She is the goddess of … She married Zeus, and Zeus gave Artemis whatever she wanted when she was young, including her … She is known for being the mother of twin Olympians, Apollo and Artemis (shown in photo). Leto is the mother of Artemis and Apollo, and she had very trouble of giving birth due to Hera's demandings. Leto is the great goddess of motherhood. Leto is a goddess in Greek mythology.She was the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe, who were Titans.Leto was the mother of the twins Artemis and Apollo, whose father was Zeus.. After the twins were born, Leto played very little part in Greek mythology. Here you can learn about this kind, gentle, and beautiful goddess. Veneration of a local Leto is attested at Phaistos [29] (where it is purported that she gave birth to Apollo and Artemis at the islands known today as the Paximadia (also known as Letoai in ancient Crete) and at Lato, which bore her name. Hera accepted and Iris took Eilithyia straight to Leto. Leto always remains calm and keeps her cool she aslo sweet and friendly to everyone she meets. Values Leto strongly values children. Eventually, the other goddesses felt bad for Leto and offered Hera a beautiful necklace to allow Leto to give birth. She was one of the major goddess of Olympus, being Artemis' and Apollo's mother. Leto was also worshipped in Crete, whether one of "certain Cretan goddesses, or Greek goddesses in their Cretan form, influenced by the Minoan goddess". It’s no wonder Artemis is thought to have wolves in her compendium of animal guardians and helpers, as Artemis’ mother in Greek mythology was Leto. She was married to Zeus, until his betrayal (read more). Leto: The Original Greek Wolf Goddess. Leto is a goddess who always takes the high road, she always turns the other cheek, let's everything roll off her back. Her children, Apollo and Artemis, were gods of Olympus. She had to go from one land to another to find the perfect land where Hera wasn't spying from MountOlympus. Leto went here and laid under a palm tree to give birth. Leto had relations with Zeus and gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. Yet she couldn't give birth because Hera had forbid Eilithyia goddess of childbirth to go to her. Leto was born on the island of Kos and her parents were Titans. [30] Yes, Leto was a goddess though she was not one of the Olympian deities. No matter what someone does to her she lets it slide. She is known to be the kindest of all Titans and cares very much for others. She is always meek and speaking with soft speaking voice and is extremely shy. I know she's the mother of Apollo and Artemis, but it never actually tells you what she's the goddess of.

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