0 0. Girls’ Night Out. Growing Pains is the eighth episode of The New Batman Adventures. “Growing Pains” is the first episode of this new series to make me actually happy there are no title cards this time around. Robin and Annie are exploring the inside of the pipes, Robin wondering what caused Annie to lose her memory in this place. Annie forgot and was lost, only now realizes that she is a part of Clayface. While Batman and Robin are struggling, Clayface tries to kill them, but he causes some sparks which ignite the solvent. Episode images (9) He finds Annie, who says that he shouldn't be trying so hard to help her. Robin takes her to the ocean shore where sits a lighthouse on a cliff, and Annie sees several pipes near the ocean. 03/02/16 09:28. Was this review helpful to you? Robert Goodman He catches up with her, and she in turn bursts into tears and falls into his arms. Annie's appearance is based off Mathilda Lando from. AKA: The New Batman Adventures, Batman und Robin View production, box office, & company info, Batman: The Animated Series - Season 4 Ratings, The Top 25 Batman: The Animated Series Episodes, Favorite Version of Robin; The Boy Wonder. (Robin sadly nods) When Commissioner Gordon shows Batman the footage of the disguised Clayface robbing the store, the cashier's tongue is colored red in the otherwise black and white image. Growing Pains. Some of Clayface's clay flesh has landed on Annie, and she is shocked to see the clay being absorbed into her skin. Don and Josh are here to give commentary on the episode of The New Batman Adventures, Growing Pains. When Clayface plunged into the ocean, his already inconsistent form had begun to deteriorate even further. 2 "Sins of … The New Batman Adventures - Ep. There’s a man after me.” After Robin saves a young girl (Francesca Marie Smith) from a street gang, he learns that her identity is so Show More Show Less. Anonymous. Officer: (speaking of Clayface) We'll book him on the robberies and B & E. Anything else? Appearing in "Growing Pains" Featured Characters: Robin (Tim Drake) Batman (Bruce Wayne) Supporting Characters: Commissioner Jim Gordon; Alfred Pennyworth; Antagonists: Clayface (Matt Hagen) (Revealed to be alive) Annie (Only appearance; dies) Other Characters: That's partially it, but it also gives the new Robin something serious to work with. Bildir. Easily his best episode is Growing Pains; in it, he's trying to protect a runaway girl from her menacing father. However, the girl forgot her purpose shortl… February 28, 1998 However, when exposed to chemicals leaking into the water from sewage pipes, he was restored. Alfred: What is it? I have to keep moving. Harsher in Hindsight: Batman says to Robin (Tim Drake) that sometimes there are no … They surround her, until Robin steps in. He shoves Robin aside with incredible strength and moves menacingly towards Annie. Batman: Sometimes there are no happy endings. 4 of 4 people found this review helpful. 2 yıl önce | 112 görüntüleme. The New Batman Adventures: Growing Pains Apr 24, 2018 D.M. It featured a different style of animation as it was produced two years after the original series ended its first run on the Fox Network, around the same time as Superman: The Animated Series was aired on The WB television network. “Growing Pains” is one of two episodes Atsuko Tanaka directed for The New Batman Adventures, and as a resident director at TMS, he knows how to choreograph fantastic action sequences. Robin tells Batman about the incident with the girl, but Batman says that it's more important for them to keep their eyes open for this new criminal. Robin, unusually, is the main focus of this episode. Suddenly, she realizes the truth, and tells Robin what she really is. That's partially it, but it also gives the new Robin something serious to work with. 0 1. "Joker's Millions" Furious, Robin almost kills Clayface by showering him with solvent, when he is stopped by Batman. Directed by: Atsuko Tanaka. Don't just say hulu.com, etc, give me an exact link. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? It is notable for officially introducing Clayface to the new series, although he had already appeared in the episode Holiday Knights. The New Batman Adventures is an animated television series produced as a continuation of Batman: The Animated Series. Growing Pains is an episode of season 1 of New Batman Adventures. The Demon Within. At times the man seems to disappear into thin air and is able to survive incredibly high drops. The Ultimate Thrill. Yükselişe geçenler. The New Batman Adventures is an American superhero animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, and is a continuation of the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series. He found a new home in the pipes, but wasn't sure where he was or if it was safe. Surprisingly, this isn't one I remember very well from its original broadcast, and I guess that's why it remained fresh to me. Max. The New Batman Adventures Transcript. Shortly after Clayface fell into the ocean, before dissolving completely, his remains drifted near some factory pipes leaking strange chemicals that fused his flesh back together. When the analysis is complete, Batman, shocked to realize who the man really is, races towards the Batmobile. Don and Josh are here to give commentary on the episode of The New Batman Adventures, Growing Pains. S1:E8 — A mysterious young girl enters Robin's life, but she is really a scout for Clayface. Atsuko Tanaka 08 A page for describing Recap: New Batman Adventures E8 "Growing Pains". (The analysis of the mud from Annie's father's shoe is complete) The New Batman Adventures – “Growing Pains”. 1 decade ago. The friendship that blossoms between Tim and this girl feels genuine, making one root for her freedom. Airdate Order: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A girl is walking out on the streets alone and frightened, when she catches the attention of a violent street gang. They both fall through a hole in the ground, when they run into the huge man. At the end of the chase, the man vanishes, suspected by Batman and Robin to have escaped through the gutter.

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