4 Piece Feast - $8.99, $9.99 Combo . Wilson’s tartar sauce alone is worth the trip. 16. With Michael Paré, Michael Beck, Robyn Douglass, John Hancock. Photo: Yelp 25 of 36 Red beans and rice Treebeards does them with … I tell everyone I know when in Houston get some Teresa / Houston, TX. Both chefs also share a love for fried chicken and decided to include it on Xin Chao’s menu. Grilled Salmon Salad. Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Lemon Caper Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Spicy Ranch, Dijon Honey Mustard, Caesar, Spicy Caesar. 3 Piece Campus - $6.99, $7.99 Combo . I poured the intense, chocolate-brown gravy that came with the pot roast over some rice. A Chicago cop is transferred to Houston where he teams up with a Texas lawman. TX CHICKEN REUBEN $6.50 FRIED ALL 44 FARMS ANGUS BURGERS TO MEDIUM & SERVED ON A TOASTED ST. PIERRE BRIOCHE BUN ALL AMERICAN Angus Beef, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, $5.25 Pickles, Red Onions, Mayo, Mustard BIG ASS CLUCKIN' BURGER Angus Beef, Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Tenders, Bacon, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, $11.95 Red … I can’t wait to try Wilson’s roast beef poor boy. Menu Careers Contact Us © 2020, Frenchy's Chicken Black Pepper Steak Salad. 24 of 36 Fried Chicken at Max's Wine DiveFried chicken and champagne are a great combo. Created by Michael Butler. Grilled Chicken 4 / Grilled Shrimp 6 / Fried Oysters 6 / Grilled Salmon 6. Wow. Grilled skirt steak over mixed greens, cucumber, roasted red pepper, feta cheese and Kalamata olives with your choice of dressing. Get hours, ordering tips from pros, see what's on the menu, and go behind-the-scenes with its crew. 3 Grade A Natural Chicken Breast Tenders with your choice of any regular Creole side and a Regular Drink. Meal includes 3 Pieces with Biscuit, Roll or Cornbread with your choice of any regular side item & Pepper, Combo includes 1 Regular Drink. The fried chicken that I sampled was sensational and so were the butterflied fried shrimp. Their take starts with a marinade of buttermilk and lemongrass. Want to check out Frenchy's Chicken in Houston? 3 Chicken Tenders - $6.99 Combo .

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