Oak planks 2x4 through 2x16. This is a popular choice for craftsmen as the wood is soft and easy to work – especially for complex cutting. '1'+'4'+';'+'i'+'e'+'s'+'%'+'4'+'0'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'9'+';'+'%'+'6'+'F'+'&'+ European Oak is yellowish-brown in colour with a distinct silver grain on quarter-sawn surfaces. Because this rough-sawn timber is designed to be worked on further by you, ie planed or machined, it is common for the timber to bear the iWood logo or FSC markings directly on the wood, as can be seen in the photographs below. Light Character grade has some knots but no large dead knots. Oak is widely used in different kinds of building projects due to its strength and resilience. Golden to medium brown in colour with distinct shiny rays of quarter sawn, European Oak has been widely used for thousands of years. The oak is thicker when it's put into the kilns and then shrinks as it dries to the listed sizes, so the thickness received may be slightly larger in some places as timber doesn't always shrink uniformly. click here to open our delivery cost page, Wholesale timber for trade and private / residential customers. '#'+'1'+'1'+'1'+';'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'8'+';'+'e'+'%'+'6'+'E'+'q'+'u'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'5'+';'+'&'+'#'+'1'+ The driver will call you in advance with an estimated time of arrival to make sure you'll be there. in a new window. A freshly felled oak tree can contain as much as 540 litres of water to every square cubic metre of the wood, which is substantial. Oak rough sawn boards produced from kiln-dried stock. 981326607. You can save your selected items as a quote from the shopping basket page. Our Cut to Size Oak is available online in thicknesses of 26mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm in both Prime and Light Character grades, and also 100mm in Prime grade. If you will be planing the oak, allow for 6mm on your selected thickness and width to achieve an even finish. Our delivery vehicles will have multiple jobs on them which can affect the delivery time to you, depending on factors such as traffic and how long it takes to offload the previous jobs. Fresh Sawn Oak Timber Beams. Because this is not a finished product, but rather one for you to work on further, painted ends and identification marks are normal on Cut to Size packs. Please note, both offload options will drop your order to the side of the lorry, they won't be able to carry it around the back of a property, for example. Then share this page with a Friend today! Oak beams: 4x4, 4x6, 4x8, 6x6, 6x8, 8x8,12x12 and larger. Please As our beams are stored in both undercover warehouses and outside in our yard, the colour of the beams may darken down depending on how long they have been there. All our oak timber beams are graded in France to QPA/1 and better. Correctly seasoned timber like this has many benefits and more applications than Fresh Sawn Oak. The technical wizards are working on it. Send us a message through our Contact Form. The method will be determined by the haulage company we use based on your location and available options at the time. As a plus, this may give the wood an attractive, aged and weathered appearance and can add great character to the wood, which may suit some projects. Rough sawn oak Custom size beams etc. Where there are knots they will only be tiny. Wise words there, from our MD, Tom Barnes. These boards are ideal for the joiner, cabinet maker, or keen hobbyist who wants to plane their own components for their project. A rough-sawn timber product cut to your sizes. The heartwood varies from light tan to biscuit or deep brown, r ays and growth rings show an attractive figuring ("silver grain") when quarter sawn.The timber is … Widths are usually provided exactly as ordered, but because this is not a finished product, allow for a slight variance of a few millimetres. Our Sawn Waney Edged Oak is sustainably sourced from the very best saw mills in France. To Contact Us click HERE. Over a period of time, the colour of the air-dried timber will silver to a traditional oak timber look. Wise words there, from our MD, Tom Barnes. We're currently experiencing problems receiving calls to our main number from people on Vodafone. Email your cutting list to This kiln dried grade will have some knots but no large dead knots. Our Cut to Size Oak usually has the ends painted at the sawmill to protect the timber from moisture penetration during transport and storage. ';'+'k'+"'"+'>'+'e'+'n'+'q'+'u'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'5'+';'+'r'+'i'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'0'+'1'+';'+'s'+'&'+'#'+ If you need fresh sawn or air dried structural oak, or need larger sizes, please see our Oak Beam section. Fresh sawn Oak beams are sometimes referred to as ‘green oak’ beams. As the name suggests, this grade has more "character", with some people preferring the appearance of knots, which gives a more 'traditional' look. iWood's Oak boards are available on-line in two grades: Prime Grade is the highest quality, cleanest, most knot-free oak that we can select. The timbers shown are planed all round samples and are not profiled. click here to open our delivery cost page This is a popular choice for craftsmen as the wood is soft and easy to work – especially for complex cutting. For areas that are priced on application, by default, we will quote for delivery on a flat-bed lorry that you'll need to arrange to offload yourself. Our rough sawn boards are cut from prime grade timber which is kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content. '>');[Turn on JavaScript to see the email address]. Because of this, Cut to Size Oak is provided with a rough sawn surface, unlike our Planed Oak, which is provided as a finished product, planed smooth to your exact sizes. Call our seasoned sales team on 01889 597281. A wide range of Oak Timber Beams now available to order directly from Timbersource. This gives the grade a more uniform, modern appearance than the light character. '#'+'1'+'1'+'1'+';'+'d'+'%'+'2'+'E'+'%'+'6'+'3'+'o'+'%'+'&'+'#'+'5'+'0'+';'+'E'+'&'+'#'+'1'+'1'+'7'+ Cut to Size Timber - Oak Boards What is Cut to Size Oak? Oak is widely used in different kinds of building projects due to its strength and resilience. Yes you can, you can order samples of certain timbers at www.iwood.co.uk/sample-request/. We stock a number of standard thicknesses in a variety of lengths, mainly square sections, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, and even 400mm beams, ranging from 3mtrs to 7mtrs in length. However, at Timbersource we have qualified graders that can grade fresh sawn beams using the preferred TH grading system when strength is key to the project that is being undertaken. Our timber is imported straight from sawmills on the continent. The availability of 200mm and wider European Oak is limited. If you choose our Fresh Sawn timber please bear in mind that if additional cutting is required then you may lose the QPA/1 grade.

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