I realised that this is not how I wanted to be and made a choice. What ritual doesn't have some sort of pattern, rhythm and/or required behaviors? It is true, however, that the home schooling teens are not in every category engaged in more social interaction. Religious practice creates a community that encourages social interaction and fosters positive youth development, so much so that it overwhelms differences in schooling choice. Jodi Picoult makes a valid observation in her recent novel, “Change of Heart,” when she says, “What religion did for me went beyond belief—it made me part of a community.”. The five aspects that we measured are contentment, selflessness, forgiveness, resilience, and gratitude. For example, children raised in religious homes are more likely to have some degree of religiosity in their lives. God bless Daddy. When we use religiosity, social interaction, and home schooling to predict positive youth development, the home schooling variable drops out of the model. Once you personally, directly experience the transcendent then the barely coherent mumblings of men in funny hats who try to describe what they themselves have in all probability not experienced begins to sound positively pitiful. I don't think this is a function of it being religious mimicry or some other sociological thing necessarily, but it does seem to give some comment on how this child relates this performance to the observer in question. Combined, these provide a reliable measure of positive youth development. I don’t mean to silence. Not because he has at four any idea what a God is, or what it means for it to "bless" or "not bless" this one or that one, but because he's been taught that that's what he's to do at day's end: recite the names of people important to him, each preceded with the syllables "God bless". Home school families do not interact with one another. Sunday school classes, youth religious groups, and other types of church programs focus on inculcating positive social values and habits. That is, none of the evidence that has been presented so far points more strongly to an alternative reality. It is shameful to see the supposedly educated persons in this comment thread immediately tarring all religions as harmful and hateful. She's a BABY, and probably will be a great actress some day, if she chooses. I just wish theologians would quit running around trying to extinguish those sparks and replacing them with stories about other people's sparks. You are wallowing in faith-based disinformation, as illustrated by the surprise you show when questioned about the simplest inconsistencies in your religion’s cloud of conflicting facts. It's funny that this example of ritualized behavior is so strange to folks. Most of the Protestant sects which do retain the Catholic hierarchical model are also more liberal than the Roman Catholic Church. They indicated significantly more interaction with other significant adults. Émile Durkheim ([1915] 1965), in The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life, defined religion as a set of beliefs and practices on sanctified things that provide a basis for the development of moral communities. Or abuse in countries around the world. Our research demonstrates that those are the children we should be concerned about. But even if it *didn't*, I suspect I'd still feel that little twinge, because even if I'm an expat now, it's still my religious homeland. My family were racist, homophobes, white and middle class. SOCIALIZATION, RELIGIOUS. By not pushing for priest marriage and female priests, YOU and every other Catholic in the world allows the sexual abuse that is occurring right now all over the world. For me I found it contradictory. Really, she is just a very observant and intelligent little girl with a gift for mimicry. By the time I was 18 and left home I did not attend church or even consider myself religious. This scares you? i also find religions to be actively harmful to society and i wish people would let go of them eventually but i guess i won't see that in my lifetime since they have so much power.. "Religion is nothing like a race or a nationality. Your email address will not be published. It would absolutely help out. I am SICK of self-righteous clowns like you who have not even BOTHERED to read the Bible or critically analyze your faith historically. Not a kid dancing to a church she has never been to before. Studies routinely show that persons with a strong religious faith, as typified by the indoctrination so feared in these comments, typically exhibit better personal health, both physically and mentally. This article considers Religious Education (RE) from the perspective of socialization theory. "Saying his prayers" Christopher Robin may be, but praying in any mature sense is the last thing he can be said to be doing -- any more than little Ava Grace can be said to be "worshiping". Almost everything we do has a certain amount of order or stylization. I'm not sure why this is terrifying. It's not that disturbing to see a baby mimicking everyone else, I don't even think a baby like this old has to be taught directly how to make all the gestures they see around them in their environment. Atheism, skepticism, agnosticism? I embedded (or linked if the embed fails) a similar video to compare with this one. It seems that there are a lot of people here that don't understand *reall* basic concepts of developmental and social psychology... Are children supposed to be grown in a Lucite box until they are 18, then released pure to the world?! What the world wants is to live a life outside of the view of an All seeing God and be "free" to live in whichever debauchery it pronounces as good, as long as the strongest majority agree that its good.

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