The main purpose of using sugarcane or beet molasses in commercial rabbit feeds is to improve the pelleting process and the palatability of pellets. For example it was used in 93 out of 95 French commercial feeds studied by Lebas et al., 1984. 15 of those producers were located in tropical areas and accounted for 44 million t, which can be assumed to be sugarcane molasses. FAO Electronic Conference, 1-30 September 2010, Rome, Italy. In Cuba, gestating sows have been fed B molasses, which was included in 3 basic fattening rations (% of the diet DM): Trials in Cuba, Santo Domingo and Mexico have shown that cereal grains can be completely replaced in the diet with high-test molasses (with low ash), without detrimental effects on growth in growing and finishing pigs. As molasses is deficient in phosphorus, it is necessary to add phosphoric acid to the mixture or provide livestock with mineral supplementation (Pérez, 1995). 11, Mederos, C. M. ; Figueroa, V. ; Ly, J. ; Garcia, A., 1990. Sci., 79 (5): 1313-1321, Sanchez, M. ; Preston, T. R., 1980. Source and level of energy supplementation for yearling cattle fed ammoniated hay. Cane molasses is also high in sodium, potassium and magnesium, and contains significant quantities of copper, zinc, iron and manganese. Avic., 24 (1): 37-40, Mudunuru, U. ; Lukefahr, S. D. ; Nelson, S. D. ; Flores, D. O., 2008. Both the sugar extraction process and the sugar refining process yield molasses, and each step of these processes output specific types of molasses. Preston, T. R. ; Leng, R. A., 1987. In order to increase production at the beet sugar factory, molasses desugarization is practiced. Effects of feeding different levels of sugar cane molasses to broiler chicks: feed intake, body weight gain, efficiency of feed utilization and dressing percentage. Bangladesh J. Anim. High-test molasses had a limited laxative effect (Castro et al., 1990; Figueroa et al., 1990a; Mederos et al., 1990; Gonzalez et al., 1993; Diaz et al., 2002). It has been postulated that the problem could be one of insufficient glucose precursors related to the digestion of the molasses, particularly since the demand for this nutrient is greater in milk than in beef (Pérez, 1995). Food Chem., 8: 380-382, Kpodékon, T. M. ; Youssao, A. K. I. ; Tossou, C. M. ; Djago, A. Y. ; Coudert, P., 2008. Livest. Anim. Informe interno: Instituto de Investigaciones porcinas pp. Final and high-test molasses for broilers. Sci., 73: 853-860, Kik, M. C., 1960. Porc., 199-207, Le Dividich, J. ; Christon, R. ; Peiniau, J. ; Aumaître, A., 1978. For example fresh fish, fish offal and snails can be preserved by mixing 50:50 with final molasses, then fed with B molasses to pigs, ducks and geese (Pérez, 1995). Sustain. Prod., 11: 481-484. Intake and digestibility of nutritional blocks for rabbits, composed by three forage plants from semiarid habitats as compared to Neonotonia wightii. Molasses are rich in potassium and should not be mixed with other potassium-rich ingredients such as whey (Leclerc, 2003). Proc. Feeds including large amounts of molasses should be pelleted and dehydrated, though this may decrease the cost-effectiveness of molasses (Rosenberg, 1955). Advances In Equine Nutrition II, 1998 - 2000, Kentucky Equine research, Castro, M. ; Diaz, J. ; Lezcano, P. ; Elias, A.;Iglesias, M., 1990. Sci., 26 (4): 741-745, Caldwell, D., 2001. Amino acid and fatty acid composition of cane molasses. Curtin, L. V., 1973. 6th World Rabbit Congress, Toulouse, France, 3: 341-345, Forsberg, N. E. ; Al-Maqbaly, R. ; Al-Halhali, A. ; Ritchie, A. ; Srikandakumar, A., 2002. J. Anim. Another remedy is to immediately give animals a solution that is rich in phosphorus and sodium, and to take the animals off molasses feeding for a few days (Pérez, 1995). The net energy of blackstrap molasses for fattening steers as determined by a comparative slaughter technique. Res. Cabi Series, CABI, Wallingford, UK, Blair, R., 2011. To prevent urea toxicity, the equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen in a molasses-based feed should not exceed 15% of total crude protein, unless it is a formula that limits intake (Pate et al., 1989). The main structural changes had occurred by…. 9th World Rabbit Congress – June 10-13, 2008 – Verona – Italy: 711-715, Le Dividich, J. ; Sève, B. ; Kempf, H., 1974. In a study with growing tropical bulls fed rice straw, the best growth (982 g/d vs. 682 g/d) was obtained with 15% molasses + urea; however, 30% molasses depressed growth. Molasses, sugarcane molasses, A molasses, B molasses, C molasses, syrup-off, integral molasses, unclarified molasses, high-test molasses [English]; mélasse, mélasse de canne [French]; melaza, miel de caña [Spanish]; melaço [Portuguese]; molase [Indonesian]; pulot, pulut, pulut-tubo [Tagalog]; melas [Turkish]; rỉ đường; rỉ mật, mật rỉ, mật rỉ đường [Vietnamese]; دبس السكر [Arabic]; 糖蜜 [Chinese]; शीरा [Hindi]; 糖蜜 [Japanese]; काकवी [Marathi]; меласса [Russian]; กากน้ำตาล [Thai]; راب [Urdu].

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