It’s the best! So glad I found your blog! Not to be side tracked off your delicious recipe, but we have our grand opening of the Bulk Barn here in Vernon BC today. I’m a recent Kale lover, can’t get enough of the stuff now and i always remove the stems! I’d like to see him do that with goji berries. I MUST make this. I just bought kale and will make a salad this week. Thanks! This looks delicious! Please create more salads. I like Kale, but I never knew I could take it up a notch. The larger salad bamboo is a wedding gift though. I’m a very new vegan (8 weeks tomorrow and feeling great!) I put a sweatshirt on this morning upon waking only to walk downstairs, drink a sip of coffee and rip it off b/c I was too hot. this looks perfect. I think I might try tonight!!! I actually haven’t been using anything for my photography lately…just the tripod and a window. I would highly appreciate it! Only in almost anything then I can’t enough! It is delicious and like you with raw kale, I don’t like the taste of I don’t of plain blueberries! This looks amazing. Hah! I’ll be making this a ton. I cannot get enough of tahini dressing lately. Strange but this salad looks comforting. Just the thought of this salad makes me glow. Love all your entries, they inspire me to put more healthy and happiness in my day. So cute! lol. And plus, the leaves on the ground are clearly confused because this flower tells me it’s still summer!! -Diane. Thank you, very much, for my ever improving health (and slimming waistline…), Hey Eleonoor, Thanks for your kind words! I even got a friend of mine hooked, she’s been making a ton of your recipes and loving them. I just made the goddess bowl with lemon tahini dressing for dinner tonight – now I’m going to have to attempt to recreate this with my toaster oven soon! It is nonexistent here in France. This looks amazing! This salad looks amazing! Hahahah I loved the awkwardness description of fall :) I always find myself leaving the house in a comfortable outfit and arriving at my destination SWEATING and wishing I had skipped the jeans and sweater…, This is a weird time of year for sure. absolutely the best salad i’ve ever had in my life! I’ve never eaten a Kale salad before and I was looking for a receipe on Pinterest. Sale is on until the 6th I think. I love wheatberries (especially in salads) but I’ve never made them at home because I’m so confused by them! As much as I love Fall, the dog days of summer are still so bittersweet. Thanks for opening my mind to the possibilities through one simple but simply wonderful recipe. The guilt! I am detoxing after an indulgent weekend and this is the perfect recipe to cure what ails me. As a woman in recovery from an eating disorder that lasted many years, it is refreshing to read about your journey toward health and self-love. I love kale chips, but I’ve never found a recipe for raw kale that has appealed to me. Just a piece of useless infomation: kale is better for the eyes than carrot is! i was thinking of sunflower seeds and golden raisins? I LOVE YOU for posting that recipe and this one! I have always wanted to like kale, but I couldn’t cover its taste in a smoothie no matter how much stuff I added. I have been experimenting cooking with kale quite a bit lately, and I must say I used to dislike it but now I am absolutely loving it! I think i might be giving that a try this weekend! I love it in smoothies as while drinking, I imagine all the magic the vitamins are doing for my innards. I also added halved cherry tomatoes from our garden. this looks amazing, i love raw kale salads and usually just make the same type of dressing (tahini, nooch and hummus) but the extra added in really make it look even better. Wow, I’m so glad I came across your blog (saw it mentioned on Karla’s Closet)! Heather. My whole family really enjoyed it. :) Blacks has their long weekend special on. Any tips? I must confess that I actually enjoy massaging my kale. Great recipe!! I’m always looking for ways to sneak more nutrient rich foods like kale into my diet and it’s even better if they’re yummy like this :), Thanks for the recipe Angela! ... Oh She Glows For Dinner + … I was vegetable deprived and it hit the spot. I didn’t have all the goodies, so made some substitutions and just cleaned my bowl, looking forward to having more for dinner. Thanks for sharing :), Yeah for Bulk Barn!!! i printed this recipe on friday KNOWING i would make it soon! Soooo I kind of wish your header was as wide as your columns, for some reason it makes me uneasy! Great weather confusion out here in BC too. :) :) I’ve passed on the recipe to my friends. Even more shockingly, Eric inhaled this salad! :P. As much as I’m looking forward to fall, I’m going to be sad to see the end of summer vegetables. I’ve been meaning to add new salads to my eating :), Oh wow, that salad looks amazing! I’ll use the lacinto kale if I have to, but I ignore plain green curly kale due to how bitter it was to me – and that was in a smoothie! It was crazy. Thank you for your article and recipes, I have a new favorite salad now. Glad to hear that. It’s basically a multivitamin in a bowl.

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