In the A horizons, phytolith fraction represents about 59.6 × 103 to 103.5 × 103 kg/ha. Financial support for this work has been provided by the UNMdP (project 15/E 239/2004), Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET, PIP N°02666/01) and the Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica (ANPCyT, PICT N° 07-11636/04 and BID 1728/OC-AR PICT N°1700/06). Alt… Editorial Trillas, México, Soil Survey Staff (1996) Keys to soil taxonomy, 7th edn. C R Acad Sci II(319):453–458, Alexandre A, Meunier J, Colin F, Kova J (1997) Plant impact on the biogeochemical cycle of silicon and related weathering processes. The heavy liquid separation in the soil samples was realized with sodium polytungstate. Respirable Silica (Free Quartz) On Air Filter Cartridges. In the workplace, respirable silica is loaded onto a 25 mm, 0.5µm pore size silver membrane filter. Natalia Borrelli. PhD Thesis, 760 pp, Osterrieth ML (2006) Ciclo biogeoquimico del Silicio: Biomineralizaciones silíceas. Estado actual de sus conocimientos en América del Sur. 17th Congreso Argentino de la Ciencia del Suelo, CD, Osterrieth M (2004) Acontecimientos pedológicos del Cuaternario tardío en la zona costera del partido de Mar Chiquita, Buenos Aires. Geology 27:835–838, Miretzky P, Conzonno V, Fernández Cirelli A (2001) Geochemical proceses controlling silica concentrations in groundwaters of the Salado River drainage basin, Argentina. In: Gallardo Lancho J (ed) Medioambiente en Iberoamérica II: 583–590, Osterrieth M (2008) Silicofitolitos en sedimentos loéssicos de la llanura inter y periserrana de Tandilia, Buenos Aires, Argentina. CAS  The presence of silica in pasture plants ensures that grazing ruminants ingest rather large amounts of silica, most of which is in the solid form. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 61:677–682, Article  Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Part of Springer Nature. British Archaeological Reports (BAR), Oxford, pp 57–63, Fernández Honaine M, Osterrieth ML, Zucol AF (2009) Plant communities and soil phytolith assemblages relationship in native grasslands from southeastern Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Soil Sci Soc Am J 68:1295–1303, Madella M, Alexandre A, Ball T (2005) International code for Phytolith Nomenclature 1_0. Although it is normally excreted readily, the silica is sometimes deposited to form calculi or uroliths that can cause serious economic loss. et al., DOI:, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in In: Korstanje MA, Babot MP (eds) Matices interdisciplinarios en estudios fitolíticos y de otros microfósiles. Ann Bot 98:1155–1165, Fernández Honaine M, Bernava Laborde V, Zucol A (2008) Contenido de sílice en gramíneas del pastizal nativo del sudeste bonaerense. Phytoliths are very representative in Typical Argiudolls and show a great degree of weathering so they could be into account in the biogeochemical studies since they could contribute with silica content in the soil solution, affecting the terrestrial silica biogeochemical cycle. UNMdP, Mar del Plata, pp 204–215, Osterrieth M, Cionchi JL (1985) Estratigrafía del cuaternario de laguna de Los Padres, provincia de Buenos Aires. Nature 433:728–731, Epstein E (1994) Silicon. Geoderma 127:71–79, Fernández Honaine M, Zucol A, Osterrieth M (2005) Biomineralizaciones de sílice en Cestis tala Planchon (Celtidaceae). In groundwaters, silica content is very high (932 μmol/L). APHA, Washington, Andreux F, Ranger J (2004) Effet des substitutions d’essence sur le fonctionnement organo-minéral de l’écosystème forestier, sur les communautés microbiennes et sur la diversité des communautés fongiques mycorhiziennes et saprophytes (cas du disopositif experimental de Breuil-Morvan). J Geochem Explor 73:155–166, Mulholland SC, Rapp G (1992) A morphological classification of grass silica-bodies. The free silica content is calculated by comparing the major quartz peak intensities of the sample with that of a standard lithium fluoride (LiF) mixture. J Plant Nutr Soil Sci 169:310–329, Twiss PC (1992) Predicted world distribution of C3 and C4 grass phytoliths. Geochim Cosmochim Acta 70(8):1939–1951, Fredlund GG, Tieszen LT (1994) Modern phytolith assemblages from the North American Great Plains. Plenum, New York, pp 65–89, Osterrieth M (2000) Silicofitolitos una herramienta para la comprensión de procesos pedológicos del Cuaternario. Silica in free and combined forms is a dominant component of the solid material of many soils, and dissolved silica is commonly a major solute of soil solutions.

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