Before you read any more remember these posts with the best apps for when you finish reading this post: Studiologic is a manufacturer of digital musical instruments such as pianos, synthesizers, organs and more. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Studiologic Numa Compact 2X Portable Digital Piano (Numa-Compact-2X) at The Studiologic weighs 7.1 kg and measures 1270 × 230 x 110 mm (L x W x H) and the Yamaha weighs 11.8 kg and measures 1326 × 166 × 295 mm (W x H x D). The main advantages of the 2x seem to be: - sliders can be used for organs and synths, but also as MIDI controllers. Central Joystick control for more controls, With 88 hammer-action weighted keys with Responsive Hammer Compact Action (RH-C) and Harmonic Imaging Sound. Now we will make the following comparison between the keyboards: the Studiologic Numa Compact 2X which is priced at €659/£611 and the Yamaha P-125 which is priced at €566/£518, having a difference of approximately €105, we will see their differences and similarities in the following face-to-face: There are two digital pianos with different main functions, the Studiologic with a greater number of sounds, Aftertouch function, different user sound settings, a joystick control and other features make it a digital piano with functions more like a synthesizer. While Numa Compact 2 uses Samples for all sounds, Numa Compact 2x is equipped with two additional engines to generate the Organ Synth sounds. The Studiologic Compact Numa 2x has 88 sounds, and its voices include Synth, piano and organ, which can be modified thanks to the 9 faders that are integrated into the piano. For now, I'm mostly looking for a practical all-rounder for a reasonable price. Now we will analyze two pianos of the same brand Studiologic, the Numa Compact 2x with a value we already know of €659/£611 and its predecessor the Numa Compact 2, with a value of €379/£351, reaching a difference in price of 280. If you want to know more about this model don’t miss our review of the Kawai ES-110. Novation Impulse 61 vs StudioLogic Numa Compact 2. Now let’s compare the Studiologic Numa Compact 2x with its more common alternatives. Studiologic Numa Compact 2X is a well-known option in the middle of the pianos price range. The layering gets interesting, as the sounds are pretty clean and make nice textures without turning to mush. The Studiologic has an OLED screen, a central joystick, two programmable joysticks, 1GB of flash storage with 8 banks of sounds, effects such as reverb and chorus, split function and EQ. StudioLogic Numa Compact 2X - What's New from Numa Compact 2 Thanks to the built-in speakers and the internal digital amplifier, the Numa Compact 2x is suitable and flexible in any musical environment. Now we will analyze two pianos of the same brand Studiologic, the Numa Compact 2x with a value we already know of €659/£611 and its predecessor the Numa Compact 2, with a value of €379/£351, reaching a difference in price of 280. The Numa Compact 2 is a big step forward in terms of sound quality, digital post processing effects and full MIDI controller features. Digital Piano Studiologic Numa Compact 2x Review Complete. Do you use the things that differentiate the 2x from the regular NC2 or do you just use e.g. Basic concepts you need to know about digital pianos. But a weighted keyboard always has sensitivity in the keys) with Aftertouch function and hammer mechanics, 99 user sound settings. The quality of sounds of Numa Compact 2 and 2x can be comparable. The acoustic pianos I think are a bit more sensitive as those can be really unpleasant on some keyboards, but they seem to be quite ok. That's the point. While the Yamaha P 125 with its weighted keys has the most polyphony, its resonance attenuator makes it a digital piano with functions more like a real acoustic piano. Those VSTi's look really good, so that's a great option to step it up if needed, but I wouldn't want to depend on having them. In this occasion we are going to analyze the Studiologic Numa Compact 2x Digital Piano that has a price of €659/£611 and whose characteristics are: Now that we have listed and described the features of this keyboard there is no better way than to take a look at the following videos where they tell us more about the Studiologic Numa Compact 2x and you can hear how its different sounds sound. I do use my iPhone for Ravenscroft, Neo Soul Keys, and Galileo for quality VSTi’s on the go to hit the inspirational mark. That is it! Digital piano with 88 semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch function and hammer mechanism, Piano sounds with attenuation effect and simulating virtual string resonance. endless combinations. The Kawai has functions: Dual and Split, transposition, recording, resonance attenuation (pedal), AND Bluetooth technology for both audio and MIDI, ie you can connect to a computer or audio equipment without cables. If you have any problems, they take care of everything. Ideal for live, Dimensions: 1,312 x 286 x 145mm (width x depth x height), A weight of 12kg and 1,312 x 286 x 145mm (width x depth x height that make this piano one of the best portable options today. The pianos and organs are decent. However the two additional engines of the Numa Compact 2x allow to edit the parameters of the Organ and Synth sounds in real time. It is one of the best-selling digital pianos today, 8 high quality piano sounds and 11 other sounds as strings, Resonance damper to improve the feeling of playing a real piano, Stereo line output suitable for playing with any amplification equipment no matter how big it is. Hi all, I just started playing in a rock cover band and need some keys for gigs / rehearsals (I only have a digital piano at home that's way too heavy to carry around). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the synthesizers community, Obsessed with synthesizers: hardware & software, Press J to jump to the feed. Bonus: I have run keyboard + iPhone with built-in speakers off a 20,000mAh USB battery and a 5v -> 12v power regulator if you want to take it off the grid. The Kawai has 19 sounds, eight of them are high quality flat sounds and the remaining 11 are string sounds. I hope you enjoy my website and that you find it very useful. The Compact 2x also has a 2 x 2 USB audio interface, which really comes in handy for those who want to work with it in music production, it also has a USB input, where we can not only record sounds, but also play and modify them. Do you feel a little lost with so much information? Which I guess is the inspiration trade off: sit well in a mix vs. sound great solo. A true tone wheel organ model derived from the acclaimed Numa Organ is implemented in the sound engine. The Numa Compact 2 is completely redesigned from the base. The Yamaha P125 has 24 voices generated by its Pure CF sound engine. Galileo for organs and could just as well have the cheaper NC2? And now a video of the Studiologic Numa Compact 2: Studiologic Numa Compact 2 - Demo with Chris Martirano, If you want to know more about this model don’t miss our, Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Review & Demo | Better Music. The Yamaha has functions: dual, split and duo, two-track recording, Intelligent Acoustic Control function, the Reverb effect, Sound Boost and Master EQ. Graded-Hammer-Standard Keyboard (GHS) with 88 weighted keys, MIDI via USB for connection to computer or iOS devices, Includes sustain pedal, score holder and power supply, Dimensions (W x H x D): 1326 x 166 x 295 mm, Free “Smart Pianist” App for iPhone/iPad as online download (requires additional connection cable not included).

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