Oracle decimated the entire top end of their format by turning those "Flash Hulk" decks into "Sushi Hulk". As the rate at which players can rack up games of Standard in digital is higher than in tabletop, we believe it's correct to enact metagame change at a faster rate as well. We've celebrated International Women's Day and Extra Life 2020. - Interesting card filtering/devotion payoff, especially with Thassa herself. That said, there are two places where we feel we have enough information that we should take action: Wilderness Reclamation and Teferi, Time Raveler. They need to understand that they NEED arena right now and right now the game is hot steaming garbage. Monday, February 10th, 2020. Ramp decks using Growth Spiral together made up 68% of the day 1 metagame at the Players Tour Finals and represent approximately 25–30% of the metagame at Mythic ranking on the Arena ladder. It doesn't generate any value. How is questing beast a value card? Because of the increased focus on digital play environments during this time period, we're choosing to forgo that advanced notice and roll out these changes as soon as possible. Its not like labman that can be beaten with a removal spell, it needs a counter for an ability, something that's reasonably rare and usually inefficient. In all these cases, it's like they had reasonable cards mocked up, then just tacked on extra abilities for no good reason. Besides its impact on Pioneer, I look at the whole cEDH situation. They have the whole catalog of 20,000 choices and have collectively decided Oracle is one of the most efficient wincons all time... that says volumes. However, at the skill level of our most competitive tournaments and the Mythic ranking on the Arena ladder, we do see a small number of decks with high win rates and play rates that have remained in that metagame position for quite some time. For Teferi, Timer Raveler, we get much the same feedback in Historic that we get in Standard. New & Used (15) from $5.75 + FREE Shipping. While their evaluation of this card may prove to be right, this feels rushed and irresponsible. While we'd considered banning Teferi, Time Raveler in past updates, one reason we didn't was evidence that it was helping hold Wilderness Reclamation decks in check. When Thassa's Oracle enters the battlefield, look at the top X cards of your library, where X is your devotion to blue. The focus now is a shift to Arena and lucrative esports, with "exciting" high-powered new cards every three months for viewers. EDIT: honestly they should do this for all formats right now. Oh by the way, it also shuts off interaction and randomly hoses any exile/cast interactions. Next, even though Thassa's Oracle has often been a win condition of choice for Underworld Breach decks, once the deck's core combo engine is running, it can win in many ways. Although we continue to see many different decks have success in Pioneer, and no decks with problematic win rates against the field, we do see that combo decks as a group make up a large portion of the competitive metagame. Can you believe it? We emphasize that these changes are, to a large degree, a product of the times and the current focus on digital play. While the reduction in tabletop tournaments due to the need for social distancing shortly after Pioneer's launch earlier this year is certainly a factor, we've also seen a decline in Pioneer play rates on Magic Online throughout the course of the year. Paper cards are "collectibles" and EDH is the perfect paper format because power is "fun", they don't oversee the ban list anyhow, and you can "express yourself" with your high-priced collectibles. Wizards of the Coast is proud to be raising funds for Extra Life, benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital—and you can help! We've heard feedback that the frequency at which one finds themselves facing an opposing combo deck restricts deck-building options and can make play experiences unenjoyable. We touched on Wilderness Reclamation in our last banned and restricted list update, saying that, while it was powerful, we were only seeing it in problematic decks alongside Nexus of Fate. Thassa´s Oracle sounded from the art description like a normal magic card illustration: A female merfolk looking at some water pearls as if in a crystal ball, but her eyes are covered with barnacles. Did you mean efficient threat? It doesn't completely eliminate inverter or breach, but it would be a well deserved nerf. Kethis decks are currently among the top 5–0 trophy winners in Magic Online Pioneer leagues, despite being a modest portion of the field. Historic's suspended list functions similarly to a ban, in that the card is longer legal in Historic. Thassa's Oracle would be the fairest ban. Under our usual approach, we would have allowed Standard rotation to provide a natural and predictable shift in the metagame with the release of Zendikar Rising. With the last banned and restricted list update, we chose to unban Oath of Nissa in Pioneer. Also edh banned flash? For these reasons, Teferi, Time Raveler is banned in Brawl. But with [[Thassa's Oracle]] printing, CEDH got a fast combo that only needs 2 blue mana and 1 black mana using [[Demonic Consultation]]. Side note: I know Jace exists, but he's much less easy to pull off wins with, since he doesn't just ETB and win. on August 3, 2020. Outside of the very top levels of competitive play, including throughout most of the MTG Arena traditional Standard ladder, we're seeing a good distribution of deck diversity and win rates.

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