Increase heat until bubbling then lower again to a simmer and simmer about 20 minutes until meatballs are cooked through and tender. We believe home cooking is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself, your family and your friends. It also fits many dietary needs, as it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and low carb. This Vietnamese Meatball and Watercress Soup has so many wonderful flavors! Watercress soup is one that almost every Chinese family knows how to prepare. One day, it’s sunny and (relatively) warm and we’re opening the windows to let in fresh air. Martha is part of the husband-wife team that creates A Family Feast. This easy Vietnamese Meatball and Watercress Soup has tender pork meatballs and watercress greens in a super flavorful broth. Generally, I have found that watercress is much cheaper to get from Asian groceries. Try to use as soon as possible after purchase. Then line a … The broth, made with cooked watercress and tender pork ribs make for a warming, delicious and nutritious soup. Our recipes have been refined over many attempts, use everyday, affordable ingredients and are all much loved in our home! 1 piece chung choi (salted turnip), coarsely chopped Watercress does not store very well. Simple Vietnamese Watercress and Pork Soup - Scruff & Steph (Gently is the key, just toss between wet hands until round). After 30 minutes, remove the meatballs from the refrigerator and carefully lift and drop one at a time into the simmering soup. Break the mince into pieces and add it to the pot. Medium sized pot (at least 1 L / 1 quart). Martha is a self-taught home cook, who loves to read cookbooks and try new recipes. When added to this Vietnamese Meatball and Watercress Soup, it retains some of that peppery bite and it goes nicely with the other flavors of this soup. If you want more seasoning + flavour, then add fish sauce otherwise add salt. It is free and your email will not be shared with anyone else. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Canh Xà Lách Son (Vietnamese Watercress Soup) This soup can be made in under 15 minutes. © 2020 A Family Feast®, All Rights Reserved. Season pieces of pork with salt and pepper all around. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Learn how your comment data is processed. 4. Then line a small sheet pan or platter with parchment and spray slightly with pan spray. Gently mix to combine. Allow it to come to the boil. Add lime juice and cook one minute, then add chicken stock and remaining two tablespoons of fish sauce. Then, the next few days are so cold and dreary, we’re turning the heat back on in our house. Updated May 1, 2020. (If you’ve never cooked with fish sauce, don’t be intimidated to try it! Carefully open lid, stir. Close lid, make sure valve is … The soup is delicious. Bring to a simmer and simmer gently until the onions are tender, about ten minutes. 10 c. water, as needed. If you like this recipe or any other recipe on the blog, please drop a comment and subscribe to our email list to always get the latest from our kitchen. Add the watercress, stir, remove from heat and serve with the scallion greens minced over the top of each portion. * oil * 1 Tbsp very finely diced onion * 1-2 Tbsp ground pork * salt and pepper, to taste * watercress, washed and cut in 3" sections (I just use scissors) * 2 cups water In a small pot, heat up oil. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Honestly, you could probably guess how to make this from the title alone. All prices are in Australian dollars and are based off what was published on Coles Online or Woolworths Online as at time of writing.

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