Review: Radiant Historia. It’s an encore that shows nothing but respect for the craft, the legacy of the DS and 3DS, as well as the genre as whole. Radiant Historia is a quality RPG on the DS, and I really enjoyed it at first, and continued to like it at times, but it has moments where its flaws just can't be overlooked, and the whole experience, to me, ended up feeling like a long strain of chores. Radiant Historia, … Radiant historia is an exciting game that will have you playing over and over until you find the right future. Maybe you farted in front of a beautiful girl on the train. Radiant Historia has a very interesting premise. With Radiant Historia, we can revisit one of the titles that made the DS so great, and gladly add it to the 3DS’ ineffable library of RPGs. 0. System: DS: Dev: Atlus: Pub: Atlus: Release: February 22, 2011: Players: 1: Screen Resolution: N/A: Disparate Histories by Steve Haske. Radiant Historia Review. sounds fun, it is. 2011-02-02 14:00:00 by Dale North. Radiant Historia‘s structure means that the player will be traipsing through the same environments multiple times, which does get a little tiresome.Developers were thoughtful enough to revise what enemies are present and certain specific parts that can be accessed, but in a title that can last over fifty hours there will still be plenty of excursions to familiar locales. Radiant Historia (DS) Review - PAGE 1 Heath Flor - Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 Like Share. Time travel in video games rarely has one distinct set of rules. Imagine that you did something really stupid yesterday.

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