Instead of many different options, if … … So we went back to a Sealy — got a hybrid-softest because I had a hip injury. We did make a great purchase. This company is not yet accredited. After owning my Sealy king size mattress for 4 years, it started sagging. Sealy's Posturepedic mattresses cost between $399 and $1,999 for a queen-size bed. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. I will say that I was able to get to sleep on it much quicker than our Sleep Number bed (12 yrs old) from the day we got it. I decided to file a warranty claim as our mattress came with a 10 year warranty. We had a Stearns and Foster firm mattress and after several years we would wake up stiff and sore. Less than two years later, I'm already searching for a new mattress. Here are some large retailer sites where we’ve found ratings of this specific model. A link has directed you to this review. Other than that it's great! It definitely comes in handy with my Parkinson's Disease Plus diagnosis. All Rights Reserved. Mattress fit is personal. Mattress Firm gave us a store warranty which was better than nothing. We value your privacy. The Sealy Hybrid Essentials Trust II mattress is on the firmer side of things, coming in at a 7.5 to 8 on our ten point scale. Its Posturepedic mattresses are … Sealy's other lines include their Response (Innerspring), Conform (Memory Foam), and Hybrid lines.They even have conveniently packaged mattresses that make up their Sealy Mattress-in-a-Box line. My wife's legs didn't bother her at all. I wasn't pleased that our original mattress failed so quickly, but Sealy stood behind their product. When the time comes I will look at Sealy mattresses first, I did not like the way the warranty was, though. Trial Period and Guarantee:Sealy mattresses are available through third-party retailers. Response Line. It started off fine, but 6 months later it was already sagging and hurting my back. Now it's like a living nightmare, with lumps and a HUGE sag(honestly it's like a giant dent) in the middle. Much comfortable mattresses than others in market. Sealy has been a leader in the mattress industry for more than 65 years. We will also have to pay another delivery fee. Have had it for 2 1/2 years. We value your privacy. Reviews 8.5" Firm. Warranty: Sealy offers a 10-year warranty for all mattresses… We purchased a Sealy Humbolt Firm Pillow Top from JC Penneys Nov. 30, 2019. Your N from City, ST. Open the message and click the link to access your account. If this is the quality they stand by then you should steer clear. Sign in with your email address to access or create your account. Your screen name will look like: After discussing this with a person at the store we purchased it from, she knew how to take care of this. We have never had one break down this fast. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. GoodBed's intelligent matching technology, this short quiz will also show you your top matches By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. The bed was initially too hard for me but I walked around on it for a week before laying down and sleeping and it finally softened up. To show localized store recommendations enter your location: The Response product line is a collection of mattresses released in 2017 that is manufactured by Sealy. Buyer beware. The Sealy Response Essentials 8.5" Firm mattress model is The initial feel of the mattress is nice, but there’s a noticeable pushback from the tightly stretched cover and top layers. I bought my extra firm Sealy Posturepedic over 10 years ago, maybe it was even 15 years ago! They have a lot of selection to compare which was nice as I originally went in wanting a Purple Mattress and they had them for us to test. ». See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. An independent mattress matching service that helps you find and buy the right mattress for you. Take the match quiz to see whether this brand is right for you. The company regularly offers deals and promotions on its website, and standard shipping is free. Visit We paid the same price for a new mattress and are getting a refund for the old mattress when it is picked up upon the delivery of the new one. I had to buy a mattress cover in order to use the warranty and when I did use it they gave me a bunch of flak. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Note Sealy manufactures four different lines of mattresses including the widely popular Cocoon By Sealy mattress - Read Reviews. We are not very pleased with Penneys or Sealy at this time and will probably purchase another brand of mattress to replace it. Meet Our Testing Team Lauren Keith Jackson Amelia. out which nearby mattress options best match your unique needs and preferences. Unsubscribe at any time. My experience is like laying on a very great piece of cotton floating on water that is so calm and relaxing that sometimes I don’t want to get up out of the bed. Sealy has always been known for making their Posturepedic innerspring beds, and they’re still at the heart of Sealy today. The 8.5" Firm is a tight top spring core firm mattress model that is part of the Response product line manufactured by Sealy. GoodBed's unbiased, personalized results. Queen size mattress Write a Review! For the past two months, we have noticed a break down in the middle of the mattress and we both wake up with sore backs and our arms numb. I was floored. Do yourself a favor and find a better brand, otherwise you may end up with severe back issues like me. So far so good. suggest an edit. Sealy mattresses come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Pros. She questioned the person we had been directed to contact by phone and asked why we were told what we were. Here are. Sometimes 11 hours at a stretch. Sealy Mattress Warranty. We were told to expect 6 to 8 weeks for our mattress to be delivered. My 6 cats love it... Day or night. I used to have a Tempur-Pedic but gave it away when I was moving cross country. Get buying tips about Mattresses delivered to your inbox. For more information about reviews on please visit our I often think of how good the mattress feels when I'm lying on it. Sealy Response mattresses use a traditional pocketed coil design (there is one all-foam model). It applies to the original mattress owner only. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Sealy Mattress? We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. I have never, ever had such a pleasant experience in a claim situation. I decided to file a warranty claim as our mattress came with a 10 year warranty. Do you have a Sealy Response Essentials 8.5" Firm mattress? The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. She reminded the person on the phone that the mattress was actually defective. We bought our mattresses from Mattress Firm. The first night's sleep was the best we both have had in a long time. General Overview. Before heading to the stores, search across all the mattress retailers in your area to find When we decided to purchase a new mattress we tried a lot of brands and types. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. Write a Review! We will create a review as soon as we have received adequate data. There is 1 rating on GoodBed for the 8.5" Firm, but no reviews yet. If we get the boxed springs replaced, it will be even more. that mattress rating scores on retailer sites tend to be higher Prices are higher than some competitors, but models offer effective temperature control and Posturepedic technology. I bought the Sealy Posturepedic king sized mattress at the end of 2018. It's been a few years since we bought the mattress but I love it! Or you can log in with one of these to quickly verify your account. You need to use a firm, solid foundation, one that can hold you and the mattress, to stay compliant with the warranty.

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