This property was built in 1951 and last sold on July 12, 2019 for $4,350,000. Prices updated November 23, 2020. Your Board Footage (BF) can then be calculated from the Doyle Scale chart further down on the page. Wood Vendors also supplies Dimensional s4s, panels & flooring. ... 10/20/2020 0.74 0.72 2.78 . Some paper and board prices drop in Korea over third quarter due to low demand. Recent Walnut Prices. VANCOUVER, Wash. — Log markets probably won’t fluctuate as wildly in 2020 as during the past few years, but the Northwest timber industry can expect political volatility, experts say. #1 Grade: 14” diameter. Color is a separate issue from grade. International Log & Sawnwood Prices (1-15, Nov 2020) International Plywood & Veneer Prices (1-15, Nov 2020) North American Lumber Market Prices (1-15, Nov 2020) Wood Market Prices in The Europe (1-15, Nov 2020) & up, 12’ & longer (walnut/cherry/white oak 8’ & up), clear 3 sides, no rot, split or shake, fresh cut ... You then look at the grade rules to determine the grade of the log. & up, 10’ & longer, clear 2 sides, no more than 20% deduction for defects, fresh cut, #3 Grade:  10” diameter. appear to be dry and are splitting then that is an indicator as well. Multiply the price per BF by the scale and that is the value of your log. Wood Vendors supplies rough Walnut Lumber from the Northern- Midwest region of the U.S. Pricing is in Board Feet which can be determined using the Doyle Scale Measuring Chart located below. 4/30/2020 0.75 1.10-31.82 . Read More Current market price for KD character grade Walnut (2 common) in wide widths (11" +) is around $2.40bf so $.30bf for even character grade logs is very low in our area. It has more to do with appearance that time per say. Walnut lumber is graded on a scale that allows more defects than other woods such as red oak, cherry and alder. This 3,223 square foot house sits on a 8,699 square foot lot and features 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Log are purchased by the board foot and we have listed below a handy scale chart to calculate how many board feet are in each log. 4/4 is surfaced 2 sides (s2s). 10’ & longer, well spaced knots less than 2” in diameter, No Rot, No Stain, No Splits or shake, fresh cut logs only, log to yield a moderate amount of clear lumber and  Structurally sound timbers. VENEER PRICES. Prices updated November 23, 2020. For example, a 12 foot log, 12 inches in diameter at the small end has 48 BF in it. Poplar: #3 75 would be read as $75/1000 or .075/BF. If the logs ends Click for specs and prices. September 18, 2020. clear saw log = $144 , $1.40 per bf. ♦ All prices are subject to change on short notice. Tie logs run $.30 to $.35bf. Wonderful 4-bedroom, 3 … The following prices shall be paid for logs DELIVERED TO THE MILL at 68 West Chapel Rd., ASHEVILLE, NC (you can find directions on our Home page). … Variety Large new round of China RCP quotas keeping OCC prices strong across Asia. weight meter free Date . September 18, 2020. Because Walnut has more natural defects than other species, Walnut lumber is graded on a scale that allows more defects than other woods such as red oak, cherry and alder. The price per bd. Most black walnut produced is steamed. Price/MBF : Code : 12" plus 32' Length Only: $200 : 901 . For a downloadable version, click here: Doyle Scale. Although walnut wood is steamed to blend the heart and sap, there is still discernible difference in color between the two. Date of sale $ per pound Previous % Change. #1 Grade:  14” diameter & up. must be straight enough to saw as 16' log segment : 12" plus 16' Length Only. September 18, 2020. develop in the wood, they are no longer considered “fresh cut”. Minor twist, hearts can be a bit larger, a small bump is allowed, but the lengths need to be as indicated on the specs below. VENEER: 18” diameter & up, 12-16’, no defects, clear all sides, no stain, fresh cut only, no sap stain, PRIME:  16” diameter & up, 12’ & longer(walnut/cherry/white oak 10’ & up), no visible defects, clear 4 sides, no rot, shake, split, fresh cut, no sap stain, #1 Grade:  14” diameter. ♦ Rotary quality logs have a little more flexibility relating to quality. what fruit helps you lose weight End date . & up, 12’ & longer (walnut/cherry/white oak 8’ & up), clear 3 sides, no rot, split or shake, fresh cut, #2 Grade:  12” diameter. Price History for Chandler Inshell Walnuts. All logs must straight & be well trimmed with no butt spurs, excessive butt swell, or knots extending beyond the bark line. ... Our products include logs, live edge boards, lumber, guitar parts, veneer, flooring and much more. If you cut and deliver, he is paying $1.50/bd ft, 16" minimum diameter, 10' minimum length.

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