Typically ash -- especially white ash -- splits like a dream (if you give it a dirty look long enough it may even split itself). MAIN TYPE: Firewood Cleaved - Not Cleaved; TYPE: Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved; ORIGIN: Ukraine; MIN ORDER QUANTITY: 5 - 5 truckload per month; TYPE OF SPECIES : European Hardwood; White Ash Firewood… The size of an ash tree depends on the species. There are many different firewood species to choose from. Is aluminum better than clay or steel? Information about styles, maintenance and what to look for when purchasing a cast aluminum chiminea. Ash firewood burns clean with no smoke and it throws few sparks. A good rule of thumb is to cut firewood this year so you can use it next year. Return from Ash Firewood to Firewood Types. Although ash may produce slightly lower BTUs than oak or sugar maple, it's a popular firewood choice for many people. Ash falls somewhere in the middle in terms of BTUs per cord. Often mistaken for the white ash, the green ash has many of the same characteristics. Green wood tends to smoke and smolder creating the possibility for creosote to form in the chimney. For beginners, it's a great wood when learning how to swing a splitting axe or maul. A freshly cut piece of Ash has a moisture content slightly higher than seasoned Ash. A lore has developed around ash to suggest that it is acceptable to burn it while it is still green. Its robust structure, good looks, and flexibility combine to make Ash an ideal timber for use in staircases. That combined with being easy to split makes ash … Sometimes Ash is given a bad name because people mistake Ash for Elm. Some species of trees, like red oak, take at least two years to season....typically three. This will stop the logs rotting away. On the low end you have Ohio Buckeye at 12.1 million BTUs per cord and Linden Basswood burning at 13.8 million. White ash will produce 23.6 million BTU's per cord. Moisture Meter Checking Firewood Moisture Content, The Best Firewood For Wood Stoves And Fireplaces. Our firewood directory includes firewood businesses and suppliers from around the world. Burning green wood decreases the amount of heat generated by the fire. Hardwoods, like Ash, burn slower and lower, so the smoke lingers longer inside the chimney, creating more opportunity for creosote build up. All the ash trees around here (Warren County, Virginia, at the north end of the Blue The confusion may stem from the fact that ash has roughly 33 percent moisture content. Cheers. Buying A Cast Aluminum Chiminea - The Perfect Outdoor Fireplace. The Green Ash is widely planted as a street tree in the United States. I've burned both green ash (not seasoned) and dry ash (seasoned) and there's a noticeable difference between the two. The wood supplies good heat and splits extremely well. It is 1 to 2 inches long, flat and consists of thin membrane that protects miniature seeds. Check it out to find a firewood supplier near you. Have about 7 or 8 others which look OK at the moment – hope they stay that way. On the other hand, Ash doesn’t burn as hot or produce coals as good as other top firewood types. Plus and minus I guess. Ash trees have a grayish bark that is smooth in young trees. In contrast, poplar has a natural moisture content of 66 percent. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. The first split is usually the toughest, which is usually halving the log. Ash firewood is among the best types of firewood you can burn. I love to split ash because you can usually split a round in one strike without too much effort. Please obtain a sample of the product … Seasoned firewood is described as having 20% moisture content. Is ash firewood a good choice to burn this winter? As the green wood burns, the energy created from the fire is used to evaporate the moisture resulting in wasted heat. Although the Emerald Ash Borer can fly, the insect is commonly spread by moving firewood. It also provides beautiful fall colors ranging from yellow to deep purple and maroon. Most woods produce fruity, nutty, or piney fragrances. The larva tunnels under the bark and disrupts how the tree transports food and water, starving the tree and eventually killing it. Some argue that it is the best firewood to use! Green ash will produce 20 million BTU per cable. Tell me what your favorite type of firewood is in the comments below. Often times people think they have sap dripping from their Ash trees, but in actuality it is coming from a bug. If grown in open areas, the tree will produce a nice large canopy making it a popular shade tree. Firewood questions and answers to a variety of different wood stove, chimney, wood boiler and safety issues to help you effectively heat with wood. It is possible that the liquid that looks like sap is actually honeydew, a secretion produced by the insects. So, are people just burning it out of necessity, or does Ash actually make good firewood? The bark of many mature birch trees is quite flammable, making it good for easily starting fires. Ash trees don’t always grow very straight, which can make splitting more difficult. Over here in the UK I need to take a couple of Ash trees down as they’ve suffered from ‘Ash die-back’ which seems to be ravaging the trees where I live. One major invasive insect that threatens the ash tree is the Emerald Ash Borer. Ash has a slight aroma but not over powering like fresh Red Oak, which smells like vinegar when it burns. Veneers made of Ash trees are used in the manufacture of office furniture. We hope you love the products and ideas we recommend! It can grow from 30 to 120 feet in hight and 40 to 50 feet in width. The ash is a hardy tree resistant to many diseases. The tree is used more for ornamental purposes and is not as popular for commercial purposes as the white ash. It has a high heat output. Good article and useful info. The trees grow in cool and warm climates, on moist, well drained soil, and in areas that provide enough direct sunlight. White ash weighs less than most other types of quality firewood and is easier to split into burnable logs. The heartwood perishes with ground contact, one of the reasons other uses center around indoor projects. Ash is generally known for its ability to be split very easily and for having a low moisture content. Mulberry is excellent firewood … This site is owned and operated by Martin and Julie Johnson. Find out here! The Emerald Ash Borer is a small, 1/2 inch long insect that has a bright metallic green color. 6. Do it yourself chimney damper repair options. It has a high heat output of 24.2 million BTUs per cord of seasoned … Ash has been a common firewood over the last several years, and frankly, a lot of people have been burning dead Ash trees that were killed by the Emerald Ash Borer (more on that later). To get the best from your firewood you need to split your logs and stack them off the ground soon after felling. Hardwoods like Ash, Live Oak, Hickory, and Walnut are more expensive to purchase than softwoods like Pine and Fir. Depending on the species, Ash produces anywhere from 19.1 to 23.6 million BTUs per cord. Click here for more information. Creosote is nothing more than a condensation of small, unburned particles contained in the smoke that coats the chimney surface as it exits. Both cows, goats and rabbits like to eat the leaves and branches of ash trees. Ash stairs are extremely hard-wearing, which is particularly important when it comes to the treads (the part of the stairway that is stepped on). Learn the best firewood to use when heating your home with wood. The wood supplies good heat and splits extremely well. In addition, Ash produces minimal smoke, good quality coals, and is not too difficult to split when dry. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. White ash firewood is a versatile wood. White Ash. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Ridge Parkway) have died or are dying. Found these pages with a general search on using ash as a fire wood. Green ash will produce 20.0 million BTU's per cord. The ash is very user friendly and depending on who you ask, is often a top choice for anyone who burns firewood.Return from Ash Firewood to Firewood TypesReturn from Ash Firewood to Firewood Home Page

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