Sinthanaiyalar Pathippagam: Trichinopoly (Reissued in multiple volumes as part of a limited edition, 2009) Dhara, L. … Thoughts of Periyar 3. About the Book. Once in a month, similar lecturers on Periyar and his thoughts are arranged for the newly appointed teaching staff. Enactments were as follows: communal rights. Reason behind these teaching programmes is to disseminate the thoughts and ideals of Thanthai Periyar, a great passive and non-violent revolutionary and social reformer. 2. I spent half a day at the Periyar National Park and have put together this complete guide of everything you need to know before you go! He is a scholar Ra. He was a demagogue who used the social evils which were then prevalent, or … Such profound interviews and discussions not only help in knowing more about Periyar, but also spread the thoughts of the great social worker. Thanthai Periyar fought for communal rights throughout his life. The Periyar National Park, also known as the Periyar Tiger Reserve, is an incredible wildlife sanctuary located in the mountainous ranges of the Western Ghats, on the state borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. If you're interested in reading his work, I'd suggest: 1. Why Were Women Enslaved? His books are exceptional, especially considering that's an Indian artist we're talking of. Periyar’s book of poems now in Hindi It will be a happy experience to be able to read Periyar’s thoughts in our language,” Maheshwari added. Several thoughts and principles of Periyar led to resolutions in various state conferences. Sithanaikal (Thoughts of Periyar), 3 Vols. Periyar … E.V. The Editor of this book Dr. R. Vivekananda Gopal is presently the Head of the Department of Tamil and Translation Studies of Dravidian University. “Dharm aur Vishwadrishti” (Religion and Worldview) and “Sachchi Ramayan” (Ramayan: True Reading) are now available for order at … In November 1932, Periyar had given a call to people to drop honorifics and urged the use of ‘Thozhar’ (Comrade), the appellation by which Pudumaippithan refers to the Narasingam in his story. They were all ratified later by the rulers and became laws. Periyar E. Ve. E V Ramasamy (1879-1973), popularly known as EVR, is hailed as ‘Periyar’ by his followers. Erode Venkata Ramasamy was born on 17 September 1879 in Erode, then a part of the Coimbatore district of the Madras Presidency.

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