Katie O'Reilly is Sierra's adventure and lifestyle editor. The Freedom Artist functions both as a critique on contemporary society’s willingness to capitulate to ignorance and an ominous warning of what is possible when people do not think for themselves. In The Glass Hotel, nature is a place that people escape to, but only as much as their income allows it. Smog and hunger are constant in Jai’s life. At a hearing in DC to determine the fate of the Chippewa’s federally protected status, Senator Watkins quizzes Thomas and his delegation about the purity of their bloodlines, recalling Donald Trump’s racist “Pocahontas” attacks on Senator Elizabeth Warren (Erdrich also points out in the novel’s afterword that the Trump administration has revived the old termination policies in a new attempt to terminate the Wampanoag, the tribe that first welcomed the pilgrims and invented Thanksgiving.). The nine-year-old protagonist of Deepa Anappara’s debut novel, Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line, puts his detectiving skills to use when children start disappearing from his neighborhood. There are names for all types of book clubs, from the boozy ones that exclusively read feminist content to moms that stick to novels that Oprah loves—a.k.a. There are names for all types of book clubs, from the boozy ones that exclusively read feminist content to moms that stick to novels that Oprah loves—a.k.a. Some of the most notable characters in the novel are the ones we never get to meet: the missing and murdered Native women ever present in the background. But—also like The Great Gatsby—it illuminates the ways that people actually experience the natural world throughout their lives: as a luxury, but also as a job, as a barrier between the self and others, and as a reprieve. The story behind The Night Watchman is over a half-century old, but it eerily echoes our contemporary moment. Noa’s journey comes at a hefty price—his family must weather tragedy, mental illness, unemployment, and incarceration. Something went wrong. Each read teases out another truth, another metaphor, another example of what it means to feel restricted by social norms. The hotel the book is named after is a sleek hideaway on the north end of Vancouver Island, accessible only by boat. Throughout The Freedom Artist, Okri weaves in creation stories, effortlessly using magical realism and biblical mythology to postulate what it would look like for divine beings to rescue us from ourselves. It seemed to her that no one could see the ambition that thrummed in her; no one imagined her becoming someone.”. Not only is the book successful in its aim, but it is also a refreshing window into the world through a child’s eyes. Readers should consider starting with the afterword, which situates Anappara’s ambitions for the novel: to critique a political landscape increasingly harsh toward outsiders and minorities. White House Races to Finalize Environmental Rollbacks, The Least-Toxic, Greenest Gizmos for Holiday Gifts, Sierra’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2020 Survival Guide, Native Americans, Environmentalists Notch Another Pipeline Victory, Researchers Still Don’t Know Why So Many Birds Died This Fall, Ron Howard Depicts Life After the Camp Fire, Climate Change Forces Farmers to Migrate North, Privacy Policy/Your California Privacy Rights. The name is nearly as important as the meeting's read (and the wine and cheese). “Her own dreams were inconsequential. 7. In Translation Book Club Tuesday, May 19 at 7pm. “It’s wilderness,” says the hotel’s manager to a man interviewing for a job there, “but let me tell you a secret about wilderness. Follow her on Twitter @KatieOWrites. We have shared here more than 200 name ideas to name your book club. Along the way, we follow an expanding chorus of characters whose stories progressively intersect and interplay in a sonorous narrative kaleidoscope. One final tip? Though sometimes heavy-handed with metaphor, Okri does an excellent job of tapping into the darkness of the human psyche. Sierra reviews five newly released works of fiction that masterfully address themes ranging from Indigenous rights and the climate crisis to coming-of-age in a time of child poverty and xenophobia. Almost no one.”. Hawaiian author Kawai Strong Washburn presents the archipelago where he grew up as a superabundant place defined by proud ancestors and mythical spirits, where things unseen are viscerally present—but also marred by colonialism, poverty, and hopelessness. So, you and your friends have come together to form a book club. Leon loved walking north. Like what you read? 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By interrogating the ways in which human beings so willingly ignore reality in order to cope with suffering, we see not only a personal but also a global struggle against authoritarianism akin to the themes posed in George Orwell's 1984.

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