Putting a buck that has not been near the does before, into close contact with your does may stimulate them to come into heat. Bucks can go into a “rut” which basically means they get a surge of hormones and ready to breed before a doe is ready. I like to move the buck into a pen right next to the does at the first of the month in which I want them to be bred.  How many goats can I comfortably kid out at one time?  What other commitments will be going on in my life at that time of year? Then, when another doe comes into heat, he doesn’t have anything left for her. We try to pull up about half the bottle 1.25ml and the other half 1.50ml. If she isn't in fact coming into heat, a vet can help try to regulate her into coming into heat. They tend to do most of their breeding from August to January. Most other dairy breeds are seasonal breeders, which means they will only go into heat every 21 days in the Fall from about August to January. Most does will tell you when they are in heat. If you go out to a doe that you think is in heat, and push down on her rump, just above the tail head, and she stands still, or even wags her tail, you know she is in heat. This is a normal, and relatively common occurrence, especially at the … Some does do not say a word when they are in heat, and the only way to catch them is to put them in with the buck and let him figure it out on his own. to find out. (A doe that is not in heat will tuck her hips under.) I have taken her over to the Bucks several times and she never wants anything to do with them. She always conceives triplets on the second breeding, but she will then re-breed, just for practice, every month for the rest of the season. Goat In Heat In this method, you put your buck in a sturdy pen next to the does. ... toth boer goats Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member. How do I decide who to breed in which month? This is normal, in a few day's she'll be all good. Then I will have to make a decision based on schedules and the weight of my does that will affect how I breed the next year. Female goats (called does) go into heat every 21 days and lasts about 1-3 days. Overly-fat does may not breed, and if they do, may not be able to carry to term. This gives the buck another shot if he missed one the first time around.  If I’m going to give shots on a monthly schedule, how can I arrange these kiddings to reduce my work load? Yum. I like to wait until my does are 9 months, but this is not always practical if you are trying to stick to a schedule. Others come into heat only during the fall months. This breeding season may last 18 to 21 days. Your does will go into heat every 18-24 days, but the average is 21 days. Why? In my area, it is best to breed the goats the first week of September to kid out in the first week of February. Usually, it is the doe that is standing to be mounted by the other does that is the one in heat, but this is not cut and dry either. So the kids can get up and going, and be about three weeks old, before the cold weather hits again. Sometimes just them going into “rut” will make the females go into heat. This is probably the most common way to get the job done in a meat herd. She will usually get pregnant the second time. That is why it is a good idea to leave your does in with a buck, if you are pasture breeding, for over 40 days (long enough for at least two heat cycles). Again, keeping track of this information in the goat health and information binder will help you from year to year. Full-size dairy goats can be bred when they reach 8 months (or 80 lbs.) Some stand by the fence and wag their tails like crazy. 79,435. Sometimes a doe will come into heat, breed, and then come into heat again in 7 to 10 days. Some breeds, like Nigerians, Boers, Spanish & Fainting, Pygmies and (sometimes) Nubians can breed year round. When you're ready to use it you need to mix it and pull it all up into syringes and freeze what you don't use that day. The marking harness is put on the buck. If you aren’t sure when breeding season for dairy goats is, then be sure to read my post When Do Dairy Goats Breed? But if I wait to breed those April kids until January, then their kids will be born in June and too young to breed at all the next fall. I know, you just want to breed your does, but the result is going to be little kids hitting the ground all over your ranch, and you need to be ready for them. It’s a fact about goats that some females, or does, experience heat cycles year around. toth boer goats , Oct 22, 2020 toth boer goats , Oct 22, 2020 Female goats (called does) go into heat every 21 days and lasts about 1-3 days. Some butt heads and mount, or are mounted by, other does. I’ve actually watched my buck act “rutty” but mistook it for a medical concern. Males that you want to be more friendly, sterile companions can be banded easily with. During rut, bucks will show wild dominance and do some crazy hilarious things like snort, spit, urinate on themselves to make themselves more smelly, and even drink their urine.

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