In fact I find myself panning the overhead mic just slightly to the left, and the floor tom mic further to the right. This month we’re adding a second microphone. If you have a drummer that plays too loudly, or plays unbalanced (i.e., beats the snare into the ground whilst barely touching the bass drum) then you will have a terrible sounding recording, even if you use two Neumann mics. The other option for miking a kit with two mics is to use two overhead mics in a stereo configuration, recording each mic on a separate track. Recording drums with 2 mics Sign in to disable this ad I've looked up a few good tutorials about the 'recorderman'-technique, which is great, but I'm asking this just so that I'm not running into any unexpected surprises (me and my band are just musicians, and not audio-engineers). Close mic … The main difference is that you’ll get more focus in the low-end, but you’ll potentially lose your stereo image (or not, find out how). The other approach you could use to record drums with 2 microphones is by using one kick drum microphone and one overhead microphone. Shure SM7B A Shure SM7b (inside the kick aimed at the beater) and AKG D112 (in front of the kick) serve as Jae’s kick drum mics. 2 mic recording mics Question Hey so I´m planning on recording my drums with the 2 mic recording technique but I´m on a doubt I was thinking of the Beta 52 for the kick drum but for overheads I´m thinking of the SM-57 but Im not so shure about it, any toughts or recommendations about other mics … Drum Miking 101, Part 2: Two-Microphone Setups John Emerich. (depending on genre' of music I was recording) My point about alternate mic's was to encourage you (et al) to stop thinking of being limited with two mic's and two channels/tracks. Depending on the style of music and with the proper placement, you can get good coverage of the entire kit, including kick, from two overhead mics. It’s important to have a matched pair of microphones (two identical mics of the same model) so you get a matched stereo image from each mic. Jae opts for a two-microphone approach when miking up the kick drum. This uses a matched pair of microphones – usually, small-diaphragm condensers placed above the drum kit. That always seems to make for a pretty good stereo drum mix. heath. As a recordist, you should think past the rule that you have to close mic ANYTHING. Positioning the condenser mic above the drums about 4ft (120cm) above the snare drum / tom tom should be central enough for the overall drum sound. Using two mics to capture a drum set has less to do with the brand name of the microphones and more to do with the drummer playing the drum set. Certainly changed my mind on the number of mics required to get good drum sounds. The distance between the mic and the drumset was our focus. The best example I've heard of "two mic" drum recording is here: index.gif Mike Stavrou records in some guy's garage, with two mics, with what appears to be a fairly average kit, and gets a pretty amazing sound. Last month we began this series by exploring three different ways to record a drumset with a single microphone. There are good quality audio examples too. Another method you can use to record drums with 2 mics is the stereo overhead method. Also a complete Glyn Johns technique would probably include a kick drum mic and a snare drum mic to bring those drums … The standard mic positioning when recording drums with 2 mics is to have the condenser mic overhead and the dynamic mic in front of the kick drum.

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