• In this stage an individual's relationship to God may be very personal and private, but nonetheless real and intense. He has talked with men, women, and children of all ages, from four to eighty-eight, including Jews, Catholics, Protestants, agnostics, and atheists. According to James Fowler, from the human side, faith is a process of handing on story, values, and beliefs through the rituals, stories, symbols and witness of both living and dead members of a believing community. I do not remember this period of my life; however, I grew up in a Catholic family. This awareness of God as the Holy Spirit leads to an abiding conviction that all will be well because God wills it. The Christian tradition has recognized for a long time that there are different types or levels of spiritual awareness. The second stage of faith, affiliative faith, develops by belonging to (being affiliated with) an accepting Christian community. Before long, the stereo was turned off and the entire room was debating God’s existence! • This stage establishes a fundamental but pre-conscious disposition which will eventually enable the child to believe that there is a God who loves and cares for them. They live in Culpeper, Virginia. Pandemic Response in the Waterloo Parishes, Living As People of Faith Durijng a Pandemic, Faith Perspectives on the Covid-19 Pandemic, Resources on Faith and the Covid-19 Pandemic, Cedar Valley Catholic Social Justice Network, Frequently Asked Questions About Being and Living As a Catholic, Bibliography of Adult Faith Resources in Print, Guide to the Celebration of Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities, Information For Couples Not Married in the Church, Information for Persons Who Have Experienced A Loved One's Suicide, Information for Catholics Living With Depression, Information for Survivors of Cults & Religious Movements, The U.S. bishops recognized this in their Pastoral Letter, The Role of Sponsors and Companions in the Rites of Initiation and Reception, The Role of Discernment in the Rites of Christian Initiation and Reception, How a Previous Marriage May Affect Your Decision to Become Catholic, Lay Formation in the Archdiocese of Dubuque, Virtual Learning and Enrichment Opportunities for Adults and Young Adults, Preparation for First Confession & First Communion, Information About Natural Family Planning, Pope Paul VI--Encyclical Letter "Humanae Vitae", Pope John Paul II - Apostolic Exhortation "Familiaris Consortio", U.S. Bishops - "Life-Giving Love in an Age of Technology", U.S. Bishops - "Married Love and the Gift of Love", U.S. Bishops - Reproductive Technology - Guidelines for Catholic Couples, Information for Separated and Divorced Catholics, Faith Formation Commission and Parish Community, Commentary on the Sunday Scripture Readings, Bridges to Contemplative Living for Advent, Bridges to Contemplative Living for Lent and Holy Week, More Information About Joining the Catholic Church. Conventional faith may incorporate critical and non-critical attitudes toward faith. Young and early adults develop the ability to evaluate faith-claims by more objective standards, but may suppress critical questions out of fear, or for the sake of the security and acceptance provided by the group. The following article is adapted from Discovering God Together: The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful Kids. In 1981 James Fowler, a professor of theology and human development at Emory University, identified seven "stages" or types of faith which tend, as a general rule, to emerge as individuals grow and mature. Literal faith is the first step toward a less naive and more critical attitude toward faith, although the older child's ability to subject the content of faith to critical standards is still limited. 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