Fitting bass guitar tracks together with kick drums recorded with D112, Beta52, e602, D6 always requires some extreme eqing of the Bass guitar. Love the RE-20 and made many records I loved with them, but once I got a Shure Beta52 I rarely find myself using anything else. Joined: Feb 23, 2005 Location: jacksonville,fl. Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio, AKG d112 or Shure beta 52a for live kick drum. Beta 52 is killer on kick drum. Re20 and D6 just were not my cup of tea although they can work. Pattern control is so consistent that the frequency response is nearly independent of angular location of the sound source, creating virtually no off-axis coloration, yet providing greatest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. The U47fet became one of my favorite voice-over mics as well, much smoother and fuller than the U-87. Personally I do not like dynamics on kick drum at all , as it do not sounds as the drum , dark muddy , messy tone. Hey there! The RE27 has an improved frequency response. The RE27 may be more forgiving. The RE20 is an industry-standard large-diaphragm dynamic microphone, used worldwide on applications ranging from broadcast/VO to kick drum. Did we get anything wrong on this page? RE20 by Electrovoice - is there a better bass drum mic than this currently made? I use an RE20 inside and put the 147 outside and blend.........I like it. [Ken explains – in probably a few more paragraphs than necessary – the answer to the above question. It is now my go-to vocal mic. I killed an RE20 with a kick drum once. The D12 versus RE20 sound can be described thus: Poof versus Kunk. It was a simple setup that sounded as good as the drummer and kit. One of our most popular mic setups for drums was a single RE20 overhead, another RE20 on kick and an SM-57 on the snare. Been using that one for a while. Another vote for the 868. Big fan of my PR40 as well. The RE27 is a bit more colored overall. RE20 is a different animal with a nice roll off feature and is primarily intended as a v/o mic although it shines in other applications as well. D12 is a fine microphone outside the kick for extra low end capture. For pop/rock/what have you, it just does not have the bite or punch to cut through a mix without heavy processing. A true cardioid microphone, the RE20 offers greatest rejection at 180° off axis — directly to the rear of the microphone. Just not inside the kick drum (at least in my experience). Between the two of us we've got just about all of the "usual suspects" when it comes to kick drum mics. I'm a big fan of my re20. So I just finished testing out the Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic Microphone, another fabulous vocal mic that I've been wanting to get my hands on for a long time. I've shot about everything out for inside kick and the RE20 is the clear winner. In a blind listening test, the RE20 was crowed the winner of the Ultimate Podcast Mic Shootout. I was doing a session last year at a client's home studio, and he had a newer EV PL20, which came several years after the RE; and while I thought it sounded good, I didn't think that it had the same "vibe" as the RE does. Kurt Foster, Mar 17, 2015 #7. moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member. The RE20 is an industry-standard large-diaphragm dynamic microphone, used worldwide on applications ranging from broadcast/VO to kick drum. Tone shaping distortion plugins like the decapitator or head crusher are good for fixing this, but I prefer to get the right sound on the way in. Please let us know! Usually end up placing it so that the point where the grill of the mic meets the body is at the plane of the drum head. Gretsch 24 x 16 1980's maple....super punchy..big w/ just the right amount of attack. If you have a great analog EQ (Harrison EQ32) and want a bass drum mic that is tight and focused in the bottom end and will give you the chance to sculpt what you want the bass drum to sound like, I don't think there is anything better currently made. Combine that with a mic that you like for inside kick, from what you mentioned RE20 would do just fine, and you'll have a nice picture of the … Unlike the newer broadcast dynamics, the RE27N/D and RE320, the RE20 does use an output transformer. It was a glorious sound. For those of you who uses the RE20 or RE27 on kick drum, what distance from the front head to you position it? I use the RE20 more though but usually on very specific things like..kick and bass cab. The OP has it nailed. The re20 is an incredibly accurate and soft spoken kick drum mic that is absolutely perfect when you're going for that "pillow hitting a lampshade" sound. I tried this position with the RE20 and it sounded terrible. i DO like a d112 on kick - i tend to roll off the top and let the room mics (R84s) provide most of the attack......for me the RE20 is just a little lean (nice 70s FM pop kinda sound but not what i am usually after) and certainly to my ears a 421 on kick is just a bit of a pussy!......i keep things very simple though: only one mic outside kick - tune it to perfection and then processing can be kept to a minimum......but that's just me.

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