Now, let's find out some more about the different things you can enjoy in Wazuka. Come visit us for tea tasting and tea picking tour. It was raining today, so it was placed inside, but on days with good weather it's possible to experience sadō (茶道,tea ceremony) outside. Enjoy the sweeping vista through the picture windows while having tea, lunch or green tea-themed desserts. Wazuka is a town located in Soraku District, Kyoto province, Japan. Menu in Other Languages: Yes In addition, the area is scenic, wondrous and green all year-round. Yubune MTB Land Surrounded by mountains and crossed by a river, it is not only a place of picturesque scenery, but is also renowned as a premium region for producing Japanese green tea. Nearest Station: JR Kamo station (加茂駅) Address: Kyoto, Sōraku, Wazuka-chō, Shirasu Ohasama 35 Wazukacha Cafe Guides explain the region’s history as they lead visitors to spots of local interest and traverse the hills among the tea bushes. It’s the home of Uji tea, the finest of green teas, producing about half of all the Uji tea on the domestic market, a fact that’s surprisingly little known. The only place you can spend time like this is at Wazuka. We offer premium quality Japanese green tea harvested from our fields in Wazuka, Kyoto. Please check it out! Another nearby stop is Tenku Café, built with local wood and modeled after the tearoom at Kyoto’s Kodaiji temple. Access: Take the Nara Kōtsū bus (奈良交通バス) from Kamo Station West Exit heading in the Wazuka Kosugi direction to Wazukasan-no-iemae (approximately 20 minutes) The only place you can spend time like this is at Wazuka. Ever wanted to see how tea is made or learn how to make tea art? The tea plants growing along the mountain slope have grown in a stripe pattern, which gives the landscape a striking appearance. Bicycle rental: standard grade, ¥1,500; high-grade, ¥3,000; children’s bikes, ¥1,000. Shizuoka (middle part of Japan) and Kagoshima (south part of Japan) has much bigger production amount of Japanese green tea overall. Wazukacha Cafe has a tourist information window and has convenient English and Chinese maps available to help you take leisurely strolls about Wazuka. Wi-Fi: - She says that she didn't realize the appeal of wazukacha ("the tea of Wazuka") until she came back to her hometown. Ms. Yoshida was born and raised in Wazuka, but at one point left the town for work. The following are things to do in the area: Tea Plantations in Ishitera; In Wazuka be sure to visit the plantations of Ishitera. Wazuka Revitalization Center Jan 22, 2017 - Wazuka is a town located in Soraku District, Kyoto province, Japan. Wazuka is located on the southern edge of Kyotoprefecture. 6 Destinations In Northern Japan, The Best Go To Travel Booking Sites: Save Money Traveling Around Japan, An Enchantingly Mellow Flavor! The next tea field is called kabuse-cha (*1) because the tea field is covered by a black sheet for production purposes. Tel. From left. From left, Matcha Caramel Rusks, Hojicha Caramel Rusks, and Sencha Caramel Rusks from confectionery maker Chadokoro Rusk (¥459 each per 60g package). Read also: The Wonderful World of Japanese Tea Dandan Café, with panoramic views of tea fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Dandan Café I was very reluctant, but it was delicious. View A Sea Of Clouds In The Heart Of The City At Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Improve Your Listening! It is a wonderful event where a lot of Wazuka's lovely products are gathered together, held at a place that is considered to be the place of origin of tea culture in Japan. Other Languages: Simple English 103 Koaza Yabuta, Oza Yubune, Soraku-gun, Wazuka-cho, Kyoto Now, let's look at an interesting art service that you can enjoy in Wazuka. Osaka's 10 Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Spots 2020 - Enjoy The Views! Other Languages: Simple English I never imagined there would come a day where you could draw pictures in matcha. Wazuka, at the very southeastern tip of Kyoto Prefecture, is an hour and half away from Kyoto by rail or by car. Read also: The Wonderful World of Japanese Tea. Nearest Station: JR Kamo station (加茂駅) Another way of getting to know the area better is to take a guided tour. She will teach us the steps, starting with how to make matcha tea. Bookmark. The first spot to visit is the scenic Yubune tea field. The pale green bowl of matcha serves as your canvas while the darker matcha is your paint. They have a matcha art workshop several times a month and if you make a reservation 2 months in advance, it's possible for them to make most schedule adjustments. In Kyoto, the production amount of the high grade green tea is biggest in Japan. In the peaceful tea-town Wazuka you can experience other activities, such as tea picking, staying in a farmhouse、cycling and more. In the peaceful tea-town Wazuka you can experience other activities, such as tea picking, staying in a farmhouse、cycling and more. Furthermore, around Wazukacha, every second Sunday of the month from 10:00 - 14:00 there is a chagengyō marche (a tea festival and market). Matcha Art First, we head to the tea field Ishidera. At Wazukacha Cafe (和束茶カフェ) you can find many types of tea produced in Wazuka. Nestled in a valley along the Wazuka River, Wazuka began growing tea about 800 years ago. Phone number: +81-3-0774-78-4180 JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass 2020: Only 12,000 Yen For 3 Days Of Travel! This time we had the characters for "Wazuka" drawn. Mountain bike trail riding This time we had Wazuka's specialty sencha (green tea). Menu in Other Languages: Yes It is a small town with around 5,000 people residing there. When someone mentions Kyoto, the majority of people imagine things like shrines, temples, Kyotocuisine and, of course, Japanese culture. About half of the tea produced in Kyoto is grown here, and more than half of Wazuka tea is made into matcha. Megumi Yoshida, who is certified as a Japanese tea instructor, will be teaching us "matcha art". Enable Javascript to access all functionality.

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