifically, you may not notice the loss. Pruning a Japanese Yew Tree Japanese varieties are usually earlier blooming, fleshier, softer and juicier. Plums are pruned in early spring or mid-summer to avoid infection by silver leaf disease. Quick facts. The purple leaf plum can reach a height of 25 feet and displays pink and white blossoms in the early spring. Pruning plums. Read on for tips on cutting back Japanese yews. Prune your purple leaf plum annually to encourage the growth of new flowering wood.

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