Yum! Thanks for hitting out of the park yet again! Followed the recipe as presented except for the basil, and that’s only because I forgot to put it on my shopping list. Do you have any recommendations for this? Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe. Love it in my way. I ended up using dry basil (2 tsp), added for the 10 minute simmer due to not using fresh. I’ve made this twice, the first time as directed. I did make the mistake once and didn’t have a red bell pepper and used a green one…. Thank you SO MUCH for a keeper recipe that will be made at LEAST bi-monthly!! Okay so I got the scallions and made this today. It was sooooooo good! Be the envy of all the other women who claim they can cook. Yoy say 1/2 of a package, and I wasn’t sure if yoy meant half of an 8 oz package or if you meant that half a package would equal 8 oz. Overall great recipe, I would make it again. I used yellow instead of red curry and some left over lemon grass chicken I had on hand. Thank you and keep ’em comin’! Thanks for the recipes and keep them coming! Add the extra can, and it’s a fantastic recipe. Self-collection system, not helpful if you happen to sit far away from the stall. This is my go-to recipe! Yum, this is so good. Noone spoke and we just kept saying wow this is really good. Oh thanks for the ww points I was too lazy to enter. I kept getting compliments from my family throughout the meal. Kristen, the recipe calls for half of an 8-ounce package, so four ounces total is correct. But because you add it at the end, and it is such a small quantity, it really doesn’t smell at all. I made it for my family and they all loved it. We embarked on a plant-based diet recently so I modified this by using vegetable stock and shitake mushrooms instead of chicken. It’s going in my bi-weekly (or weekly) rotation, yum! If you wish to add one or more person for any combo, please let us know. Average a bit more flavor and certain a recipe worth adding to the box! Amazing soup. I just learned this a few weeks ago. (This is optional). SO GOOD, thanks for a great recipe! This is absolutely delicious. Perfection. it looks amazing and craving it now. I toss the cubes in corn starch, then I fry them in a bit of ool until golden. Or half a 16 ounce noodle package, total of 8 ounces? I added a piece of lemongrass to sit in the soup while it simmered too and am adding shrimp instead of chicken when I reheat to serve up. Added the noodles at the very end and served immediately just like the recipe says. Oops. Is that half of an 8 0z. This dish starts with stir fry in coconut milk lemongrass base sauce and finalize with hot & spicy Thai Boat special chili blend. Soy sauce, oyster sauce, and Worcestershire sauce are a few less smelly options, but I’m not sure about the measurements. Totally outta my comfort zone soup.. Don’t have a pepper, thought I did, gonna add mushrooms.. Do I add oil an salt to noodles while boiling? I went to bed coughing and woke with a cold and wanted a nice chicken soup recipe to make me feel better: this was it! I am particularly fond of curries. Cant wait to report back. Location. I added some chill oil because I wanted the flavor to be be more bold and i wanted it spicy. Oh my word! But unfortunately, without having tried this myself, I cannot answer with certainty. I only add 2tbsp of curry paste because we don’t like too spicy. Ok, I had to make my own coconut milk. Thank you, Chunga! Made this for my dad’s birthday and we both love!! Sorry! TY. Delicious. This means the soup doesn’t needlessly thicken (either with noodles or rice). Loved it. I’d also say you could just not add it at all. I’ve tried to make ThaiCurry several times and I’m never able to get the flavor as robust and rich as it is in the restaurants. that changed the taste… red adds a sweetness to it compared. This was my first Thai soup I ever made , it was right on, this one is a keeper. I added shredded carrot, extra coconut milk, and a little chili oil for some heat. MAKE THIS SOUP ALREADY! Nice flavour, but thought it needed a fair bit of spicing up. How are the noodles on the second day? I added 1/3 cup of organic peanut butter. Thank you for sharing such a great  and simple recipe!! Maybe having it sit for a day will enhance the flavors… which usually is the case with most soups. So happy to hear you loved it. Can you do chicken broth instead of coconut milk?? How is it the next day? This is such a wonderful recipe. I had to 1/2 the fish sauce due to dietary restrictions on sodium and not knowing a suitable alternative. Aloha! The coconut and chicken brother were both good teammates! Which brand of curry paste do you recommend? I did not adjust the recipe at all, but next time I may add more red curry paste and fewer rice noodles. You could but it wouldnt taste the same. I’m sure it happens all the time but it’s not fair to the person who originated the recipe. The noodles seemed to soak up all the wonderful broth and it almost looked like ramen but still was scrumptious! What else could I add to kick up the heat a little while still keeping the delicious flavours of the soup? Thanks so much!! Can you recommend a good brand of curry paste. Omgeee this was amazing. Other than that tidbit of info, this is a great recipe. Although I always add a little bit of extra lime juice to my bowl for that extra zesty kick! I LOVE this soup. Exactly what I was looking for! Thai red curry soup was my favorite. Husband had seconds! Made recipe exactly as listed. I love the Damn Delicious recipes. I would cook noodles separately when u get home from work etc. I’m always a fan of Damn Delicious soup recipes and this one did not disappoint! Quick question, what brand fish sauce do you use? The recipe is one can of coconut milk short. in Thai Boat chili paste, A TOP HIT SINCE OPENING! That is very high. I used my immersion blender to incorporate it all back in and it was fine, but I wrote that experiment off and unsuccessful. This is my first attempt at Ramen and Thai. I’ll definitely make this again, when I have fresh cilantro. I’m always looking for recipes I can make a lot of and freeze. She’s makes this soup in a double batch, twice a week, keeping cooked noodles separate so they don’t get soggy/mushy. The broth seemed a little thin so I added another can of coconut milk. I made this for my fussy son. Thx for the recipe! It turned out so well! Made with shrimp instead of chicken. Super good and easy.

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